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Cidadania Insurgente (Em Portugues do Brasil) [James Holston] on . *FREE* Cidadania no Brasil: O longo caminho (Portuguese Edition). 13 José Murilo de Carvalho, Cidadania no Brasil. O longo caminho (Rio de Janeiro: Civilização Brasileira,. ), This State propaganda was based on. Cidadania no Brasil: o longo caminho. Rio de Janeiro: Retrieved May 26, from Cortina, A. (). Cidadãos do.

The policy theme was discussed during all the Congress, sometimes in a conflicting way, other times in a convergent one, in the following nodal aspects: the tension between a project that aims at the public sphere and the private sector growth in health in a context of consumption and commodification or commoditization of life; internal contradictions to the field on how to produce health within the NHS, in the micro spheres of everyday practices of healthcare, or the macro spheres, which emphasize the state-society relations, state institutions in relation to society. A hard task, because it is an event based on some theses that have been formulated, presented and discussed. Hence, the idea of a synthesis speech is this possible? This was the state of mind which produced the present manuscript, recognizing beforehand the impossibility of such synthesis; therefore, its singularity. The subject of the 13th Congress had been established almost one year before it was held in , and so, much prior to the June Journeys, 3 that took place in several parts of Brazil. That is the first result of the Congress - its subject was a big hit!

Success in the sense of performance. There is a very strong perception that SUS is a powerful structure, a wide productive machine that encompasses all social, economic, political and cultural spheres. A structure built with and on the efforts of its workers, scholars, managers, researchers, ideologists, servers, users. A structure-project in progress. It is also successful because, in addition to being powerful, it is the only public policy that survived from the country's re-democratization process 4 - which is quite a lot in terms of political continuity in a country like ours that prioritizes the old-boy system in politics and the control of the State by capital-associated upper classes Carvalho, Success resulting from the effort of its first designers, who within an adverse context, still under a dictatorial government, were prepared to face the challenge and build a propositional platform intended for health, a public social policy in the country.

According to Fleury , SUS rearranged the country's executive power through the following processes and instruments: the mechanisms of participation and social control - represented by the Health Committees at each government sphere, in an equity representation between the State and the civil society. Since then, these mechanisms became part of the state apparatus and the institutional machinery.

Aside from this instrument, there are also the political will building mechanisms, the Health Conferences, regularly held on all levels of government. A communicative and deliberative exercise mechanism that puts the actors to interact, and consists in the subject's learning and social recognition, with the perspective of strengthening the organized civil society. As, finally, there are mechanisms of shared management, negotiation and agreement among the federated entities involved with the decentralization of the health system.

The institutional committees - Bipartite and Tripartite Inter-management Committees, for instance - are spaces intended for negotiating the differences and creating management agreements, an innovation in the Brazilian federative model. A different form of federalism, which, within this management model layout, opens a space for contemplating regional differences, while leveling the decentralization, agreement and participation mechanisms. In face of these processes, it becomes clear how much the implementation of SUS has produced new public institutions, both in the health area and for the Brazilian State, turning the Sanitary Reform's political-ideological thinking into public policy.

The Congress also presented issues related to the moment of political changes the country is currently facing. There were differences on how to produce health within SUS, and about the political ways of this production. In this brunt, concepts and territories faced themselves, indicating the representation crisis. There are those who prioritize daily practices, care attention, micro-power and micro-political environment in the production of health.

And there are others who emphasize State-society relationships, political-state institutions, social institutions and social movements as the spheres that define the health production. As above mentioned, these positions are not necessarily contrary; they are not mandatorily in opposition to each other. However, they express the pressure between the macro and the micro, between the system's institutionalized ways of production and the non-institutionalized ones, between the State and the civil society.

It is a discussion to be faced on the level of ideas and actual daily practices, but which cannot be stirred up by minor divergences. Within this context, the picture of the sanitary reform forerunners - our traditional hygienists - resurfaces; professionals, managers, scholars, students etc. Perhaps, this new moment of inflection requires, as then, a new solidary sanitary agreement. Another aspect relating to the current moment of inflection refers to life's mercantilization or commodification; as pointed out above, the integration through consumption, leading to the split of the social tissue, of fraternal relationships Hobsbawn, Conceived by the productive sphere of capitalist relationships, this commodification of life has caused great difficulties and embarrassment concerning the public sphere - understood here as not only the state, but also the common one.

By recognizing this fact, the Congress debates aroused possibilities for overcoming this situation. Focusing on people's strength SUS's professionals and managers, as well as users , in the articulation areas, professional education, shared work processes, and partnership relationships, aiming at the demercantilization of health, the demercantilization of life. Health as a right to life. Health as a guarantee of life for everyone.

It was also clear how much health, as a public policy, is on a knife's edge between mercantile interests and those of social and public nature - a fact that cannot be overshadowed. It was very clear the importance of not missing the historical opportunity created by the social movements which, once again, were intense and massively characterized by the right to health as a national subject.

Recognizing the fact that it was the popular masses who took the subject of right to health to the streets means an excellent opportunity to firmly resume the issue of health as a social policy in the country, its incorporation to the agenda of more general social policies, breaking down the idea of compensatory sectorial policies which prove themselves insufficient.

And, mainly, aside from such accomplishment, the Congress, through the choice of subject, was capable of unleashing the proposed issues to the most. The synergy among the participants grew day by day, and the discussions got wings and consistency throughout the scheduled events. The balance is the area's vitality, the very strong and present social commitment, the wish for changes.

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Forced Evictions and Black-Indigenous Land Rights in the Marvelous City

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Ecuaciones Diferenciales y Cálculo Variacional [L. Elsgoltz (1970)]

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Ecuaciones Diferenciales y Cálculo Variacional [L. Elsgoltz ()]

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