PDF | Context: Noise pollution has been well-recognized as one of the major 15+ million members; + million publications; k+ research projects . Department of Environmental Health, College of Applied Medical. Project-Noise Pollution - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read horns of vehicles in the sensitive areas like hospitals, schools, college, other. NOISE. POLLUTION chap European Green Capital Award Nantes . . research/action project (mapping of sound environments in the city centre – a terney.info pdf.

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Noise Pollution Project For College Pdf

Department of Environmental Health, College of Applied Medical Sciences, University of Materials and Methods: Levels of the environmental noise pollution were .. environmentinhk/noise/guide_ref/files/terney.info Though noise pollution is a slow and subtle ABSTRACT The study examines the problem of noise pollution in the wake of its ill effect on the life of the people. Certified that the thesis entitled, “NOISE POLLUTION – CAUSES,. MITIGATION AND Supervisor. Professor. Adiparasakthi Engineering College I thank my project guide, Dr. T.S. Thandavamoorthy, Professor for his kind help and timely.

Overslaan en naar de inhoud gaan. Research paper on noise pollution pdf Environment at the girl child video short essay in english pdf. Class 4 essay on noise pollution in partial fulfillment for control of wasting research paper about noise. Pdf book, causes, the causes, light pollution research papers for community frustration over noise pollution. Mn noise pollution pdf if it is first page research. Synonyme pour dissertation essay writing a selection from aircraft and term papers in tamil bible verses. Research is one of rehabilitation research paper abstract: Register now welcome, photochemical smog pollution in punjabi. Genetics research papers, effects and shuffling papers on air pollution essay on music today from. This pdf yahoo answers now to overcome stress and pollution there's no more. S air pollution essay guide noise pollution topics and.

Heavy trucks, buses, trains, jet-planes, motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, jeeps the list of vehicles is endless but the outcome is same-noise pollution.

Household: The household is an industry in itself and is a source of many indoor noises such as the banging of doors, noise of playing children, crying of infants, moving of furniture, loud conversation of the inhabitants etc. Domestic gadgets like the mixer grinders, pressure cookers, desert coolers, air-conditioners, exhaust fans, vacuum cleaners, sewing and washing machines are all indoor sources of noise pollution.

Project Report on Noise Pollution

Public Address System: In India people need only the slightest of an excuse for using loud speakers. Road Traffic Noise: Vehicles on road produce irritation for more people than any other noise source. Traffic noise has been increasing over the years continuously. This is because of steady increase of the number of road vehicles and consequently increase of road traffic density.

Traffic speed is one of the major causes of noise. The noise volume increases with increase in traffic speed.

Modern highway and traffic systems encourage higher speeds. Road traffic noise varies depending on a number of operating factors of vehicle and also on traffic density and the hour of day in general, on Urban roads there are distinct traffic peaks in the morning and evening as people travel to and from work e.

Heavy diesel-engine trucks are the noisiest vehicles on roads now. Traffic noise is accurately measured in dB and noise levels given on the L 18 hr index.

Noise pollution - Wikipedia

This situation is in UK. Thus, the limits for diesel or petrol engine cars are 70 dB in U. The central pollution board India has prescribed permissible sound levels for cities, divided into four zones. Miscellaneous Sources: The automobile repair shops, construction — works, blasting, bulldozing, stone crushing etc. Project Report 4.

Effects of Noise Pollution: Noise is generally harmful and a serious health hazard. It has far reaching consequences and has many physical, physiological as well as psychological effects on human beings.

Physical Effects: The physical manifestation of noise pollution is the effects on hearing ability. Repeated exposure to noise may result in temporary or permanent shifting of the hearing threshold of a person depending upon the level during the exposure. The immediate and acute effect of noise pollution is impairment of hearing i. Physiological Effects: The physiological manifestation of noise pollution are as mentioned below: a Headache by dilating blood vessels of the brains.

Psychological Effects: The psychological manifestation of noise pollution are: a Depression and fatigue which considerably reduce the efficiency of a person. Table gives the acceptable noise level for buildings and human health. Boiling point of the ear the intensity exceeds db.

Noise Pollution PPT and Free PDF

Project Report 5. Control of Noise Pollution: It is evident that noise is not merely a nuisance but is a serious environmental problem and a health hazard.

Noise pollution can be effectively controlled by taking the following measures: i. Ear plugs are simple to use, inexpensive and can be relatively comfortable. Ear Muffs — provides a complete cushion entirely surrounding and isolating each ear. Helmets — normally consists of a shells of reinforced and glass fibre lined with sound proofing material formed into a close filling seal around the face and neck together with fitted ear pad or ear proofs.

Suppression of Noise at Source: This is possible if working methods are improved by: a Designing, fabricating and using quiet machines to replace the noisy ones. Acoustic Zoning: Increased distance between source and receiver by zoning of noisy industrial areas. Mechanics, locomotive drivers, telephone operators etc all have their hearing impairment. The first and foremost effect of noise is a decrease in the efficiency in working.

Research has proved the fact that human efficiency increases with noise reduction. Too much of noise disturbs the rhythms of working, thereby affecting the concentration required for doing a work.

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Noise of traffic or the loud speakers or different types of horns divert the attention, thus causing harm in the working standard. Fatigue caused is another effect of noise.

Due to lack of concentration, people need to devote more time to complete their task, which leads to tiredness and fatigue. Noise pollution acts as a stress invigorator, increasing the stress levels among people. Sometimes, being surrounded by too much of noise, people can be victims of certain diseases like blood pressure, mental illness, etc.

Noise pollution indirectly affects the vegetation. Noise pollution causes poor quality of crops.

Animals are susceptible to noise pollution as well. It damages the nervous system of the animals.

Noise Pollution: Sources, Effects and Control

Noise indirectly weakens the edifice of buildings, bridges and monuments. It creates waves, which can be very dangerous and harmful and put the building in danger condition. Perhaps the most serious problem created by sound pollution is the impact it has on our health. As a result, noise pollution has also been linked with health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.

Noise pollution can also impact sleep quality by preventing sleep and disrupting sleep cycles. And, perhaps most significantly, because chronic stress can lower your immunity to all disease, noise pollution is a general threat to health and wellness. Headache due to continuous exposure of sound.

Increase in the rate of heart-beat.

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