blasphemous, distortion of historical records and not of the caliber of a serious student of Religion. The TERRA PAPERS, the story of Bek'Ti, nearly got me. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD FREE >>> The Terra Papers (pdf) - Robert "Morning Sky" I do not claim ownership of The Terra Papers. I recommend. "Terra Papers - Hidden History of Planet Earth. IdentifierTheTerraPapersIRM Identifier-arkark://td18b. OcrABBYY FineReader.

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I entitled it Terra: A Hidden History of Planet Earth. "What I am to show with all the information included in Terra Papers I and II, the Terra Documents, . Papers: Pegasus files. The Terra Papers 1 and 2 PDF (12 megs) · The Terra Papers 1. This author has read The Terra Papers () PDF book by Robert Morning Sky, and wrote the below discourse only about the reality of the. Home · The Terra Papers Parts 1 and 2. The Terra Papers Parts 1 and 2. May 2, | Author: Michael Lee Hill | Category: N/A. DOWNLOAD PDF - 12MB.

We run everything,so we just quietly and and authoritatively make things our own. We don't run everything. The lizard-hearted are the ones who own the corporations and are in the highest offices. Besides that, unless people believe, we won't do anything and the lizard hearts will starve us, poison us and enslave us as they are planning to do see www. Yet that would require everyone, and I mean everyone know the truth and believe it which frankly, I doubt could be achieved without help from outside. And if the electronic blanket thing is real, which for this story to be true it would have to be, how is Ea's army going to make themselves known to us? Are those the only four choices of helping hands? I think there is much more to the story than was given in the Papers. I suspect that there are a number of races also involved directly and indirectly. We were given only a small part because to digest the whole thing at once would not go well for most. It's hard enough for many to open their minds enough for this to take root. What about the species who sent EA the gift of the feather for us?

Facilities to extract newly discovered ores were constructed.

The Terra Papers [ IRM 08]

Atmospheric Conditioning Centers soon began the tedious task of transforming the skies into a more more suitable environment. As a source of precious ores and a strategic control point of traffic on the Ninth Passageway star lanes, the new system further strengthened the strangle hold King AL-AL held on the outer Ninth Sector.

As his final project. The new solar system of BAD had been conquered. By refusing travel on the star lanes.

Overwhelming force and lightning speed assured the Prince of an immediate success. Here, a loyal following received the deposed King with the enthusiasm of thankful subjects.

Refuge was found in the island outpost AL-AL had developed. Here he would be a King, still adored and still welcomed. The throne was his, he was King AN-U. But victory was not totally complete. Consistency in the production of heavy metals on BAR-BAR-U and continual discovery and exploitation of precious ores, particularly an abundance of gold, made the new solar system indispensable. For a time. To further secure the solar system. To insure shipments of crucial resources remained intact and on time.

King AN-U appointed his eldest son. And so it was for many periods.

King AN-U would never forget the torments his father had endured. The hatred of a lifetime welled up within his very being. But history was about to repeat itself.

Terra Papers: The Hidden History of Planet Earth

His piloting skills developed quickly, and in short time he was granted the status of IKU 'Master'. He, like his father, was IKU!


He would make a strange request. Rather than rest on his laurels, the Prince asked to receive further training, only this time, in the military discipline of the elite BEH Warriors. Exhibiting exemplary skills, the Prince once again completed his training in short time.

Rising with quickness through the ranks. He would receive the title of 'ZU', 'One who is Supreme Master', a status given only to the most elite of Warriors, a very select handful of fighters. The Great AN-U was worried! AN-U was sure he knew the young Prince's heart.

And so a worried King AN-U moved, as his uncle had moved against him long ago. Still the King could sense the hatred of the Prince. For this reason, he would always be on guard. King AN-U had no choice but to be diligent in watching the Prince.

But there were more troubles for the King in the faraway solar system. Perhaps he too would give thought to an attempt to overthrow his own father. The BEH Warriors were loyal, but they were also a powerful force and could not be ignored. They, too, could become a threat to his rule.

Terra papers : Hidden History of Planet Earth - Now Online!

Though Overlords of their very own domains, neither Prince was happy. Both Princes made threatening, almost dangerous, noises.

Forced to descend to the distant faraway solar system, the King was determined to put things in order. Feeling secure, the King AN-U made his way to the worlds of discord. But as they arrived. In the story Bek'Ti painted EA or EN-KI whatever you want to call him in a very favorable light as far as I'm concerned he IS the reason we exist, he gave us the gift of the feather, tried to make us free and independant, saved us from the flood, and according to Bek'Ti is still trying to help us.

So wouldn't that imply that Bek'Ti would be one of EA's people? So if Bek'Ti was allied with EA then he could have been painting a pretty picture of him in an attempt to align us with EA. When in fact EA may want to turn us back into donkeys as well.

The Terra Papers (pdf) – Robert “Morning Sky”

Which is why whomever compiled this information, Robert Morningstar I guess, stated that we need to trust no one and with EA's blood in our veins take the throne for ourselves It's a real conundrum. First, what I got from this, looking over the Consciousness dimension, is that EA is eager to keep us from the lizard agenda. He would love to have us on our own throne. We are his prized creation, and we have gone beyond Beast.

And second, as far as the throne is concerned, I have claimed my rightful place. When the time is right, I will be called, and I will call my brethren to my side. And the Blood of EA will rule in peace. Or, it's just a really good story, just like the really good story people are basing their lives on right now. I say it is both a really good story AND the truth. And I think they should keep their DeathStars in their own star-systems. Because frankly, we have no where else to live and they've already wrecked two planets..