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Civil engineering technology: National Diploma (ND); curriculum and course specifications. Corporate author: Nigeria. National Board for Technical Education . Physics MEC Technical Drawing 1 0 3 2 4 - CEC Structural and Basic Soil Mechanics 2 0 3 3 5 - CEC Civil Engineering Construction II 2 0 2 3 4. CEC Hydrogeology. CEC Engineering Measurement & Evaluation. CEC Technical Report Writing. CEC Civil Engineering Construction 1.

It includes any working platforms, ladder and guardrail. The structure must have a case plate between the foot of the steward and the ground to take the load. Student are expected to write a site visit report of scaffolds. Generally, it is better practice to fix window later to prevent exposure of the internal parts to weather. To do this you must fix plugs into the recesses in the frame and during construction and then screw the window in place You follow the same procedure to fix windows in place while walls are being built as for doors.

Understand the basic principle of fluid motion. Know about flow through office weirs etc. Introduction to Fluid Mechanics Course Code: Practical Content Competency: The student should be able to understand static and dynamics of fluid and be able to solve simple practical problems.

Introductory Hydrology Course Code: Understand what make up the weather and climate of a place. Latitude and longitude controls b. Earth rotation and revolution c. Amount of distribution and 3 type of precipitation d.

Temperature e. Wind-speed and direction f. Humidity g. Understand precipitation as an important component of the hydrological process. Understand the basic concept of evaporation and transpiration. Competency The student is introduced to the subject of surface Hydrology with emphasis on the hydrological components. Introduction Hydrology Course Code: Water infiltration and obtained. Temperature differences stations nearby. Intensity - duration curve ii.

Cec 110.pdf

Depth - Area duration curve 2. Carry out experiments on the hydrology apparatus 3. Hydro-Geology Course Code: Understand the occurrences of ground water distribution and their uses. Understand factors that affect water movement in soils Week Special Learning Objective: Understand the principles of Groundwater exploitation.

Understand the chemical characteristics of groundwater. Explain well-logging to students 5. Students expected to have indepth knowledge of ground water location, movement, quality and harnessing Techniques.

Hydrrogeology Davis S. Hydraulics and Hydrology Course Code: Understand the importance of uniform flow in open channel. Understand the importance of unsteady flow. Understand the method of determining average precipitation over an Area using precipitation data. Arithmetic mean method. Thiessen method c.

Isohyetal method 5. Intensity of precipitation 11 b. Duration of precipitation c. Frequency of precipitation d. Area extent of precipitation 6. Intensity - Duration curve Curves. Intensity - Duration - Frequency curve 12 c. Depth - Area - Duration curve 6. Understand the concept of evaporation and the factors affecting it.

Radiation b. Wind 13 c. Temperature d. Humidity 7. Understand the nature of evaporating surfaces, and the different methods of measuring evaporation. Students are to acquire the basic principles of Hydraulics and surface Hydrology and carry out simple calculations.

French, R. Open Channel Hydraulics Mcgrair till 2. Determine permeability K lecturers. Hydraulic bench, permeability tanks, 4.

Carryout evaporation Reynolds and transitional flow apparatus, measurements. Investigate the validity of Bernoulli s equation as applied to flow of water. Investigate Laminar and turbulent flow in a pipe with applications.

Study Head - discharge relationship for a. V-notch Competency: Science and Properties of Materials Course Code: Understand the internal structure of the atom. Understand the microstructure of solids. Understand the macroscopic properties of materials.

Know types and properties of other materials used in Civil Engineering Construction. State effects as well as prevention. Carryout the following tests on stabilized and non stabilized materials field tests colour touch, luster, adhesion, washing, visual, water retention, dry strength, thread, ribbon, sedimentation, etc.

Laboratory tests Linear shrinkage, wet sieving, siphoning, grain-size, atterberg limit, compaction, CBR etc.

Know the types and properties of cement. Understand the properties and uses of concrete. Building construction; b.

Underground construction works; c. Airport facilities; d. Road works; e. Water projects and f. Agricultural facilities. Theoretical Content 8.

The course is designed to teach the students the Science and Properties of Construction materials. Neville, A. Properties of concrete Mcmillan Talor, G. Construction Materials. Longman Practical Content Perform the following tests on samples of concrete. Cast concrete cubes 12 in number and one cylindrical in shape.

Cure in water c. Test 3 samples of cube after 7 days d. Test 3 samples of cube after 14 days e. Test 3 samples of cube after 28 days Compare results obtained with those specified in BS Text the cylindrical concrete after 28 days and obtain the modulus of elasticity of concrete.

Perform grading tests and crushing 7 strength tests on concrete. Carry out field tests on soils and laterite. Carry out laboratory tests on soil and 10 - 11 laterite. Carry out structural properties of ferrocement i. Design and construct a structure with 13 - 15 either ferrocement or bamboo. Know the nature and composition of the earth crust. Understand principal geological factors affecting some engineering projects. Know about soil mechanics, its applications ad classifications in Civil Engineering.

Chalk, Biro, Pencil, eraser, 5. Know about surface drainage and groundwater lowering. Know the principle of neutral and effective stresses. All of above and possibly clays. Laterites etc. The student should understand basic geology for Civil Engineering works and have knowledge of the formation and classification of soils. Terzghi, R. Smith, R. Granada Publishers.

Engineering Geology and Basic Course Code: Specific Technologist to prepare samples, Samples, specific gravity, sieve analysis, consistency equipment, and monitor students gravity bottles, sieves, limits Atterberg Limits during the practical. He is to grade atterberg limit students reports and submit to apparatus, tray, oven lecturer.

The course lecturer is to etc. Identify various rocks, soils, and supervise the above activities and minerals and structural aspects of collate the results of the graded geology. Carry out water content and specific 10 - 12 gravity experiments on solids Carry out grain size analysis using the 13 - 14 manual and mechanical methods. Soil Mechanics I Course Code: The student should understand the application of Soil Mechanics to the design and construction of road foundations.

Whitlow, R. Basic Soil Mechanics. Harlow - Longman, Density and Optimum moisture content. He should grade students reports and submit to course lecturer. Conduct field density tests. Structural Mechanics Course Code: Know the equation of static equilibrium of structures. Understand the kinetics of rigid bodies.

Students should be able to analyse problems in statics and dynamics of structures. Tung, A. Elementary Structural Mechanics. Prentice Hall Inc. Cam, J. Structural Mechanics. Mcmillan Strength of Materials Course Code: Understand the behaviour of materials at stresses below and above elastic limit. Tensile Describe. Define modulus of materials. Understand the properties of sections.

Understand the principles of deflection. Understand the effect of torsion on circular section. Understand the use of Mohr s circles. Students should be able to analyse problems in statistics and dynamics of structures. Joiner, J. Strength of Materials. Timoshenko, S. Theory of elasticity. Mcgraw hill, Carry out elastic deflection of the graded practicals. Carry out torsion experiments.

Introduction to Structural Design Course Code: Understand the elastic, load factor and limit state methodology design in reinforced concrete elements. Explain T and L beams. Know the various types of foundation. Understand simple structural steel design for tension, compression and flexure. BS , BS respectively.

The students should design structural elements using codes of Practice.. Bungey, J.

cec p | Framing (Construction) | Scaffolding

Reinforced Concrete design to BS Macginley, T. Structural Steelwork Design. Butterworths, Theory of Structures I Course Code: Know the different methods of computing slope and deflection.

Understand interminancy in beams. Teachers Activities Resources Introduction to indeterminate - do - - do - Structures. The course is designed to enable the student analyse various mechanisms and structures. Adekola, A. Mechanics of Statistically indeterminate structures Mcmillan, Lagos.

Tung, a. Prentice hall Inc. Introduction to Highway Engineering Course Code: Understand the necessity of providing highway or road for a community. Lectures and Chalk and board 1. Know the history of development of Highway in Nigeria. Know the terms used in highway scheme. Lectures Chalk 4. Understand the compaction of soils as a means of improving soil strength. Know the processes of pavement construction. Know the equipment in road construction. Explain safety precautions in the use of equipment.

Know the materials for pavement construction. Use of the materials for pavement construction. Theoretical Content General Objective 9. Know the procedure for pavement maintenance and repairs. Specify procedure. Students are introduced to the rudiments of Highway Engineering focusing on simple highway construction and maintenance techniques.

Salter, R. Highway traffic analysis and design. Soil Science and Irrigation Course Code: Know the methods of application of water to soils. Water storage efficiency ii. Water conveyance 8 efficiency iii. Water distribution efficiency iv. Water application efficiency v. Consumptive use of water. Know the quality characteristics of irrigation water. Understand the principles of field drainage and flood control. The student is expected to know simple investigations necessary for irrigation projects.

Irrigation Engineering 2. Irrigation Policies formulation and practices. Determine soil properties for Irrigation especially porosity and capillary water content. Determine moisture content of Irrigated crops and permanent wilting point.

Identify drainage and flood control structures. Understand how to estimate water demand. Know sources of water. Know the different type of pumps and their selections. Understand the basic water treatment processes. Understand the methods of storage and distribution of treated water. Know the general principles involved in rural water supply. Know the sources and characteristics of waste water.

Understand basic methods and processes of sewage treatment. P latrine. Manhole appurtenances ii. Siphons Spacing ii. Weirs ii.

Parshall flume iii. Understand the effects of pollution and the methods of control. Students exposed to activities of water supply industry waste water collection and disposal. Chadwick, A. Hydraulics in Civil and Environmental Engineering Rontledge, Henry, J. Environmental Science and Engineering Prentice Hall, Water Supply and Sanitary Course Code: Draw a plan of a pumping the processes of analysis and pencil, eraser, scale rule, set station students to follow.

Draw all the components of sewage treatment plants. Give sewage treatment plant assignments to students. Prepare plan and section drawing or sewers and manholes. Technical Report Writing Course Code: Data analysis Graphical method, tabular method descriptive method.

Presentation of data use of appendices clear. Explain how it should be made and correct. Understand the information that is required in technical report writing Week Special Learning Objective: Students to acquire skills in technical report writing. On completion of the Industrial Training Scheme, the students should be able to: Structural Engineering Experiences 1. Understand the objectives and structure of the organisation. Understand simple structural engineering drawing 3.

Understand temporary works and acquire various skills in the use of Civil Engineering materials for building construction. Understand the properties of cement and concrete and the different ways of storing cement.

Acquire skill in site investigations of soils for foundation.

CEC ChemicalEng Tutorial Sol8.pdf - 22 Award 10.00 points...

Know various foundation construction method. Highway Engineering 7. Acquire practical skills in areas of surveying relevant to civil engineering.

Understand the processes of soil analysis and uses in highway construction. Understand the production of concrete used in highway construction.

Understand the uses of tars and bitumen in highway maintenance. Water and Waste Water Experiences Acquire basic skills in the analysis of water and waste water. Know the construction processes of water and waste water structures. Know the general procedure for data collection and the importance of contract documents. Industrial Training Course Code: Understand the objective and structure of the organisation Week Special Learning Objective: Understand simple civil engineering drawing. Understand temporary works and acquire various skills in the use of structural materials for building construction.

Acquire skills in investigations of soil for foundation. Know various foundation construction methods. Understand the process and soil analysis in highway construction. Classification e. Composition iii C. Soaked and unsoaked. Site compaction control test v other geotechnique tests. Understand the production of concrete used in civil engineering works. Teachers Activities Resources 9. Understand the uses of tars and bitumen in Civil Engineering Works. Teachers Activities Resources Know the various highway structures and highway maintenance.

Acquire basic skills in the analysis of water and waste. Physical tests e. Chemical tests e. Bacteriological test e. Know the construction of water and waste water structure. Appreciate the importance of keeping accurate record of work experience.

They are intended to supplement the detailed syllabuses which have been produced, and which define the content and level of the courses. Authors should bear in mind that the curriculum has been designed to give the students a broad understanding of applications in industry and commerce, and this is reflected in the curriculum objectives. Carpentry 1. Soil Mechanics and 3. Plumbing informatics Equipment Store Concrete.

Computer 3. Engineering Geology 4. Photocopiers 5. Structures Ditto Ditto 6. Transportation Ditto Ditto 7. Environmental Ditto Ditto Engineering 8.

Required 1. Torsion testing machine 1 2 Plastic bending of Portal frames 1 3. Two hinged and Three-hinged arch apparatus 1 4. Continuous beam apparatus 1 5. Deflection of beams apparatus 1 6. Bending moment and shearing force apparatus 1 7. Elastic beam apparatus 1 8. Elastic deflection of frames 1 9 Strut buckling apparatus 1 2.

Soil Mechanics and Laboratory ND 1. Apparatus 1 2. Consistency limits test apparatus 6 3. Compacting factor machine 1 4.

Compacting core machine 1 5. Particle size distribution test apparatus manual and electrical - sieve shaker 2 set 6. Compaction test apparatus 3 standards 7.

Core penetrometer 1 8. Moisture content text apparatus 2 9. Specific gravity test apparatus 3 10 Density test apparatus 3 Le Chatelier test apparatus 2 V-b consistometer text apparatus 1 Drying ovens 3 Sampling collecting trays and sample containers 20 Required Balances e. Vicat apparatus 2 Thermometers 5 of each Measuring cylinders 5 Cement fineness test apparatus 2 Soil hydrometers 3 Crucibles, spatulas, funnels 5 Dessicators 6 Curing tank 1 Stop watches 10 Beam moulds 4 Consolidation test apparatus 1 2 Triaxial compression apparatus 1 3.

Unconfined compression text apparatus 1 4. Extensometer universal-shear compression 1 5. Direct shear box test apparatus 1 6. Laboratory vane test apparatus 1 7. Permeability test apparatus 1 8. Constant and falling head permeability cell 1 9 Soil pulverizer 1 2.

Hydraulic benches Assorted 2. Stability of floating bodies apparatus 1 3. Discharge through the orifices 1 4.

Required 5. Discharge over a notch 1 6. Friction loss along a pipe 1 7. Impact of jets 1 8. Centre of pressure apparatus 1 9. Flow visualization 1 10 Losses in piping systems 1 Windage counter 1 Evaporation gauge 1 Hydrology apparatus 1 Hydrostatic and properties of fluids 1 Current meters 1 Point and hook gauge 2 Rain gauges 1 Water tank 1 Barometer piezometer 1 Falling head permeameter constant head permeameter 1 Hydrometer 1 Surge tank demonstration set 1 Simple weather equipment e.

Pitot tube 2 Float Assorted Stop waters 5 Measuring tapes 5 More hydraulic benches Assorted 2. Flow channel 1 3. Flow measuring apparatus 1 4. Centrifugal pump test rig 1 6.

Model sedimentation tank 1 7. Liquid sedimentation 1 8. Permeability tank 1 9. Bernoll s theorem demonstration apparatus 1 Hydraulic ram 1 Pump characteristics text accessories 1 Osborne Reynolds apparatus 1 Air flow rig 1 15 Drag coefficients of particles apparatus 1 16 Flow meter demonstration apparatus 1 Pipe surge and water Hammer apparatus 1 Drainage seepage tank 1 Standard mm wide tilting flow channels and models 1 20 Ground water flow 1 Raingall hydrographs.

Universal testing machine and complete accessories 1 2. Stand magnus apparatus 1 3. Three-hinged arch apparatus 1 4. Deflection of curved bars 1 5. Model frame work apparatus 1 6. Deformation of rings, squares and rectangle apparatus 1 7. Plastic bending apparatus 1 8. Universal testing frame apparatus and accessories 1 9. Suspension bridge apparatus 1 10 Unsymetrical cantilever testing apparatus 1 Shear center apparatus 1 Audio-Visual aids Assorted. Strength of Timber beams.

Traffic engineering equipment 1 Rader and enoscope for 5 speed studies 4 2 Measuring tapes and stop watches 6 3 Warning flares and cones 6 4 Ranging rods. Standard penetration text apparatus 1 2 Kinematic capillary viscosity text apparatus 1 3. Saybelt fuel viscosity test apparatus 1 4. Cleveland open cup flash point text apparatus 1 5.

Ductility text apparatus 1 6. Distillation text apparatus 1 7. Float text apparatus 1 8. Loss angeles abrasion text apparatus 1 9. Marchall stability and flow text apparatus 1 Hveen stabilometer test apparatus 1 Hveencohesiometer text apparatus 1 Hubbard field apparatus 1 Swell test apparatus 1 Softening point apparatus ring and ball 1 Penetration text apparatus 1 Tally counter 6 Aggregates impact and crushing values apparatus 1 Binder extraction apparatus 2 Hot plate 2 Benkelman beam 1 Temperature bath 2 Dessicators 5 Oven Various ranges 6.

Chlorine determination apparatus e. Acidity and alkalinity apparatus 1 3. Aluminium apparatus 1 4. Iron determination apparatus e. Silica determination apparatus 1 6. Dissolved oxygen apparatus 1 7. Oxygen demand apparatus 1 8. Phosphate apparatus 1 9. Nitrogen apparatus 1 Turbidity apparatus 1 Automatic sampler e. Filterability index apparatus 1 Deep-bed filter column 1 Ion-exchange apparatus 1 Aeration apparatus 1 Sedimentation study apparatus. Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer 1 Spectrophotometer meter 1 Electronic Balances 2 Microscopes 5 36 Oven 3 Refrigerator 2 Inembatory 2 Petri-dishes various Glass wares various Pi-pumps 10 6.

B Irrigation Water Management Laboratory For HND 1 Open channels, distributors and measuring devices 1 2 Sprinkler infiltrometer 1 3 Sprincler testing rig 1 4 Surface drainage field demonstration 1 5 Demonstration sand table 1 6 Rainfall simulator 1 7 Surface Irrigation model 1 8 Gauging weirs and flumes 1 9 Gauging and control structures 1 10 Test channel section 1 11 Demonstration Iysimeter 1 12 Irrigation equipment displays 1 13 Demonstration infliltration apparatus 1 14 Field drain filter test apparatus 1 Required 70 Overalls aprons-brown 35 71 Goggles 35 Chalkboard 72 T.

Required 2. Required 10 Tapping machine forge 1 11 Arc welding machine 1 12 Oxy-acetylene equipment 5 13 Acetylene generator 1 14 Electric soldering tool 1 15 Refix hydraulic pipe bender 1 16 Grinding machine 10 17 Jack pump 10 18 Pipe standing vices 1 19 Table vices 1 20 Copper tube bender 1 21 Copper bit 1 22 Hacksaw 10 23 Boxwood bending dresser 6 24 Share hooks 6 25 Tin snips 6 26 Hacking knife 6 27 Gimlet for lead pipe and wood screws 1 28 Wrenches Assorted 29 Dies Assorted 30 Pipe and bolt threading machine 1 31 Files Assorted 32 Rules Assorted 33 Tapes 5 34 Wheel cutter 5 35 Compound and combination type water meters 5 each 4.

Circuit breakers Assorted b. Distribution box 2 c. Outlets and plugs and switches Assorted d. Meters 3 types e. Nuru A. Abubakar Technical Coordinator 3 Engr.

Odumah Curriculum Development Coordinator 4 Mr. Niriyus Staff Development Coordinator 5 Engr. Mrs A. Adekigbe Federal Polytechnic, Ede 5 Dr. Adagunodo O. Segun Adedeji - Engradedeji Yahoo Com. Civil Engg.

Aifsabokhai 3.

Esther Ashiehome - F. Danladi S. University, Bauchi Matawal 5. Ovajimoh - Civil Engineering Dept C. Karigidi, - Fed. Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti Ekiti State. Box Kaduna. Okuofu - Dept. U, Zaria Mukoro - Dept. Polytechic, Bida. Musa - 16 Kashim Ibrahim Road P.

Box 99, Kaduna. Akinsete - The Polytechnic, Ibadan. Of Civil Engg. Osifala, - Dept. Yaba College of Tech. Authority, P.

Related Papers. Curriculum and Course Specifications. By Sammy jay. National Vocational Certificate in Automotive Mechatronics. WEEK 6. Brace the frame or lining to keep it square. This prevents the glass rattling when the door is opened and closed. A second coat of prima is optional 3. Erect the timber form across the opening and support it from the floor below 2.

Compare this with the desired level of slump 6. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Cec Practical - Introduction to Fluid Mechanics. Jump to Page. Search inside document. WEEK 1: WEEK 5: WEEK 6: WEEK 7: Documents Similar To cec p.

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Pratibha Singh. Godsfavour Egbodi. Samuel Antobam. Solomon Tamuno Iyango. Popular in Science. Sadaf Awan. Induchoodan Rajendran. Soundar Varadharaj. Syed Salman Chishty.

Pranjal Gupta.

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