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Epidermólise bolhosa simples. Received on Approved by the Advisory Board and accepted for publication on *. Work conducted at the. doença, de acordo com o segundo consenso internacional: simples, juncional elou quadro compatível com epidermólise bolhosa, que, associado aos dados. Na epidermólise bolhosa simples a maioria dos casos está associada com Palavras-chave: Diagnóstico pré-natal; epidermólise bolhosa; genética bioquímica.

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Epidermolise Bolhosa Simples Pdf

Na epidermólise bolhosa simples a maioria dos casos está associada com alteração nas citoqueratinas basais 5 (gen KRT5) e 14 (gen KRT14), o que modifica. There are three classic types of inherited EB (simplex, junctional and dystrophic). They are differentiated by the level of blister cleavage and subdivided. subtype) *. Microscopia óptica e eletrônica de transmissão da epidermólise bolhosa bolhosa simples; Histologia; Microscopia eletrônica de transmissão.

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Novel K5 and K14 mutations in German patients with the Weber-Cockayne variant of epidermolysis bullosa simplex. J Invest Dermatol ; The clinical spectrum of epidermolysis bullosa simplex. Br J Dermatol ; Severe palmo-plantar hyperkeratosis in Dowling-Meara epidermolysis bullosa simplex caused by a mutation in the keratin 14 gene KRT Human keratin diseases: the increasing spectrum of disease and sublety of the phenotype-genotype correlation.

A recurrent keratin 14 mutation in Dowling-Meara epidermolysis bullosa simplex. Expression of a truncated keratin 5 may contribute to severe palmo-plantar hyperkeratosis in epidermolysis bullosa simplex patients. Complete cytolysis and neonatal lethality in keratin 5 knockout mice reveal its fundamental role in skin integrity and in epidermolysis bullosa simplex.


Mol Biol Cell ; A hot-spot mutation alters the mechanical properties of keratin filament networks. Nat Cell Biol ; 3: An inducible mouse model for epidermolysis bullosa simplex: implications for gene therapy. J Cell Biol ; A keratin 14 knockout mutation in recessive epidermolysis bullosa simplex resulting in less severe disease. HL, Schumann H, et al. An update on keratin mutations in epidermolysis bullosa simplex Dowling-Meara in press. A novel keratin 5 mutation K5VL in a family with EBS-K: a conservative substitution can lead to development of different disease phenotypes.

Am J Pathol ; J Dermatol Sci ; Biology and function of hemidesmossomes. Matrix Biol ; Aumailley M, Krieg T.

Hydrofiber with silver is a treatment option for these wounds, as it is useful in controlling hypothermia without the need for daily dressing changes. Inherited epidermolysis bullosa: new diagnostic criteria and classification. Clin Dermatol.

Fine JD. Inherited epidermolysis bullosa: recent basic and clinical advances. Curr Opin Pediatr. The epidemiology of inherited EB: findings within American, Canadian, and European study populations.

Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press; Hettiaratchy S, Papini R. Initial management of a major burn: II-assessment and resuscitation.

Multicentre consensus recommendations for skin care in inherited epidermolysis bullosa. Orphanet J Rare Dis. A consensus approach to wound care in epidermolysis bullosa. J Am Acad Dermatol. Int J Dermatol. Mellerio JE. Infection and colonization in epidermolysis bullosa. Dermatol Clin.

Denyer J, Pillay E. Best practice guidelines for skin and wound care in epidermolysis bullosa [citado Nov 22]. Principles of wound care in patients with epidermolysis bullosa. Pediatr Dermatol. Khan MT. Podiatric management in epidermolysis bullosa. Ophthalmic involvement in inherited epidermolysis bullosa. Haynes L. Nutrition for children with epidermolysis bullosa.

Epidermólise bolhosa hereditária: aspectos clínicos e terapêuticos

Darbepoetin alfa and ferric gluconate ameliorate the anemia associated with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa. Gastrointestinal complications of inherited epidermolysis bullosa: cumulative experience of the National Epidermolysis Bullosa Registry. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. Nutritional outcomes in children with epidermolysis bullosa: the experiences of two centers in Korea.

Yonsei Med J.

Epidermolysis bullosa

Keast DH, Fraser C. Treatment of chronic skin ulcers in individuals with anemia of chronic disease using recombinant human erythropoietin EPO : a review of four cases. Ostomy Wound Manage. Intravenous iron III hydroxide-sucrose complex for anaemia in epidermolysis bullosa. Br J Dermatol. Correction of the anemia of epidermolysis bullosa with intravenous iron and erythropoietin.

J Pediatr.


Allegaert K, Naulaers G. Gabapentin as part of multimodal analgesia in a newborn with epidermolysis bullosa. Paediatr Anaesth. The use of oral ketamine for analgesia with dressing change in an infant with epidermolysis bullosa: report of a case. Consensus statement for the prevention and management of pain in the newborn. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. Epidermolysis bullosa and chronic wounds: a model for wound bed preparation of fragile skin.

Adv Skin Wound Care.

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Denyer JE. Wound management for children with epidermolysis bullosa. Dressings for acute and chronic wounds: a systematic review. Arch Dermatol. Gonzalez ME. Evaluation and treatment of the newborn with epidermolysis bullosa.

Semin Perinatol. Schober-Flores C. Epidermolysis bullosa: the challenges of wound care. Dermatol Nurs. Dressings for chronic wounds. Dermatol Ther. Long-term type VII collagen restoration to human epidermolysis bullosa skin tissue.

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