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and The NA Way are registered trademarks of Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Incorporated. . In this story originally published in our Little White Book and added to the Basic Text whom drugs had become a major problem. We are. recovering addicts within the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous. The text is based would serve us much like the A.A. "Big Book" has served that. Fellowship. With gratitude in our recovery, we dedicate our N.A. book to the lov- ing service of our .. This sounds like a big order, and we can't do it all at once. We didn't.

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Narcotics Anonymous Big Book Pdf

Na World Services offers easy access to a range of World Service approved literature to download in All Books, Booklets and Information Pamphlets are in PDF format. 14aprAll DayCentral Coast Unity BBQ DayThe Big Recovery BBQ. THIS IS the fourth edition of the book “Alcoholics Anonymous.” The first edition All changes made over the years in the Big Book (A.A. members' fond nickname for this kindness and that of my mother I was placed in a na- tionally-known. Narcotics Anonymous: Narcotics Anonymous (the "little white booklet" (longer " basic text" with same title no longer published online); c) (PDF at

Below is a list of currently available books, booklets and information pamphlets for NA members, healthcare professionals, and the community in general to down load. Please download a PDF reader. For larger Book and Booklet files, please allow time to download or display. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Other external services. Privacy Policy. You can read about our cookies and privacy settings in detail on our Privacy Policy Page. The Group Booklet. Twelve Concepts for NA Service. Introductory Guide to NA, Revised. Behind the Walls. In Times of Illness. A Resource in Your Community, Version.

IP 2 — The Group. IP 5 — Another Look. IP 6 — Recovery and Relapse. IP 7 — Am I an Addict?

Read: The NA Book - The Basic Text

IP 8 — Just for Today. IP 9 — Living the Program. IP 11 — Sponsorship, Revised. These groups provide members with an opportunity to discuss both substance use and mental health issues, including the use of medications, in an accepting and psychologically safe forum.

New DTR groups start at the initiative of consumers and that of professionals who believe that mutual help fellowships are a useful addition to formal treatment. DTR developed as a grassroots initiative and functions today with minimal involvement from the professional community. Groups meet in psychosocial clubs, supported residences for mental health clients, day treatment programs for mental health, substance abuse and dual-diagnosis, hospital inpatient units and community-based organizations.

At this writing, this relatively new fellowship is in the process of formalizing its own step dual-diagnosis recovery program, including efforts to encourage sponsorship and step work among its members.

DRA's educational recovery materials began to be distributed by the Hazelden Foundation in which greatly contributed to the growth of the organization that currently holds meetings in most US states as well as in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and Iceland. Information about membership characteristics does not seem to be available at this writing.

Methadone enables the former heroin addict to feel well and unimpaired by side effects, and to be free of heroin hunger. Methadone maintenance MM , a form of substitution therapy, is an abstinence-based treatment for opiate addiction. Methadone Anonymous started in in Maryland for individuals on prescribed methadone who wish to pursue recovery through the step program; meetings are held in methadone maintenance treatment programs between one and three times weekly.

A small survey of the Methadone Anonymous membership at one treatment program in New York City indicated that members were evenly split in terms of gender; they averaged 40 years of age.

Three quarters were attending Methadone Anonymous voluntarily, the others were mandated by the program's staff. In addition to heroin, members had a history of alcohol and other drug use including cocaine, marijuana, prescription opiates and stimulants.

Similarities and differences between AA and drug-recovery fellowships All step fellowships regardless of the problem behavior they address, are based on and adapted from the step recovery program of Alcoholics Anonymous set forth in the Big Book and the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

Meetings are typically held in public venues including libraries, places of worship, and YMCAs, where the fellowship typically pays a token contribution to use the room weekly or more often for meetings.


Meetings range in size from two or three individuals in small communities to several hundreds in metropolitan areas. Some Groups have more frequent meetings but are considered to be part of a single Group. Groups have one primary purpose, to carry the message to the addict who still suffers.

Groups are largely independent from one another and members of N. Each Group elects any number of leaders, or "trusted servants", to serve the needs of the Group they made include: a secretary, a treasurer, a chairperson, a GSR Group Service Representative , and an alternate GSR.

This election process is carried out by the Group Conscience which is a business meeting made up of the members of the Group who strive for consensus based decisions. With each group being autonomous, without affecting NA as a whole, the responsibilities of trusted servants vary from meeting to meeting. These responsibilities or "group policies" are contrived through the group's business meeting by inviting a Higher Power to guide each individual recovering addicts' decision, also known as a group conscience.

An example of one specific trusted servants responsibilities are, "The secretary is responsible for opening the meeting, choosing someone to chair the meeting, making sure coffee gets made, etc.

He or she also arranges for downloading supplies and keeping group records. The treasurer keeps financial records and pays the group's bills.

Groups in a given Area. The GSRs and alternate GSRs from each Group in an Area meet regularly together for a business meeting where issue are raised and discussed in order to better meet the needs of the groups in the Area. Each ASC elects its own officers: the chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and regional committee members RCMs.

In some regions, several ASCs will be grouped into a Metropolitan Service Committee at the sub-regional level; this is typical in especially large cities, like Los Angeles , that contain multiple ASCs. It is similar in organization to an ASC, but involves a larger number of people and is further removed from the day-to-day activities of individual home groups. Many of the issues dealt with by RSCs are the same ones that will come before the World Service Conference, with the RSC being the best way for local groups to help craft policies that will affect N.

They are not decision-making entities.

The Impact of Alcoholics Anonymous on other substance abuse related Twelve Step programs

Some Zonal Forums actively participate in "Fellowship Development" to help NA fellowships grow in new countries and geographic areas where NA is still forming. Zonal Forums help NA groups, areas or regions to work together to translate literature, inform the local community about NA and create new service committees.

This is achieved through annual or biannual Zonal Forum meetings together with development visits to NA groups and members in other countries. Experienced NA members hold workshops, and meetings and present material to help the newer communities.

Zonal forums also provide an important opportunity for World Services and the World Board to interact with newer and growing NA communities to better understand their needs and challenges. Zonal forums are an important part of the growth of NA in some of the most populous and remote parts of the world. Some Zonal Forums are a service-oriented sharing session that provides the means by which NA communities in their zone can communicate, cooperate, and grow with one another.

Each Zonal Forum provides a biannual report on the floor of the World Service Conference and, when requested by the conference, may also answer specific questions or address the body.

In order to improve communications, the Zonal Forums are provided with conference participant mailings and send each Zonal Forum meeting record to World Services. In order to more effectively serve the fellowship, World Services and the Zonal Forums maintain an ongoing partnership in order to plan and conduct the Worldwide Workshop system. World Service Conference The N.

Narcotics Anonymous - Wikiwand

World Board. This service conference has the executive right to make decisions for the entire N. This includes electing members to serve on the World Board, approving all new N. Literature, service material and making policy decisions that affect the fellowship including the organizational structure. This responsibility has been executed as recently as the late 90's when the World Service Conference voted to re-structure the N. This office handles the production of all approved literature, provides resources for projects approved by the WSC and also provides limited services to the fellowship as a whole.

The office also administers the legal responsibilities of the fellowship with respect to copyrights, intellectual property and accounting. The office employs a number of people who carry out these functions.

Finances Narcotics Anonymous members are not required to pay any dues or fees. Group expenses are covered entirely by voluntary contributions from its members. Groups meet costs such as meeting room rental, tea and coffee, and any literature that the group provides for free from these contributions, after which surplus funds are passed to the service structure.

Area Service Committees are typically funded from Group contributions plus money raised by events such as dances and recovery events attended by members.

In some countries Area committees also supply literature to the Groups. Areas pass funds on to the Regions, which can also receive contributions from Groups and also raise money though conventions attended by hundreds to thousands and tens of thousands of members.

Regions also sometimes run Regional Service Offices which download literature from the World Service Office and its branch offices for sale to Areas and Groups. Because Regional Service Offices can download in bulk and sell at list price sometimes this surplus exceeds the running costs of the office. At the World Service level of Narcotics Anonymous expenses are met partially by the voluntary donations of via the service structure and also through the sale of recovery literature.

Typically N. Some literature is provided to new members for free such as the "Information Pamphlets" while other, typically book length pieces, are sold at the download cost to the group.

Literature is also downloadd from Group contributions and made available to new members. Other expenses include group refreshments, meeting-place rent, etc.

Financial information is publicly available on the N. Internal controversies Early in the history of N. In particular, the make-up and process of creating an N. Different factions supported different versions of the Basic Text, and in the ensuing power struggle there were many accusations made and resentments cultivated.

The basis of the dispute was whether the service committees were described as a part of N. This dispute reached its nadir when the N. World Service Organization sued an N. Although there are still some "traditionalist" N. At one point Jimmy Kinnon, N. World Service offices. Another major debate involved whether to change the text of an information pamphlet that implied that homosexuality was a moral failing for some.

References to homosexuality were eventually removed from the literature altogether, however, "What is the NA Program" clearly states that: "Anyone may join us regardless of age, race, sexual identity, creed, religion, or lack of religion. Opposition to N. Other step groups differ in their approach to the treatment of addiction and recovery. Alcoholics Anonymous does not explicitly prohibit drug use besides alcohol, and according to A.

Some people have found the tools of these other programs to be more helpful than the N. Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc..

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