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Depicting with humor and insight the pressure to be outwardly perfect, this novel for ages shows how one girl develops compassion for her own and. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade –Eighth-grader Isabelle Lee describes her not-so-perfect life. She is dealing with her father's death. Perfect Natasha Friend. Author. Natasha Friend Published. New York Scholastic, Inc. Medium. [electronic resource]. Physical Description. p. ;.

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Perfect book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Depicting with humor and insight the pressure to be outwardly perfect, t. Read and Download PDF Ebook perfect natasha friend at Online Ebook Library. Get perfect natasha friend PDF file for free from our online library. PDF File. Read Or Download Online Perfect by Natasha Friend {Review} PDF Books Simple Way to Read / Download Top Ebooks With Easy Hello.

Zeebra Books Ever since year-old Isabelle Lee's dad died nearly two years ago, her mother refuses to talk about him or cry publicly. Isabelle has followed her example, keeping her feelings inside. On the day of his funeral, though, she began binging and purging. When she's later caught her younger sister tells on her her mother sends her to an eating disorder support group, where Isabelle is surprised to see "perfect" Ashley, the most popular girl in her grade. The two form a friendship that revolves around their eating disorder; they use their hands to cram down mass amounts of food, then throw up in a dumpster, side by side Ashley even introduces Isabelle to ex-lax. The story arc here is fairly predictable: Isabelle learns that Ashley's life is not so perfect after all, and this combined with therapy puts her on the road to recovery. But graphic binging and purging scenes "I alternated handfuls of potato chips and HoHos with swallows of Diet Coke It always feels better coming up than going down" and Isabelle's therapy sessions help explain the disease to readers without seeming didactic.

It sucks. The first thing I noticed about this book that I really liked was the really clean, thick white pages and the very crisp black font, as silly as that sounds. But really, who wants to read a book that has thin yellow pages with smudgy font? I did end up enjoying that book, but I tore about seven pages and had to read so close to the page I nearly had my nose touching it. Overall rating: Oct 12, Beth rated it it was ok Shelves: I love how easy this book was to read, so it would be great for a reluctant reader.

That being said, I felt like the book glossed over the seriousness of eating disorders and needed to have some information in the back about them for readers. The other thing that made this book just okay for me was that it ended too quickly. I really wanted to know more about the other girls in the group.

Their stories would have been interesting too. All in all, it is a good introduction to why someone might de I love how easy this book was to read, so it would be great for a reluctant reader.

All in all, it is a good introduction to why someone might develop and eating disorder, but it needed more substance. Apr 10, Annie K. This was cute.

I liked the way that April and the mom changed, and how everyone's relationships changed. I didn't love some of the language, but I wish that we could have gotten to meet the dad, because he seemed awesome. Mar 01, Karlee Kamberling rated it it was amazing. I retained a lot of useful information from this book. My favorite character in this book, Isabelle Lee, is a teenager who is very sensitive about her weight.

She cares a lot about what people think of her and she stuffs her face with food then forces herself to throw it all up. Isabelle's mom makes Isabelle go to a support group to talk about all of her p I retained a lot of useful information from this book. Isabelle's mom makes Isabelle go to a support group to talk about all of her problems.

At the end, they all start becoming a normal family again and you will see how once you read the book. This book can really teach you a few things in life that some people will want to know.

Natasha Friend

It really helps you build all kinds of confidence in yourself. My favorite part in this book is when Isabelle met someone in the support group who shared the same problems as her and they eventually worked them out together and became good friends. Apr 19, Ryleigh rated it liked it.

I found it hard to really get into this book. I feel like a lot of books now are all about eating disorders and similar things.

Natasha Friend

Even though books like this one are good for people to get help or to see how dangerous eating disorders are. In the beginning I was quite mad about how Isabelle and her mom took to her dad's death. I realize that losing someone so close to you can be terrible, but learning how to cope with death is so much better than harming yourself.

Why did her mom take everything a I found it hard to really get into this book. Why did her mom take everything away that was associated with her dad. One thing I do like is how the author shows how friendships can be and not everyone acts like they look. Jul 28, Elle rated it did not like it.

This book was just sooooooo boring and sooooooo just anti-climatic. To put this in simple language, don't waste your time on this book. I picked this up at the library cause I was just looking for a quick, easy read.

What I expected was a book similar to Donna D. Cooner's "Skinny" And I got this waste of paper and resources.

Apr 08, Claire Lozito rated it it was amazing. Considering I still remember this book over decade later, and it still haunts me I give it 5 stars. Feb 23, Hailey Bianchi rated it it was amazing. This harsh tale describes the difficulty of eating disorders and having such a strong desire to fit in. Natasha Friend explains how eating disorders aren't a choice, but rather seen as a necessity to some.

Highly recommend this book. Oct 10, Hannah S rated it liked it Shelves: When I picked this book up from a shelf in my library and read the back, I knew it was a must-read. I decided to go with my instinct and read it because it covers issues that are prominent in today's society. Although this was an easier and shorter read than what I would normally go for, I thought it was still acceptable since it did cover heavy topics.

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I was attracted to this book because it contained both educational content and seemed to have an interesting story line. This book also focused When I picked this book up from a shelf in my library and read the back, I knew it was a must-read.

This book also focused on topics that I normally find interesting to read about. Perfect by Natasha Friend is about a bulimic year-old teenager, Isabelle Lee. Isabelle is forced to join group therapy when her mother discovers she has an eating disorder. Coincidentally, Ashley Barnum, the most popular girl in Isabelle's school also happens to be in the therapy group.

Isabelle and Ashley form a friendship, which turns out to be pretty unhealthy at times. Throughout the book Isabelle discovers what the cause of her eating disorder is and begins her road to recovery. Which is only partially why it is so interesting to read. The story is not solely on eating disorders because it also focuses on the effects of a death in a family. I liked how the book did not talk about eating disorders the whole time and had another focus point.

This differentiates Perfect from other eating disorder books. Having two focus points kept me from getting bored of the book. The author does a terrific job at making the reader feel connected to the characters.

This strong connection to the characters allows the reader to be more involved in the book. Although there were many aspects of the book I enjoyed, I still had a few issues with it.

I disliked how the book did not necessarily have a climax. There really was no large event or situation that occurred that I would consider the climax. This book was very simple which made it a very easy read for older readers. Although I did like how younger children would be able to read this, I think it may be a little too basic. I also did not like how there were not many details explaining how her father died or what had happened to him.

It can be frustrating for the reader to not have access to this information. Despite the few negatives of the book, overall I enjoyed Perfect and would suggest it to younger readers. Dec 20, Kyley Kordick rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book. I really like the characters in it. Isabelle is probably my favorite. I didn't like Ashley at first, because when her and Isabelle start hanging out, I feel like they were just making each other worse with their constant binging.

However, in the end I think they helped each other get better, or at least Isabelle did. I liked the fact that Ashley, the girl who is considered perfect in every way, shows up to Group.

I think this book had a really good message in it. While I really enjoyed this book. While it sheds light on common eating disorders, it also shows how people who are viewed as "perfect", don't necessarily have a perfect life.

You really can't judge a book by its cover. I would definitely recommend this book to a friend. In the beginning of the book Isabelle hid her bulimia from her family and was caught by her sister who told her mom. When Isabelle went to her first therapy session she found out that the most popular girl in school, someone who she desperately wanted to be, was also attending the group, Ashley.

Ashley and Isabelle bonded and became friends. When they visited each other they binged large amounts of food and threw up at the same time. An important moment in the book is when Ashley asks Isabelle to binge and purge with her and Isabelle said no. That night at my house with Ashley was the first time I ever said no to her. After this Isabelle healed a lot and stopped binging and purging for a long time.

I think this book was a really good book because it demonstrates the mindset of an individual who has an eating disorder. The book also shows that not all people with eating disorders have the same experience, cause, or life. Overall I think it is a great book with a helpful message and I would recommend this book to anyone who struggles with or knows someone who struggles with an eating disorder or anyone who is interested in the topic of them. Mar 13, Lyric rated it really liked it. I picked 4 stars because I liked the book a lot.

It made me feel like I was actually a character in the book. When ever a teacher told me to read I always pulled out this book because it's easy to understand and get into. I think someone else preferably a teen girl should read this book because many students don't know what eating disorders most girls have and they're being bullied. Something that would make this book better is maybe telling how or why the father died.

Also maybe adding what h I picked 4 stars because I liked the book a lot. Also maybe adding what happened after Ashley came back from her vacation. Overall I really like this book and I would read it again. May 15, Sarahi Nieto rated it it was amazing. Have you ever felt fat? Yeah we have all felt that way or know someone who feels like that and thinks of them that way. This book is a fiction type of book. I really liked this book because it teaches people with eating disorders that they are perfect in their own way.

Also it teaches that everyone should be nice to everyone because you never know what they're going through in their daily life. I also liked this book because I could relate to this book in many different ways. I believe th Have you ever felt fat? I believe that this book can be really helpful for some people. This book is about a girl named Isabelle Lee. Isabelle has a problem but it's not only her little sister April who is also called Ape Face.

It's not only Group where she attends once a week as part of the "Deal" with her mom. Her problem is that everything seems so "fine" when in reality her family is still dealing with her father's death. Isabelle's mother has taken all her father pictures down from the walls and cries herself to sleep every night. When April catches Isabelle forcing her self to throw up and end up in "Eating disorder therapy group".

Isabelle is surprised when she sees Ashley Barnum the most prettiest, most popular girl in school walked in the door. The conflict is person vs. It's person vs. Also because she still has problems trying to move on from her father's death.

The major theme from this book is that you are beautiful and perfect in your own little way. Because Isabelle learns that she doesn't need to force herself to throw up to be perfect because just the way she is makes her perfect and beautiful. The title relates to the book because since the book is called "Perfect" it shows how Isabelle learns that she is perfect in her own little way. Another theme that recurs through the book is that you need to stop re-reading the last chapter of your life in order to move on to the new one.

This theme can be seen at the end when the Isabelle's family starts hanging her father's pictures in the walls again. This shows this theme because they start to move from their past in order to move on.

I was angry when Ashley moved to Colorado, and the author didn't include if she stopped forcing herself to throw up or not. This got me angry because it leaves the reader with the question of " What happened to Ashley? I was moved when Ashley moved on and left Isabelle. I got moved by it because it feels really bad when you leave your best friend behind. My favorite part was when Isabelle didn't force herself to throw up anymore.

This is my favorite part because it lets the reader with a good impression about Isabelle. The character that I identify the most with is Isabelle because there was a point where I felt the same way she did when my grandma died. I rate this book from a scale a 5.

Because this book can really help girls with eating disorders. I recommend this book to all the girls who are going through similar problems. Book Review: Perfect by Natasha Friend 1 1 Aug 24, Readers Also Enjoyed.

Young Adult. Realistic Fiction. About Natasha Friend. Natasha Friend. Natasha lives on the Connecticut shoreline with her husband, three children, and dog, Beckett. Books by Natasha Friend. Trivia About Perfect. She received her B. We want your feedback! Click here. Perfect by Natasha Friend ebook.

Publication Details Publisher: More about Natasha Friend. Perfect Embed. Coming from a staunch perfectionist who's struggled with abandoning society's expectations, you know I'm serious about that. At the end of the day, if the goal you've reached is the desire of someone who isn't you, and came at the cost of important facets of your personality, it wasn't worth it, and will be replaced with a new one to covet tomorrow.

Perfect is about the cycle of unhappiness that spawns eating disorders, though there are a lot of small and traumatic events that usually factor into it. Friend writes in a way that's easy to approach and never preachy or contrived, letting you come to your own conclusion about Isabelle's path. The death of her father led into a depression, and the only influence outside of that is a girl she befriends at school, who despite all appearances as "the perfect girl", has an extremely damaged self-image and forces herself to throw up so often that she starts bleeding from the mouth.

Isabelle sees in her a mirror of her own bulimia, and their relationship becomes a paradox of enabling each other's disorder and offering a genuine bond based around it. This book was published around the time when eating disorders were at their peak trendiness in the early s, unfortunately, and there were a lot of similar works like Wintergirls and Thin coming out to combat the devastation of the "fad". But like those, I don't think it will ever become irrelevant.