SOPHIE KINSELLA Shopaholic & Sister THE DIAL PRESS SHOPAHOLIC & SISTER A Dial Press Book / October Published by Th. Praise for Sophie Kinsella. “Kinsella’s heroine is blessed with the resilience of ten women, and her damage-limitation brain waves are always good for a giggle.”—Glamour (U.K.) “Faster than a swiping Visa, more powerful than a two-for-one coupon, able to download complete. Irresistible onewoman shopping phenomenon Becky Bloomwood is back in this hilarious heartwarming New York Times bestselling tale of married life best.

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Shopaholic and Sister Shopaholic 4. Sophie Kinsella. Irresistible, one-woman shopping phenomenon Becky Bloomwood is back in this hilarious, heartwarming, New York Times bestselling tale of married life, best friends, and long-lost sisters and the perils of simply having to own an Angel handbag! List Chapter or Page Page 1 2. Page 2 3. Page 3 4. Page 4 5. Page 5 6. Page 6 7. Page 7 8. Page 8 9. Page 9

A wealthy businessman, Nathan Temple, overhears the encounter between Becky and the sales assistant. He persuades the sales assistant to sell the handbag to Becky because he and the owner are friends. Becky shows her gratitude by promising to pay him back somehow.

When Becky gives Luke the new belt, he is pleased and believes that she has made a sincere commitment to changing her shopping irresponsible habits.

Shopaholic and Sister | Sophie Kinsella

Back in England, Becky and Luke stop to visit the Bloomwood family and surprise them with their early return. Becky is shocked and dismayed when her parents appear to be hiding something. Not only that, but they are not impressed with Becky's gifts and don't seem as excited as Becky had hoped. The next day, Luke and Becky attend the christening of Suze's twins. Unfortunately, Suze has befriended a local woman, Lulu, who is a mother of four children and hopes that she and Becky will like each other.

From their first meeting and much to Suze's dismay, Becky and Lulu quickly dislike each other to the point they become enemies.

Lulu expresses her belief that she thinks Becky is immature and shallow for her age. Offended, Becky tells Lulu off that she thinks that she is a horse-faced, hypocritical and judgmental person with no interest in getting to know others. Later on, Suze expresses her concerns with Becky about how she and Lulu treated each other. In turn, Becky admits to Suze that she doesn't like Lulu and the feelings between them are mutual.

She also mentions she feels isolated from Suze since she and Lulu have more in common as they have children of their own. In turn, Suze admits her jealousy towards Becky for going on a fabulous 10 month honeymoon around the world, while she was at home with three children. She mentions that Lulu was there to help her cope, but Becky keeps her stance about Lulu and this leads to a fight. She and Suze suffers a falling out between them.

After leaving the Cleath-Stuart home, Luke comforts Becky and tells her that no one was expecting them back for another month. Becky's troubles become worse when two trucks full of her souvenirs she has accumulated from her trip arrive. The bills for them are outrageous and with her new job not due to start for several months, Luke orders Becky to sort things out around the house with her spare time.

Luke immediately switches back into business-mode, cutting his hair, becoming more efficient and donning expensive suits. Thinking quickly at her neighbors' suggestion, Becky sells most of her souvenirs off to site and makes good money off it to pay Luke back, including the 20 Tiffany clocks which she accidentally sells off unaware that he bought them as a gift to Arcodas' Group.

Luke finds out about the missing clocks from his co-worker who bought it off site and is angry with Becky for a while.

Becky's parents arrive with big news. They explain that they did not want to tell Becky initially until she settled down, but she has a half-sister from a previous relationship of her father's, a woman named Marguerite - and whose name is Jessica Bertram, nicknamed "Jess". Becky is ecstatic - she claims that she has felt a hole in her life and has always wanted a sister. She imagines going shopping together, enjoying girls' nights in, and having a new best friend to replace Suze.

However, when Becky meets Jess for the first time, she is disappointed right away. It turns out that Jess is studious, thrifty, and a bit standoffish. Jess tries to encourage Becky to save money, but Becky can't comprehend why Jess does not want to do anything fun.

When Becky overhears Luke saying that she is hard to live with, she is shocked and thinks that her marriage is falling apart. Jess and Becky suffer a falling-out when they realize they have nothing in common.

She also suffers one with Luke when he discovers that she had arranged a meeting for him to see Nathan Temple, whom he's not happy about seeing, and the fact Becky had gotten an Angel handbag. Both spend a few days arguing as he reveals that he thinks Jess is more helpful than she is because he's been trying to win over Arcodas. In anger and tears, Becky tells Luke off that she had a lot of her own problems to deal with the last few months and he never has time for her.

He shows a hint of compassion for her, but also tells Becky that he needs time away from her.

Luke hopes that in being away from her, Becky will have time to reassess her attitude. After he leaves, she reads down the paper which is a list of complaints Luke has with her and comes to the conclusion that their marriage has fallen apart.

No sooner that Luke leaves for Cyprus, Becky has a hard time adjusting to life in the loft alone and tries to call Suze. It doesn't work as she has an outing planned for her and Lulu's children. Becky then attempts to call her parents for comfort, only to remember they are going on a wellness cruise that will take them out of the country for a month. Becky decides to go to a supermarket to distract her from her thoughts.

It fails to do the trick and she goes home to try to get some sleep. Becky soon has a nightmare about transforming into her nemesis, Alicia, donning a fancy suit and a selfish sneer. In her nightmare after hurting Jess, Luke and Suze both reprimand her for her behavior. After that, Becky decides to go to Jess' home in Northern England to learn to be thrifty and make amends with her.

The old corporate Luke has vanished. The suits have disappeared. Round his wrist is a friendship bracelet he bought in the Masai Mara, and in his ear is a tiny silver hoop.

Luke Brandon with an earring! Luke Brandon sitting cross-legged! As though he can feel my gaze, he opens his eyes and smiles, and I beam back happily. Ten months married. And not a single row. You know.

Only the odd little one. Clear my mind. I was even thinking I might set up as a yoga teacher when we go back home. Maybe I could set up in partnership with Trudie Styler. God, yes! And we could launch a range of yoga-wear too, all soft greys and whites, with a little logo.

Oh, right, yes.

Kinsella Sophie. Shopaholic and Sister

Breathe in. God, my nails look fab. I had them done at the spa — little pink butterflies on a white background. And the antennae are little sparkly diamonds.

Shopaholic and Sister

They are so sweet. Except one seems to have fallen off. Page 50 Page 51 Page 52 Page 53 Page 54 Page 55 Page 56 Page 57 Page 58 Page 59 Page 60 Page 61 Page 62 Page 63 Page 64 Page 65 Page 66 Page 67 Page 68 Page 69 Page 70 Page 71 Page 72 Page 73 Page 74 Page 75 Page 76 Page 77 Page 78 Page 79 Page 80 Page 81 Page 82 Page 83 Page 84 Page 85 Page 86 Page 87 Page 88 Page 89 Page 90 Page 91 Page 92

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