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Silapathikaram: lt;table style="clear:right; float:right; background:#ffffff; The nature of the book is non-religious, narrative and has a moralistic undertone. A Tale of The Mistaken Anklet: Tamil Epic Silapathikaram eBook: Kalian Ethirasan: The book is aimed at the Tamil youth living abroad and in India who are. Second century epic poem, Silapathikaram with a commentary written in contemporary Tamil.

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Silapathikaram Book In Ebook

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Thaen Sindum Malargal Books by S. Subramanian The scope and subject of this poetry edition is not confined to a specific dimension but to life, in general covering the axis of human existence; of relations of human, animal relations in the environment of the earth. Also there are many poems cover the celestial bodies such as Sun, stars, moon, earth, and planets that exists in the milky way. The splendour and Majesty of Indian History is shorn of its pride and relevance in the latter portion of the s Read More The scope and subject of this poetry edition is not confined to a specific dimension but to life, in general covering the axis of human existence; of relations of human, animal relations in the environment of the earth. The splendour and Majesty of Indian History is shorn of its pride and relevance in the latter portion of the series. The world wars are depicted in nutshell and human destiny is brought out in a nice manner. The social events are picturesque and depicted in various poems with human touch. Due importance has been given to political events, and great personalities have got their acclamation and honour in praise of their deeds.

He is reputed to be the brother of Chera king Senguttuvan, although there is no evidence in the Sangam poetries that the famous king had a brother. From comparative studies between Silappatikaram and certain Buddhist and Jain works such as Nyayaprakasa, the date of Silappatikaram has been determined to be around the fifth and the sixth centuries CE.

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Her life later went astray by the association of Kovalan with an another woman Madhavi who was a dancer. The duo started resurrecting their life in Madurai , the capital of Pandyas. Kovalan went on to sell the anklet of Kannagi to start a business, but was beheaded having been held guilty of stealing it from the queen.

Kannagi went on to prove the innocence of her husband and was believed to have burnt the entire city of Madurai by her chastity. Apart from the story, it is a vast treasure of information of music and dance, both classical and folk. This contains 10 cantos or divisions.

This contains 13 cantos. This contains 7 cantos, and each of them is made of several sub-divisions called kaathais narrative sections of the chapters. Literary value The Silappatikaram, apart from being the first known epic poem in Tamil, is also important for its literary innovations. It introduces the intermingling of poetry with prose, a form not seen in previous Tamil works. It features an unusual praise of the Sun, the Moon, the river Kaveri and the city of Poompuhar at its beginning, the contemporary tradition being to praise a deity.

It is also considered to be a predecessor of the Nigandu lexicographic tradition. It has 30 referred as monologues sung by any character in the story or by an outsider as his own monologue often quoting the dialogues he has known or witnessed.

The alternative for this meter is called aicirucappu verse of teachers associted with verse composed in learned circles. Silappatikaram is also credited to bring folk songs to literary genre, a proof of the claim that folk songs institutionalised literary culture with the best maintained cultures root back to folk origin. Swaminatha Iyer CE resurrected the first three epics from appalling neglect and wanton destruction of centuries.

The postscript invites readers to review the work. Like other epic works, it is criticised of having unfamiliar and a difficult poem to understand. In addition, the idea of chastity as exemplified in the epic is difficult to understand outside the context of Tamil and Indian cultural norms.

Modern scholars have a more favourable view of the poem and consider it to be the foremost epic in Tamil literature as well as the first to envision a united Tamil consciousness through the depiction on the three major countries occupied by the Tamil people as one nation united in worship of the goddess of chastity Kannagi.

Popular culture There have been multiple movies based on the story of Silappathikaram and the most famous is the portrayal of Kannagi by actress Kannamba in the movie Kannagi. Chinnappa played the lead as Kovalan. The movie faithfully follows the story of Silappathikaram and was a hit when it was released.

The movie Poompuhar, penned by M. Karunanidhi is also based on Silapathikaram. Silappatikaram also occupies much of the screen time in the 15th and 16th episodes of the television series Bharat Ek Khoj.

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Silapathikaram book pdf

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