EAT THAT FROG! PAGE 3. PREFACE. Thank you for picking up this book. I hope these ideas help you as much as have helped me and thousands of others. Editorial Reviews. Review. “BEWARE: This book will have a profound impact on your working practices and the results you'll achieve. Eat That Frog! challenges. Using eat that frog as a metaphor for tackling the most challenging task of your The top Business and Leadership books of last year picked by site Book.

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Book Eat That Frog

Eat That Frog! book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The legendary Eat That Frog! (more than copies sold and t. Brian Tracy explains the theory behind his best-selling book, Eat That Frog, which refers to your getting your biggest, most important task done first. Based on Brian Tracy's #1 best-selling book Eat That Frog!, this PDF provides useful tips for how to manage your time and stop procrastinating.

Work all the time you work. Prepare canned responses to FAQs. Train and delegate your email triage. Batch your emailing as infrequently as possible. One full day per week. Learn continuously. Everyone who is good at something was once bad at it. You can learn anything by simply learning to replicate what someone else has done. Read for one hour every day in your field. Attend as many seminars and trainings as you can. Maximise your energy.

Many people confuse activity with accomplishment. They talk continually, hold endless meetings, and make wonderful plans, but in the final analysis, no one does the job and gets the results required. For example, if you have ever dreamt of becoming a published author to advance your career, grow your business, or to improve the lives of others, none of those things will happen until you change your desire from a dream to a goal.

Even at that point, you still need to take action immediately. Your dream and all of those potential benefits will not do anyone any good until you take action on your thoughts, set the goal, and learn how to write a book. The same is true with all of the other wonderful ideas that pop into your mind, so be sure to act quickly on such intuition, and start with whichever task will help you be the most productive.

When you develop this addiction, you will, at an unconscious level, begin to organize your life in such a way that you are continually starting and completing ever more important tasks and projects. You will actually become addicted, in a very positive sense, to success and contribution.

Practice is the key to mastering any skill. Fortunately, your mind is like a muscle. It grows stronger and more capable with use.

With practice, you can learn any behavior or develop any habit that you consider either desirable or necessary. About Brian Tracy — Brian is recognized as the top sales training and personal success authority in the world today. He has authored more than 60 books and has produced more than audio and video learning programs on sales, management, business success and personal development, including worldwide bestseller The Psychology of Achievement.

Brian's goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined. Your Privacy is Guaranteed. It comes highly recommended from me. Abdelbaki Gougue https: See 2 questions about Eat That Frog! Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order.

Aug 30, Arabian Rihanna rated it did not like it. A self-development book that seems like a long PowerPoint presentation, with tons of quotes from people I never heard of. So I'm supposed to be inspired and motivated by a certain Jonathan Smerkfeese who says "Procrastination.

Such a bad, bad thing"? What I learned from this book, however, is how to write a self-development book. Let me share these ten easy steps with you: Step number one: Pick a title. Nothing revolutionary. Any mind-numbing sequence of words can turn into a title. The Princess i A self-development book that seems like a long PowerPoint presentation, with tons of quotes from people I never heard of.

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

The Princess in the Dungeon? This could be a book about spotting pedophiles. Step number two: Start with an introduction filled with over-promises. Don't worry about under-delivering; it's the reader's responsibility to change, yours is to get them all psyched up about needing that change. Step number three: Come up with chapter titles, and dig for random quotes to use at the beginning of each chapter. Step number four: Write small paragraphs of supposedly motivating and inspiring bunkum.

Write as many paragraphs as possible. Don't be shy, repeat the same point over and over again until you bring it home, then take it out again, then back home again. Step number five: Do not forget to throw in as many general statements as possible. All successful people say Everyone knows that This is it. Drink from it and quench everyone's thirst. Step number six: Include a step-by-step guide to something. The "step-by-step" part is irrelevant; the order doesn't matter.

Step number seven: Come up with an acronym, then design a method around it. Like, from the top of my head, the S. What is the mighty S. I'm glad you got that curiosity gene in you! Learn to identify people with the S. Step number eight: Tell people what to do. Step number nine: Go crazy with formatting. Bold, underline and italicize.

As Rose Taxtbeest says, "When you italicize words, you actually put pretty dresses on them. At the end of each chapter, no matter how short and irrelevant, present the reader with a quick summary. Then, add borders to that block of text. Whatever you said there has now become official and formal. That's it. There is a readership out there for every kind of hokum. View all 37 comments. Godfather Why do you care when the text is so true You Why do you care when the text is so true Your arguments about "tell people what to do " blah blah are funny but stupid.

You don't deserve to rate the book with so much bias! I finished this book a couple of days ago Now I'm stuck at work, and have to type this out on my IPad which is not the fa I finished this book a couple of days ago Now I'm stuck at work, and have to type this out on my IPad which is not the fastest way to type, so that's annoying.

Customers keep coming up, wanting to download something Like majority of the human race, I have some procrastination issues,. This book is full of great common sense tools to get yourself to do what you'd rather not do. Basically what you need to do is make lists. On the top of that list you put the thing you would rather avoid doing the most. This would be your "Frog". Then do that thing first, or eat that frog This book is geared toward the work environment, specificity office type work, which is not what I do.

I draw people for a living from life , so when the author wrote about picking out the most difficult thing you would all day to do first, I imagined picking out the screaming two year old from the crowd first, followed by the stumbleing drunk View all 22 comments. Nov 25, Alicia rated it liked it.

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

I read this book and I think its not bad. It is full of useful tools and tips to get you to stop procrastinating. But there are better books out there. It's not really famous.. It addresses the core experiences and perceptions that cause procrastination to begin with. I give 3 stars to Eat That Frog because the author seems to have put in a lot of effort. View 2 comments. Nothing revolutionary, but a good and quick recap of the things we need to do to get stuff done. The key premise is that if we ate a live frog first thing in the morning, everything else would be easy compared to that.

It's a good reminder to concentrate on the most important task instead of getting mired down in the smaller, unimportant ones. The author gives 21 steps to getting things done: Set the table spend some time writing out your goals for year, month and week. Prioritize those and Nothing revolutionary, but a good and quick recap of the things we need to do to get stuff done.

Prioritize those and concentrate on the most important ones. Plan your day in advance on paper. Consider the consequences of what you choose to work on. ABCDE method. Organize your tasks by value a,b,c Focus on key result areas. Obey the law of forced efficiency. Prepare thoroughly. The 6Ps: If you're Rob Lowe you can use the 7Ps ;p.

Do your homework! If you're not improving, you're getting worse. Leverage your talents. Identify your key constraints. Take it one barrel at a time baby steps. Put pressure on yourself. Maximize personal powers. Select the key times of the day when you are most productive and work on your tasks at those times. Motivate yourself be your own cheerleader. Practice creative procrastination. You're not going to be able to get everything done so put off the less important tasks.

Do the most difficult task first eat that frog.

Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

Slice and dice your tasks. Break your tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks. Create large blocks of time to get your work done.

Develop a sense of urgency. Single-handle every task. View all 7 comments. May 29, Donna added it. Think on paper. Write down your goals, set deadlines, list steps to achieve goals, organize steps into a plan by priority and sequence, do something every day on your highest-impact goal. Do now: Pick your highest-impact goal, set a deadline, make a plan, take action. Make a master list of everything you want to do, make a list for the coming month, make a list for the coming week and for the next day.

When planning a project, list all the steps and organize them by priority an Think on paper. When planning a project, list all the steps and organize them by priority and sequence. Don't clear up small tasks first.

Think long term: What can I and only I do that will make a real difference? What is the most valuable use of my time right now? Work on the most valuable task right now. Outsource, delegate, eliminate. Abandon activities that aren't contributing to goals. ABCDE tasks: A tasks are high priority, B tasks must be done eventually, C tasks might be nice, D tasks can be delegated, E tasks should be eliminated.

Determine your key result areas. Grade your performance in each area.

Eat That Frog: Brian Tracy Explains the Truth About Frogs | Brian Tracy

Make a plan to improve in the areas where you're worst. List the three most important goals in: Spend quality time at work and quantity time at home. Prepare your workspace and get on with the job. Take it one step at a time. Never stop learning. Read in your field one hour each day. Take courses and seminars. Listen to audio programs in your car. What are you good at?

What do you do easily and well that is difficult for other people? Looking back at your career, what has been most responsible for your success in life and work to date? What have been the most significant frogs you have eaten in the past? What is it that you do that gets you the most compliments and praise from other people?

What do you do that positively affects the work and performance of other people more than anything else? Identify what is holding you back, what is the limiting factor. Determine the constraint that is most impeding your progress toward your most important goal. Create your own deadlines. Take care of your health: Practice positive self talk. Positive mental attitude: Don't become addicted to technology. Turn off technology for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.

Take a day off each week from keeping in touch with the world through technology. Break down tasks in order to feel good about making progress.

Swiss cheese: Schedule blocks of time and eliminate distractions. Build up momentum as you work fast. Create your own sense of urgency. Do it now! Back to work!

When you are given a task or responsibility, take care of it quickly and report back fast. Don't be stopping and starting your task. Nov 05, Heidi The Reader rated it really liked it Shelves: Brian Tracy gives simple and easily acted-upon suggestions for stream lining and maximizing your productivity. The title itself, Eat That Frog!

If you do whatever that is first the frog , in the morning when you're at your most energetic and before anything else distracts you, then at least you can say you got something done today. Most everything else will seem almost easy by comparison At first, I thought all of the ideas in this book sounded almost too simple. But as the short audiobook continued, it became more clear just why Tracy is considered one of the leaders in his field of expertise.

Taken altogether, this book gives someone the tools to turn their life around if they're in a bad place or take them to the next level, if they're already on their way. It's not just about learning tools to boost your efficiency, it's also about discovering what you do best and then prioritizing doing THAT to the best of your ability.

The most intriguing idea in here, to me, was "practice creative procrastination". As we couldn't possibly get everything done that we ever have to do in one day, by doing the things that MUST get done, you can procrastinate on the things that won't sink the ship if they're left undone. You're doing things, yet not doing things and feeding the inner procrastinator.

It's like having your cake and eating it too. I'm not a big procrastinator. What I am is a collector of ideas and methods. I'm always open to improving myself or the way that I do things. In fact, I can be too gung-ho when it comes to implementing some of the ideas I read in self-help books.

For example, a couple years ago I changed my life through "the magic of tidying up" and was so successful at removing the knick-knacks littering the house that my husband thought I was moving out. But seriously, I can take things to the extreme. So, I'm encouraged that this book mainly consists of writing lists, scheduling and prioritizing tasks.

That shouldn't freak out the hubby.

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