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6 days ago CCNA 4 Final Exam Answers version v - % Full, CCNA 4 Connecting Networks. New Questions updated latest pdf. CCNA 4 Chapter 1 Exam Answers v v v v v Questions Answers % Update - - PDF Free Download. We will update answers for you in the shortest time. .. CCNA 1 – Final Exam. CCNA. CCNA 4 R&S: Connecting Networks Final Exam Answers PDF. CCNA 4 R&S: Connecting Networks Final Exam Answers PDF.

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Ccna 4 Final Exam Answers Pdf

CCNA v Exam Answers PDF NET Exam Answers CCNA 1 v5. The serial interface on Router2 is down.5/21/ CCNA 4 Final Exam – Connecting. CCNA 4 Final Exam – Connecting Networks (Version ) _ CCNA5 Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd CCNA v Exam Answers PDF. View Test Prep - CCNA 4 Final Exam Answers (v+v) - Connecting Networks - from NETWORK at Chile.

How to find: If you have the new question on this test, please comment Question and Multiple-Choice list in form below this article. We will update answers for you in the shortest time. Thank you! We truly value your contribution to the website. For this small office, an appropriate connection to the Internet would be through a common broadband service called Digital Subscriber Line DSL , available from their local telephone service provider. With so few employees, bandwidth is not a significant problem. If the company were bigger, with branch offices in remote sites, private lines would be more appropriate. Virtual Private Networks would be used if the company had employees who needed to connect to the company via Internet. When traveling employees need to connect to a corporate email server through a WAN connection, the VPN will create a secure tunnel between an employee laptop and the corporate network over the WAN connection. Sharing files among separate buildings on a corporate campus is accomplished through the LAN infrastructure.

A high-level redundancy at the access layer may be better implemented if the number of connected devices is know. The complexity of networking infrastructure will vary according to the number of connected devices. Choose two. Only a single NCP is allowed between the two routers. NCP terminates the link when data exchange is complete.

With CHAP authentication, the routers exchange plain text passwords. LCP tests the quality of the link.

CCNA v5. Which command can the administrator use to see the total number of active NAT translations and the number of addresses that are allocated from the NAT pool? Choose three. Public key encryption is a type of asymmetric encryption.

There is an incorrect wildcard mask statement for network AES is an example of an asymmetric encryption protocol. What is the probable cause of this problem? What component is needed by the sales staff to establish a remote VPN connection?

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The A network administrator is troubleshooting the OSPF network. The serial interface on Router2 is down. The same encryption keys must be manually configured on each device. Assign the serial interfaces to the multilink bundle.

CCNA 4 Final Exam Answers 2018 (v5.0.3+v6.0) - Connecting Networks - copia.pdf

Remote access VPNs support the needs of telecommuters and mobile users. Client software is usually required to be able to access the network. Enable PPP encapsulation on the multilink interface. End users are not aware that VPNs exists. Bind the multilink bundle to the Fast Ethernet interface. PAP Characteristics uses two-way handshake single challenge weak authentication clear text passwords CHAP Characteristics uses three-way handshake repeated challenges strong authentication encrypted passwords 12 Which command can be used to check the information about congestion on a Frame Relay link?

CCNA 4 Connecting Networks v - CN Final Exam Answers

A site-to-site VPN must be preconfigured. The broadcast keyword has not been issued. After the configurtation is completed. The ACL is referencing the wrong network address. A web browser must be installed on the host. An administrator is configuring NAT to provide Internet access to the inside network.

What is the cause of the problem? The inside and outside interfaces are backwards. What is missing from the configuration that would be preventing OSPF routing updates from passing to the Frame Relay service provider?

The command to disable split horizon has not been issued. The host must be connected to wired network. What is the name given to this type of connection?

A network administrator has implemented the configuration in the displayed output. The PPP link will be closed down if the link quality drops below 70 percent. There are 4 hops between this device and the device at The connectivity between these two hosts allows for videoconferencing calls. R1 config-if encapsulation ppp R1 config-if ppp quality 70 What is the effect of these commands? The NCP will send a message to the sending device if the link usage reaches 70 percent. This host does not have a default gateway configured.

There is connectivity between this device and the device at The PPP link will not be established if more than 30 percent of options cannot be accepted. On the basis of the output. What kind of NAT is being configured on R1?

The physical circuits of the Frame Relay network are shared between subscribers and there may be times when unused bandwidth is available. Bursting is enabled by the configuration of multiple subinterfaces on one physical interface.

The MIB organizes variables in a flat manner. Outside global — not scored — Outside local Inside global — not scored — Inside local 27 What is the default location for Cisco routers and switches to send critical logging events? The MIB structure for a given device includes only variables that are specific to that device or vendor.

It allows sites to use private IPv4 addresses. The download and upload rates are the same. The user can select the upload and download rates based on need. To troubleshoot the problem. The download rate is faster than the upload rate. The snmp-server location command is missing.

Which three subinterface commands could be used to complete the configuration? The following commands were issued: It allows sites to use private IPv6 addresses and translates them to global IPv6 addresses. The snmp-server community command needs to include the rw keyword. There is a problem with the ACL configuration. Which three Windows CLI commands and utilities will provide the necesary information? The upload rate is faster than the download rate.

When testing the connectivity. Traffic is allocated bandwidth across a single wire based on preassigned time slots. Which three events will occur as a result of the configuration shown on R1? For multiple occurrences of the same error.

Messages that are sent to the syslog server will be limited to levels 3 and higher. What will be the inside global address of packets from PC-A after they are translated by R1? The lead network engineer confirms connectivity between users in the branch office.

The server administrator in the branch office should reconfigured the DHCP server. System logs indicate that nothing has changed in the branch office network. Data capacity across a single link increases as bits from multiple sources are transmitted using interleaved slices of time.

What should the engineer consider next to resolve this network outage? The network technician for the branch office should troubleshoot the switched infrastructure. The service provider for the branch office should troubleshoot the issue starting from the point of demarcation. What technology can the administrator use to accomplish this task?

It ensures that the data is coming from the correct source. What kind of information should network engineers check to find out if this situation is part of a normal network behavior? It ensures that the data has not changed while in transit.

It ensures that the data cannot be duplicated and replayed to the destination. GRE is a secure tunneling protocol that was designed for Cisco routers. H2 and H3 can ping H4 and H5. Which two types of WAN infrastructure would meet the requirements? It enables bidirectional communications over one pair of copper cables.

It can be used in long-range communications, like connections between ISPs. Which two WAN technologies are more likely to be used by a business than by teleworkers or home users? The security policy in a company specifies that the staff in the sales department must use a VPN to connect to the corporate network to access the sales data when they travel to meet customers.

What component is needed by the sales staff to establish a remote VPN connection? A corporation is searching for an easy and low cost solution to provide teleworkers with a secure connection to headquarters. Which solution should be selected? How many DS0 channels are bundled to produce a 1. Refer to the exhibit. Which type of Layer 2 encapsulation used for connection D requires Cisco routers?

Which three statements are true about PPP? Choose three.