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International Driver's License Application online Road Traffic Signs in India. Mandatory/Regulatory Signs. Stop. Give way. No entry. Straight. Road Traffic Signs Recognition Chart. STOP. GIVE WAY. NO ENTRY. PEDESTRIAN. PROHIBITED. RIGHT TURN. PROHIBITED. LEFT TURN. PROHIBITED. All material and graphics produced in this publication are for illustrative purposes only. The list of all road signs is indicative, it is not exhaustive and for full.

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Indian Traffic Signs Pdf

Traffic and Road Safety Signs in India - Know about the different symbols and rules for road safety and traffic including mandatory, informatory. Different types of traffic signs are regulatory signs, warning signs and informatory signs. Diamond shape signs are not generally used in India. 3. Legend: This. It is necessary to follow all the traffic rules and regulations and therefore you need to have an understanding of traffic signs and traffic symbols.

The rule about giving way at a Stop sign is described Example 18 and Give Way When you are faced with a Give Way sign, you must slow down and, if necessary, stop your vehicle in order to Give Way. The rule about giving way at a Give Way sign is described Example Speed Limit Speed limit signs have a distinctive red circle with a black number indicating the speed limit in kilometres per hour. Different speed limits and where they apply are described. These apply when the sign is illuminated, or during the time stated on the sign, or at all times if no time is shown. Warning Signs These signs warn you that you are approaching an unexpected, hazardous or unusual feature on the road ahead. They will help you to drive and ride with care - taking appropriate action when you see the signs will assist courtesy and safety on the roads. Some warning signs on curves and bends have safe speed advice signs mounted below them to tell you the maximum safe speed at which the bend or group of bends can be negotiated under good driving conditions. Hazard marker signs also warn you of risks on the road. They also direct you to services such as emergency telephones, caravan parks, off-street parking and information bays. Temporary Signs Temporary signs are erected to warn you of road works or other temporary hazards on the road, such as loose stones, detours and closed lanes.

This article is intended to create awareness among the health professionals about the various modalities available to prevent road accidents and also to inculcate a sense of responsibility toward spreading the message of road safety as a good citizen of our country.

Keywords: Road accidents, road safety, preventive measures Introduction Motorization has enhanced the lives of many individuals and societies, but the benefits have come with a price. Although the number of lives lost in road accidents in high-income countries indicate a downward trend in recent decades, for most of the world's population, the burden of road-traffic injury—in terms of societal and economic costs—is rising substantially.

Road Traffic Signs

Not a day passes without RTA happening in the roads in India in which countless number of people are killed or disabled. Often members of the whole family are wiped out. Those who are affected or killed are mostly people in their prime productive age. The highest burden of injuries and fatalities is borne disproportionately by poor people, as they are mostly pedestrians, cyclists, and passengers of buses and minibuses.

China has managed to reduce the number of road deaths from over , to 90, or so, and in India the situation has worsened. In India the situation is exacerbated by poor enforcement of traffic laws and myopic policies on the part of our policy makers.

Road signs in India

In the United States, which has close to million people and more than million vehicles, the number of deaths per 10, vehicles is 1. In comparison, China has a road fatality rate of about 5 with almost twice as many vehicles. Besides, in China, the fatality rate has seen a downward trend, while in India it is raising. During the same period, people were killed in the Chennai city roads out of accidents.

During over 12, people lost their lives in the State, while in Chennai city alone people died. During , Tamil Nadu has reported maximum number 64, of road accidents accounting for During , a total of 13, persons were killed out of 55, accidents [ Table 1 ].

Now Tamil Nadu seems to be topping the list of most number of road accidents happening in the Country with Chennai city having the deadliest roads among India's six metropolises. On an average, 35 persons die in road mishaps every day in Tamil Nadu while it is about 2 persons per day in the Chennai city. Most drivers continue to be acting like maniacs in a tearing hurry and error in judgment often leads to major accidents.

Reckless driving, over speeding, decline to follow traffic rules, and drunken driving are main reasons for road accidents. Drunken Driving Drunken driving is one of the major causes of road accidents. The statistics also show that most of the road accidents in the highways are due to drunken driving only. Globally, some , deaths and 20 million of people get injured by drunken driving every year. Private car owners and youngsters are also major players in the game.

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Small bars along the Indian highways are of prime concern to control drunken driving. India has laws to check the drunken driving but its effective implementation is still to be worked upon. The increasing number of traffic accidents due to a diminished driver's vigilance level has become a serious problem for society.

Furthermore, accidents related to driver's hypo-vigilance are more serious than other types of accidents, since sleepy drivers often do not take correct action prior to a collision. For every one killed, injured, or disabled by RTA, there are countless others deeply affected by the cost of prolonged medical care, loss of a family bread winner, or the extra funds needed to care for the people with disabilities.

RTA survivors, their families, friends, and other care givers often suffer adverse social, physical, and psychological effects. RTA injures or disables between 20 million and 50 million people a year. RTA ranks as the 11th leading cause of death and accounts for 2.

The most vulnerable road users are pedestrians, cyclists, two-wheeler riders, and passengers on public transport. RTA injuries are becoming the third largest contributor to the global burden of diseases by It is estimated that every year RTA costs billions of rupees globally and nationally. An RTA injury puts significant strain on health care budgets.

A wide range of effective road safety interventions exist and a scientific system approach to road safety is essential to tackle the problem. This approach should address the traffic system as a whole and look into interactions between vehicle, road users, and road infrastructure to identify solution. Vehicles Well-maintained vehicles with good breaks, lighting, tyres etc. Older vehicles and highly polluting vehicles should be phased out.

My Licence - The Driver's Handbook - Signs

Vehicles should be provided with seat belts and other necessary safety provisions like airbags. Condition of roads Roads should be well maintained with frequent relaying of road surfaces and markings of road safety signs.

Provide proper footpaths for pedestrians and pedestrian crossings at intersections.

Provide separate lanes for slow-moving and fast-moving vehicles. Roads and junctions should be wide and well lit so that visibility is good. Human factor Drivers can significantly contribute to reducing the accidents. Issuing of the driving license should be strictly based on the minimum proficiency acquired by the learners from designated driving schools.

Minimum qualifications should be fixed for different categories of drivers. All drivers should be properly trained and should posses a valid driving license. Educate the drivers and traveling public about traffic rules. Carry out periodic medical checkup especially vision and hearing for the drivers. Training on first aid should be compulsory along with heath education and traffic education for the general public to prevent accidents.

Indiscriminate honking to be avoided, except as a means of greeting or in dire emergencies.

These signs have got the very prominent role to play in the traffic system and they are made for the safety of people. According to the congress of Indian Roads, these signs and Traffic symbols have been categorized into 3 different categories. Speed Limit Speed limits would be varying in various states and it can be accordingly to the vehicles as well. Guidelines People are recommended to keep their pockets in rear pocket and never in their trouser or rear pockets.

It is well known today that the internalization of road guidelines and road self-discipline by the motorists is a crucial precondition f Read More Indian Traffic Rules and Signs Basic Rules of the Road There are certain rules that have been prepared for the benefit of people and the idea of preparing these rules is not that they should be understood by the drivers, but it should also be understood by the cyclists, pedestrians and other people.

Where a pedestrian crossing is provided, the stop line is marked before the pedestrian crossing. These are continuous lines at the edge of the carriageway and mark the limits of the main carriageway upto which a driver can safely venture. A solid continuous yellow line painted on the kerb or edge of the carriageway along with a "No-parking" sign indicates the extent of no-parking area.

The vehicles should cross it only if they have a clear space available ahead of the yellow box.

In this marked area vehicles must not stop even briefly. Pedestrian Crossings These are alternate black and white stripes painted parallel to the road generally known as zebra crossing. Pedestrians must cross only at the point where these lines are provided and when the signal is in their favour at controlled crossings.

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