Ingenieria de software orientada a objetos alfredo weitzenfeld pdf


Weitzenfeld, A., , Ingeniería de Software Orientada a Objetos con UML, Java e Object-Oriented Technology. Software Development Process. Ingeniería de software orientada a objetos con UML, Java e Internet. A Weitzenfeld. Thomson / Cengage, *, Behavioral models of the praying. ALFREDO WEITZENFELD RIDEL Director de los Laboratorios de Robótica y Weitzenfeld, A., , Ingeniería de Software Orientada a Objetos con UML.

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Ingenieria De Software Orientada A Objetos Alfredo Weitzenfeld Pdf

Ingenieria de software orientada a objetos con UML, Java e Internet/ Software Java and Internet Object (Spanish Edition) [Alfredo Weitzenfeld] on "Desarrollo de Software Orientado a Objetos." Ingeniería de Software Orientada a Objetos con UML, Java e Internet. Alfredo Weitzenfeld. Mexico City: Cengage. La programación Orientada a objetos (POO) es una forma especial de . utiliza para definir un sistema de software, para detallar los artefactos en el sistema y Este esquema permite el desarrollo de ingeniería Autor: Alfredo Weitzenfeld.

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Web developers have had to adapt to the existing development environments, which are sometimes complicated and difficult to understand; some of these need some training previous to their use [1], [2]; and some others are very expensive [1].

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A similar problem can be found in some undergraduate degrees, in which there are courses where students are introduced to web site development and the use of graphical tools. This is the case of two undergraduate degrees at our faculty: Design, and Information Technologies and Systems, in which students take courses where they are required to create web pages, such as Web Design, Web Pages Development, Web Programming, etc.

This tool has been created not only for web developers, but also to support teaching activities in courses related to web programming. Santos, J. Chimal, L. Cabrera, E. The work presented in this paper is based on the initial architecture described in [3].

The rest of the paper is organized as follows. Section 2 presents some existing tools that are relevant to this development; mainly related to code generators by conceptual models, and generators by edition.

Section 3 describes the architecture of the online tool, its modules and their functionality. The web user interface of the tool and its components are presented in section 4.

Some examples of web pages generated with Web Page Generator are presented in section 5. Finally, section 6 provides conclusions and future work. Some others also generate HTML code, but also allow restructuring the data that is the source of the web page, the generation by conceptual models or customization, and modification from web pages already generated. Given the different objectives of these code generators, they are classified in two types: 1 generators by conceptual models or customization; and 2 generators by edition.

The following sections present these types of generators, as well as the problems in these areas. This is the case of the Web Interface Development Environment WIDE [6], which provides automatic generation of web content, starting from a conceptual model.

To facilitate the construction of web content, this tool incorporates a layers system, which allows the visualization of control and its functionality; and also has a zoom system to increase the level of detail in the production of content.

This application offers a set of online software tools that help the designer in the navigation of a web application, using the UWA methodology [8]. GIWA is another tool based on conceptual models, which provides a generator of adaptive web applications [9]. Its main objective is to facilitate the design and automatic generation of web interfaces through several levels, which go from functionality to presentation.

The administration goes from the web site presentation to the modification of its source data. Nakano [10] developed a tool that edits a web site based on a bidirectional transformation, with an upgrade system called Vu-X.

This way, users modify directly the web page, without the need of accessing the database; Advances in Computing Science 25 and the result is shown automatically in the database using the bidirectional transformation language Bi-X [11]. Dido does not need installation because it works on browsers; this way author documents can share information and at the same time edit it according to their needs.

It is limited to certain functionality, such as create, read, update, and delete. These languages are part of a family of languages based on XML, which allow describing the information contained in an XML document, and transform it or format it, in order to be presented in a digital media.

XSLbyDemo is based mainly in insertions, modifications, copies and elimination of rules that are defined in the file. The generation of that file is carried out through the Document Object Model DOM for accessing and manipulating the objects contained in it. DOM is an application programming interface that provides a standard set of objects to represent XML and HTML documents; it is a standard model to access and manipulate these objects.

When the user finishes editing the web page, the result is a set of files with the programming code of the technologies mentioned. In the following sections it will be described the modules that are part of this tool.

The online tool uses a client-server architecture, which is shown in Figure 1. The client side is composed of two blocks: the user interface, and the modules that support it; while the server side is composed of the code generators for HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and the module for generating files.

The rest of this section provides a detailed explanation of the components of this architecture. Web Page Generator client-server architecture. The second block involves a set of components for the web interface, such as the creation bar, the work area, and the component for the generated documents.

The first block is described in the following paragraphs. HTML Module. This module works on the client side. The user of the tool can place HTML elements on the work area, through the creation bar. This module is also in charge of administering the attributes of the elements used. CSS Module. This module works mainly on the client side, but it also has part of its functionality on the server side.

It also stores a data structure for the styles created, which are then used for the generation of the code. The tool is able to apply CSS styles at three different levels: 1 Class level allows creating a CSS class, defining attributes and values, and applying that class to any element; 2 Ele- Advances in Computing Science 27 ment level allows applying a style to all the elements of the same type on the work area for example, all div elements on the work area ; 3 Element id level allows defining a style for a unique element, which is the element selected on the work area.


JavaScript Module. The functionality of this module is on the client side. It allows providing the validation for HTML input elements, where the validation of such elements can be seen instantly on the work area. These blocks are described below. Code Generators.

The aim of the data structure is to contain, modify or delete all the CSS style information. File Generator Module.

The functionality of this module is divided in two steps. In the second step, once the tool has loaded in memory all the code from the three code generators, it applies the format and constructs all the necessary files. It then takes the created files and zips them; finally, a link is returned to the web user interface, where the files generated can be downloaded. These components are described in this section. Creation Bar 1.

This bar shows all the HTML elements that can be placed on the work area.

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Advances in Computing Science

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