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KettleWorx 6 Week Body Transformation Schedule - Bing Images. Workout Schedule Template – 10+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Format Download! |. Where can I get the Workout Schedule PDF? Shawn Wood to KettleWorx. January 3, · Woodbury, MN ·. Where can I get the Workout Schedule PDF?. kettleworx workout schedule pdf. download. Table of Contents; Details. Kettleworx Workout Schedule Pdf. Get notified when Kettleworx Workout Schedule Pdf is.

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Kettleworx Workout Schedule Pdf

KettleWorx Fat Free in 42 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read 10 minutes into the routine he was on his hands and knees. he was smiling!. KettleWorx is a six-week workout program that promises results by exercising . I tried to stick to the schedule of working out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I bought kettleworx off of CL for short money. Does anyone have an idea of what the order of the workouts is supposed to be? I've been poking.

The author is not a medical doctor. The authors and publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any of the information contained in this manual. No health claims are made for this guide. The user assumes all risk for any injury. If you have been sedentary and are unaccustomed to vigorous exercise. If you have diabetes. The use of diet and nutrition to control metabolic disorders and disease is a very complicated science. Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet. The purpose of this guide is to help healthy people reach their cosmetic fitness goals by educating them in proper nutrition while using the KettleWorx Program. RD for your special nutrition program. This nutrition and exercise guide will not help cure.

Sure enough Rick came back, but his smile was gone. I told him, the worst is over and you will probably feel stiff for the first week, but it only gets better from this point. We did the workout warm up and Rick said Wow, my muscle soreness has gone away. This warming up is really good.

Rick was able to complete the full 20 minute workout without stopping due to starting and performing at a slower pace during the exercises, as opposed to going full speed on the first 2 exercises and burning himself out. We stretched and Rick still couldnt bend over and touch his knees, not even close. Week 6, Workout 18 Rick walked into my gym wearing brand new super stylin Nike gym clothes and Rick standing at the summit of shoes.

He looked strong, lean, confident, had a new bounce in his step and gave off Mt. Killimanjaro after climbing a very positive energy. Rick had memorized the warm up and said was even doing over vertical feet daily, it the morning before work as an energy boost.

KettleWorx 6 Week Transformation

He started the workout fast and went full speed for a full 20 minutes just like he was in his 20s. He was hardly breathing heavy and I only saw a few beads of sweat, so we added another 20 minutes as a bonus challenge.

Then it was time to stretch. Ricks Fitness Test results from his return visit to the Doctor. Rick was so happy with the results that he committed to another 6 weeks of KettleWorx workouts with me.

Rick became a top ranked player at his tennis club, Test still had a beer afterwards with the guys, but ate a healthy breakfast and made Strength smart food choices at restaurants, bought KettleBells and KettleWorx DVDs for his Abs Flexibility 2x So, are you ready to lose weight WEEK 2: Your energy levels throughout the day will increase considerably and you will generally feel better.

WEEK 4: Once you finish and the exercise endorphins really kick in. At this point. Decide right now to take action. When you focus just on results.

A small serving of dark chocolate is permitted as a once a day dessert. The 6 dangers of excess refined white sugar consumption: It can contribute to the development of numerous types of cancer. Eliminate potato chips. Suppresses the immune system. It is a major contributing factor to gaining hard to lose body fat. As you can see from this list. If you focus on change then you will see results.

Contributes to the development of diabetes. Depletes the body of important minerals. Increases the bad LDL cholesterol. Fiber from salads binds to excess fat and carries it out of the body.

Take a trip on your time machine to 1 year down the road. Salads also help you to feel more full and therefore eat less. Each morning upon awaking.

Believe in yourself and know your self-discipline and character will lead to a lifelong healthy and strong body. Fiber Fat Burn. This Fiber Fat Burn process improves your body shape and will also add quality years to your life. Eat 1 dark leafy green and vegetable salad everyday for lunch or dinner.

Look closely at your future body and health: Lets do this together! Your actions will take you to either outcome. Always remember that seemingly small daily actions will lead you to dreadful consequences or wonderful successes. Your Destiny relies on your Character — each day.

Recognize that these times of temptation or laziness are Your Challenge is to limit alcohol consumption to drinks easily reversible and offer you the greatest opportunities to per week. You have adopted a specific comfort level when it comes to your discipline towards exercise and nutrition. When alcohol is in your system. Quitting is Permanent. The body has no storage capacity for alcohol.

Will transforming my mental attitude benefit me in achieving my goals faster? Department of Agriculture: Am I getting closer to my goals?

According to the U. Just like a TV channel changer.

Kettleworx Calendar Pdf | viemenloter

For the next 7 days. Do I have Fatitude or Ripatude right now? If necessary. Excess Cheese consumption is the number-one source of artery-clogging fat in North American diets.

Cheese is everywhere: Just Say No to Cheese on sandwiches. Review this list. The secret is to not Water is also essential to the fat burning process. When you water the plant again. Your order to survive. Water is required for joint lubrication. When this water retention occurs. If Your skin dries up and muscles feel you absolutely have to have coffee or herbal tea. Every physiological process in your body takes place in water or depends on water. Only drink water this week. How much should you drink?

Keep a water bottle with you at all times. Without adequate water. If dehydrated. Water is the most abundant nutrient in your body. Without water. With each setback. Thomas Edison failed Think of a baby learning to walk.

Kettle Worx 6 Week Program

You are pushing yourself to the limits and you will become healthier. Your Motivation Challenge is to ask yourself and answer the questions below: Can you list 3 setbacks you have experienced today or over the past 4 weeks?

You have to crawl before you can walk. If you have failed during your KettleWorx program. They may fall many times. Never let the temporary setbacks discourage you. You have just turned a seemingly discouraging failure into an educational and personally empowering experience.

Have you ever felt like giving up during a workout. This week. Order a flavored tea for dessert instead of getting the cake you feel like eating. Have you ever felt like being lazy. Your Diet Challenge is to eliminate breads. Even though you feel comfortabl e in bed. By eliminating starchy carbs after lunch and in the evening. Eat the right foods. Have you ever felt like eating something. This equals major Fat Gain! During sleep. Chronic sleepiness makes physical activity unlikely and causes hormonal disturbances.

If you are sleep deprived. Replace mayonnaise-based condiments with low fat yogurt and salad dressings with healthy home made recipes. The decrease in leptin brought on by sleep deprivation can result in a constant feeling of hunger and a general slow-down of your metabolism.

The past 5 weeks you have been breaking system.

The hormone ghrelin. The purpose of ghrelin is the exact opposite of leptin: It tells your brain when you need to eat. To ensure a restful sleep. How to make it 1.

Whisk hot pepper sauce, 2 tablespoons vinegar and cayenne pepper in a medium bowl. Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Grill the turkey tenders 3 to 4 minutes per side. Add to the bowl with the hot sauce; toss to coat well. Whisk mayonnaise, yogourt, pepper and the. Stir in blue cheese.

To assemble wraps: Lay a tortilla on a plate. Spread on 1 tablespoon blue cheese sauce and top with one-fourth of the turkey, lettuce, celery and tomato. Drizzle with some of the hot sauce remaining in the bowl and roll into a wrap sandwich.

Heat margarine and oil in rectangular 13x9x2 inch pan in the oven at degrees until margarine is melted. Stir in remaining ingredients except chicken. Place chicken, meaty side down, in pan, turning to coat with herb mixture. Cook uncovered 30 minutes. Turn chicken; cook until thickest pieces are done,about 30 minutes longer.

Spoon the marinade over the chicken and leave to 1 c whole or crushed-berry cranberry sauce not jellied marinate for 30 minutes. Use turkey leftovers or download sliced turkey breast 4 tbsp chopped fresh mint from the deli. Top with sweet potato slices. Place slices on a plate. Makes 4 servings Thanksgiving on a roll.


Slash the chicken flesh at intervals with a sharp knife. Heat gravy in a small saucepan until hot. Divide turkey into 4 equal portions and place on the bottom half of rolls. Sprinkle with remaining mint. Line the grill pan with foil and cook the chicken under a moderately hot grill How to make it until thoroughly cooked and golden brown.

Mix the lime or lemon juice. Split rolls in half and pour 2 tbsp gravy on each half and sprinkle sage on top. Spread cranberry sauce over the top half of rolls. Mix together all ingredients except wraps and the accompaniments. Accompaniments 6 lettuce leaves. Add tuna salad and garnish with a sprig of parsley. Season with salt and pepper. Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over low heat. Cook beans in a large pot of boiling salted water until 3 tbsp reduced-calorie mayonnaise 2 tbsp Salsa or picante sauce just tender.

Refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Add ground black pepper to taste nuts and cook. Line each wrap with a leaf of lettuce. Blend dressing ingredients in separate bowl and fold into chicken mixture. Cover and refrigerate at least 4 hrs before serving. Bring to a boil and add linguine. Combine first six ingredients in large bowl. Reduce heat. Good stuffed in ripe. In a saucepan. Add chicken strips. Remove from heat. Cut a 1-inch-thick slice off the top of each potato.

Cook eggs for about 10 minutes. Peel eggs and finely chop. Bake potatoes for 50 minutes. Toss to mix well then set aside. Serve hot. Spread on whole grain bread.

Combine onion. Mix until smooth. Mix in mayonnaise.

KettleWorx Fat Free in 42

Garnish with lettuce or sprouts optional. Stuff potato mixture into reserved shells. Mash potato pulp with yogurt. Turn breast-side up 4. I was loving it. Walking was painful for a few days but well worth the pain I hope!

These videos are sneaky because the next day!!!!! I felt every muscle in my core!! It is definitely a good feeling! Week 1 DVD 3 Resistance Level 1: I did this after dinner last night which was great because it helped me push myself a little bit harder than usual to work off extra calories. Make no mistake my body was shaking all over and I used my muscles but the workout seemed easier for me which is exciting. My body feels like it had a good workout but I am in no pain!!

I am loving this workout! There was a feeling of accomplishment. I was getting a little cocky about my progress. I am hoping that for the rest of this trial it will only get easier and less painful. I could go through the entire video will less shakiness and sweating. It was more fun and I felt more comfortable with the routine.

I still felt worked out and there was still considerable shakiness but the next day and the following days I was good.

I was wrong! I sweat just as much as the first time and it just as painful. My body was shaking and tired.

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