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Bhardwaj ji has uploaded Lal Kitab Ke Armaan (2nd edition http://fileho. com/download/c55df/ लाल किताब १९३९ (Lal Kitab Ke Farman ) - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Lal Kitab is a remedial system of astrology . This book was followed by another book in titled Samudrik Ki Lalkitab Ke Armaan. This book in it's introductory note advised the reader to read this book.

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Lal Kitab Ke Armaan Pdf

सामुद्रिक की लाल किताब के अरमान: Lal kitab ke Arman. Item Code: NZC Cover: Paperback. Edition: Publisher: Sagar Publications. Lal Kitab Ke Farman, (Ilm Samudrik Ki Lal Kitab Ke Farman), , pages; Lal Kitab Ke Arman (Ilm Samudrik Ki Lal Kitab Ke Arman), , pages. Translator of Lal Kitab Gutka (Hindi) and author of Mantra Mahima,. Tantra Mahima .. Chand Joshi brought out its several issues titled “Lal Kitab Ke Arman” .

I congratulate all the group members for this new developement. Our group is grateful to SH. Yograj Prabhakar Ji and SH. Rajinder Bhatia ji for providing these manuscripts to all our group members. For the convenience of the group members the consolidated links for all the three books are given as followa: Our group members will be well ware that Nirmal ji already uploaded edition a few days back. Now three editions: Lal Kitab Ke Farmaan 2.

At that time, Hindi Language was spoken by Hindu women only, in Punjab. Males mostly were using Urdu and English and very rarely Hindi. Everyone was writing and reading Urdu. Urdu was the common-man language that time. This is the reason why Lal Kitab is written in Urdu so that common-man can understand it well.

Since, learned men were knowing Farsi, some Farsi words are also introduced in the Lal Kitab book at various places. Pandit Ji was very clever from the childhood. Apart from that, he had such an excellency that in the childhood only, he was able to tell about the owner of cattle just by seeing their forehead. After passing the Matric Exam, he got the knowledge of Palm-Reading on his own without learning anything. He was not seeing Kundali after sunset.

In this manner, he facilitated so many people in their various problems. Pandit Ji is one of the greatest astrologers of the history. Lal Kitab was his Action Field and it alone was his vision of life. The sole purpose of this group is to propagate the knowledge of Lal Kitab in the mankind with proper awareness and implications.

Lal Kitab and Remedies

As the name of the group suggests, all the members of this group are the students of Lal Kitab and will remain the same in the time to come. This group was originated on 15th January, The creation of this group is the result of their tireless efforts and thoughtfulness.

Last edition i. The Title of the book, transliteration of the contents as taken exactly from book: In translation, the title means "the edicts of Lalkitab.

लाल किताब १९३९ (Lal Kitab Ke Farman 1939)

It contains pages and reveals astrology rules known as Farmaans. The very basic guidelines of palmistry rely upon the shape of the palm and nails, but the rules covered in this book get into the shapes of the skull, forehead, feet and other parts of the body far removed from the hands. Each body part is connected to a planet and the book contained careful diagrams drawn out by the author.

Translation of above in English can be "Lalkitab ke armaan of samudrik - To make the horoscope with the help of lines of Palm and to know the conditions of life. There are Armaan presented throughout the book.

While still covering palmistry, this author combines those principles with ideas of the horoscope and planetary alignments. This is more of an advanced level book that introduces some new and quite unique concepts such as Masnooi Planets, or artificial planets.

Other new ideas presented include the adult and minor horoscopes and the Moon Chart.

Translation of above in English can be "Lalkitab teesra hissa based upon samudrik - To make the horoscope with the help of lines of Palm and to know the conditions of life. In the third book in the Lil Kitab series came out in a compact, pocket sized book.

It presents pictures of Gods and Goddesses that rule each of the planets. This even includes Mars Negative. The text was written in Urdu, but all in poetry. This is the concept of progression with the Annual Chart and Varshphal. The remedies of Lal Qitab were designed to protect against enemies, though it was never intended to cause those enemies any harm.

The goal is to remove obstacles that stand in the way of success and riches.

Lal Kitab and Remedies

It must be noted that Lal Kitab remedies cannot give anyone more fortune than is called for by Fate. It's all about achieving the maximum amount of success and fortune as possible. Translation of above in English shall be "Corrected Lalkitab based upon samudrik - To make the horoscope with the help of lines of Palm and to know the conditions of life.

This book was published in under the name Tarmeen Shuda Lal Kitab , which translates out to " modified Lal Kitab. It includes the main components of all previous books. Translation of above in English can be " Astrology Based upon Palmistry Lalkitab -To know the conditions of life with the help of the Jyotish that is based on Horoscope which is corrected with the help of palmistry.

The final book in the Lal Kitab series was published in This is the book that is intended when you hear most people talk about LalKitab.

Many people do not know about the other four books and believe this is all of Lal Kitab. In this book you can find remedies for different problems. There is also a chapter on making predictions and tables with the relatives of different planets. As you can see the last edition i. You can get more editions after becoming acquainted with Lal Kitab basics.

Translation of original Urdu editions are available in market. If you can read Urdu well, there can be nothing better than that. Go get the photocopies of original Urdu editions. But if you cannot, it becomes more difficult and depends upon which language you can read better. There are many new editions available on Lal Kitab. But few writers had changed the actual code of Lal Kitab.

Writers had edited Lal Kitab by themselves and now it has been changed as compare to the original. This is very necessary to avoid adverse effect of Lal Kitab. Some of them may look pretty weird especially in these modern times, but that is the way our religion is, inexplicable, occult yet overawing just by sheer magnitude of its diversity.

That it has rightly been termed as" The Wonder Book" of Astrology. The science of palmistry too has been explained in such an exquisite manner that each of the 42 divisions of the human brain have been related to the different houses of a man's birth chart in such a scientific manner that the sketch of the human brain reflects accurately on the lines of the palm.

There are quite a few astrology paddhatis prevalent in India today, they are all either elaborations or modifications upon the traditionally accepted Vedic astrology.

Across all these paddhatis the basic parameters are the same. They differ either in approach or emphasis , the aim being the same in all cases. The very first page of the book states the two purposes the Lal Kitab is meant for: Surprisingly the name of the author has not been mentioned in any of these editions , instead they carry the name of the publisher, shri Girdhari Lal Sharma and his photograph.

If it were an original work by any author, he definitely. There are so many myths and legends about this book that it is really very difficult to sieve out the facts. These myths seem to have been woven around the book to make it look divine or some thing out of this world.

Let me take them up one by one. Roop Chand Joshi and he did not put his name as an author because he was in Government service under the British. I do not understand why Joshi ji could not have put his name as an author.

The British might have been against writing seditious material but not a book on astrology. Even if that being true he could have used his name in the edition , there were no British then nor he was in service any longer. Never heard of dreams in installments and that too spreading over a period of twelve years.

Because that is what alone could justify five publications spread over a period of 12 or 13 years.

Not many takers for this fiction. This was an effort to make it appear as sacrosanct so that there could be no criticism or scientific evaluation of the book. This belief has done more harm than good to the book.

Well no body with a scientific frame of mind is going to believe that story either. It traveled back to India. This was an effort to get the book into the Samhita ranks , like other astrological samhitas in the name of rishis, while at the same time trying to justify the use of urdu and persian words. Not many people believe that either.

The fact is very simple: Every thing else about the book is irrelevant. All these books are available with some individuals or in the libraries. You have to bear in mind that this book is a result of collective wisdom of a society which had lived in isolation of the northern hills for centuries.

This tradition is still in use all the way from Kashmir to the Garhwal hills of Uttaranchal. You know the growth of Indo-European languages.

Whether a text is in the Vedic tradition or not will largely depend on how we interpret the word Vedic and what all is included in the word vedic. That is not true. Therefore the word vedic represents far more and far beyond than the word is taken to mean. Those who think that vedic means of veda or some thing that had been written in sanskrit are taking a very myopic view of the word.

Evaluating the Lal Kitab on these premises it would be evident that the Lal Kitab is very Indian and very often insists and instructs people to follow a very pious traditional way of life. No other book on astrology lays such a great emphasis on the piety of life as does the Lal Kitab. Very often the book instructs not to drink, eat meat, tell lies, give false evidence etc and emphasizes on caring for the parents, elderly, young girls, loving ones brothers and sisters.

Even goes on to insist on having good relationship with sasural [ in-laws ]. If all that above is not Indian or part of the centuries old Indian way of life, then what else it is. Therefore I consider that the Lal Kitab is very much a part of the Vedic tradition and values followed in India for centuries.

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