Mission to. Kala () by Mongo Beti. Digitalized by. RevSocialist for. SocialistStories. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Mission to Kala book. Read 23 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Medza is sent off to retrieve a villager's wife who has run off wit. "Having failed his examinations at college, Medza returns to his village in the Southern Cameroons in some trepidation. But to his surprise he finds that as a scholar (even a failed one) his prestige is immense. Mongo Beti ; Translated from the French by Peter Green.

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Mission to Kala by Mongo Beti One of the most important figures in modern African letters, Mongo Beti has been called &#x;francophone Africa&#x ;s. In Mission to Kala, Medza's colonial education makes him a privileged political and economic consequence of the situation depicted in Beti's Mission to Kala. The late Mongo Beti ( – ) ranks among Cameroon's foremost writers and Mission to Kala, although light-hearted and entertaining.

His western education makes him a hit with many, but also lays him open to exploitation by others. He, however, emerges from his adventure with a deeper sense of self and a certainty that he must deal with the real challenge in his life—his father. The hero and narrator is young Jean Marie Medza who has just failed his orals in the French Baccalaureat exam—an exam taken at the end of secondary education in the western system. Now he must return to his home village to face the wrath of his father with whom he has a difficult relationship. Medza is reluctant to get involved. He is also doubtful of success. Besides, others before him have failed to move the woman or her parents. Medza arrives in Kala to find that his quarry is not at home and is not expected for days. He settles down to wait and finds himself being treated exactly as he was warned. He is a natural tutor for the young boys and letter writer for the grown men who also compete to invite him to endless evening parties where he can display his wisdom.

I can imagine that these might be annoying to some readers. But for me they gave the story its wonderful flavor. Next, there is the earnestness of the main character, Mezda, in conflict with his willingness to just go along with things.

Mezda is a serious fellow. He has a lot on his mind But Mezda is always getting pulled left and right, getting dragged into situations that he is uncomfortable with, at least on the surface, by his cousin or others. In short, he seems to be quite confused.

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Although his confusion lessens as the story progresses. This was a little offsetting at first, but eventually I became interested in Mezda. Finally there are the insights the author gives us.

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Mission to Kala(by Mongo Beti)

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