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civil service exam pdf download with answer key Download it here! .. https:// Reply. Jhen says. The most effective and most updated Civil Service Exam reviewer PDF / ebook version with correct answers and solutions. Pass the CS exam in one take!. The complete Civil Service exam reviewer online is here. Civil Service or Career Service exam in the Philippines for Professional and Sub-professional level. If you are looking for the PDF and ebook version of this reviewer, download it below. concepts to correctly answer each subject covered in the Civil Service exam.

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Philippine Civil Service Exam Reviewer With Answer Key Pdf

Items 21 - 40 Answer Key and Tips for Civil Service Exam Reviewer PDF. Civil Service Exam Complete Reviewer Philippines Sentence Construction. Civil Service Exam Complete Reviewer Philippines Grammar and Correct Usage Sample Tests Instruction: Choose the correct answer for each question. Philippines'-Civil-Service-Professional-Reviewer-Answer-Key - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Civil Service Exam Philippine Uploaded by. Grace Ann C. Cañasarez · Part IV Philippines'.

PH Civil Service Reviewer for Professional and Subprofessional depedtambayan How to Pass the Civil Service Exam in the Philippines Remember, there's conjointly available exam for Sub-professional Career Service exam however i like to recommend you are taking the Professional level at once since you know you can anyway. Apply early before taking the exam. The Civil Service Commission perpetually posts their announcement for the dates of skilled and Sub-Professional examination schedule. They give exam twice or thrice a year. Apply early to avoid the rush and point in time. Review and refresh your data. The exam covers several topics and your sense and logic are going to be used such a lot. Besides, stressing and panicking would distract your mood. Go to the bathroom before the exam starts. They only enable an exact time for going out the room thus it's necessary to try to to your bathroom rituals before the take a look at starts. Remember, each second counts. Enjoy the quiz. It felt like taking part in Sudoku game within the ipad and reading some diary posts. Have some sweets whereas you are doing the quiz.

Invigorating 2. Discouraging 3. Exhilarating 4. Enervating 5. Some of the sentences in this section contain an error in grammar or correct usage. On your Answer sheet, shade completely the box that corresponds to that section of the sentence that contains the error.

If there is no error in the sentence, shade completely box number 5. A three-act play or a novel are to be read; a total of two hundred pages 1 2 of poetry—lyric, dramatic, or narrative—is also required of everyone. Accuracy of movement, like accuracy of words, are essential to 1 2 3 the success of magical rites.

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If anybody objects, let them think of a better scheme rather than make fun 1 2 3 of the proposed plan. In this modern age of today, most people are too highly educated 1 2 3 to believe in superstitions. The Labor Secretary will met representatives of the entertainment industry tomorrow 1 2 to discuss problems affecting the working conditions of Filipino workers abroad. Some people are simply too opportunities to take a stand 1 2 3 on controversial issues. We were discussing about political issues so her remarks 1 2 about clothes and fashion were completely beside the point.

The best consultants are those who can suggest 1 or apply an array of methods aim at helping their clients 2 understand a situation, diagnose it, and 3 act accordingly under a given situation. We were touch by his generosity when he obviously could ill afford 1 2 3 to be so generous.

Maaaring umabot sa sandaang taon ang buhay ng isang tao 1 2 kung gugustuhin at susundan lamang ang mga positibong saloobin. I use to take a short siesta every afternoon after lunch. Read each of the following sentences carefully, then choose which among the several choices in each group is expressed most satisfactorily in terms of grammar and correct usage. On your sheet, shade completely the box that corresponds to your answer.

Plumbers who work efficiently from the point of view of a homemaker are worthy of their wages. Plumbers are worthy of their wages who work efficiently from the point of view off a homemaker. Plumbers, from the point of view of a homemaker, who work efficiently, are worthy of their wages. From the point of view of a homemaker, plumbers who work efficiently are worthy of their wages.

Worthy of their wages are plumbers who work efficiently from the point of view of a homemaker. The time for most people has come to change their attitudes and lifestyles. The time has come when people must change their attitudes and lifestyles. The time when the attitudes and lifestyles of the people has come to change.

The people must change their attitudes and lifestyles and the time had come to change. People must change their attitudes and lifestyles, and it is because the time has come to change. Her brother, whom I met in the party, is more richer than you think. Her brother, I met him in the party, is very much richer than you think. Her brother, whom I had met in the party, is richer than you think. Her brother, whom I met in the party, is much richer than you think. I met her brother in the party and he is richer than you think.

The fisher folks decided to go to the nearby hut finally drenched with rain. The fisher folks finally decided to go to the nearby hut drenched with rain. Drenched with rain, the fisher folks finally decided to go the nearby hut. Finally drenched with rain, the fisher folks decided to go the nearby hut. Finally deciding to go to the nearby hut, the fisher folks were drenched with rain. The Filipino people have regained their respect and trust in their government. The Filipino people have regained their respect and trust for their government.

The Filipino people have regained their respect for their government and even their trust in it. The Filipino people have regained their respect for and trust in their government. The Filipino people have regained, for their government their respect and trust in it.

The education of his children is most paramount in his plans. The education of his children is more paramount in his plans. The education of his children is paramount in his plans. The most paramount of all his plans is how to educate his children. Paramount in his plans more than any other things is the education of his children. As soon as the tabulation of the figures have been completed, someone should check the accuracy.

As soon as tabulated, someone should check on the accuracy of those figures. As soon as the tabulation is finished, someone was to check its accuracy. Once the tabulation was completed, the accuracy of the figures should be checked.

Someone had ought to check the accuracy of those figures when they have been tabulated. Sa pamamagitan ng kasaysayan ay natutunghayan muli ang makukulay na lumipas ng magigiting na tao. Sa pamamagitan ng kasaysayan, ang lumipas na makukulay ng magigiting na tao ay muling natutunghayan.

Ang makukulay na lumipas ay natutunghayan muli ng magigiting na tao sa pamamagitan ng kasaysayan. Muli ang makukulay na lumipas ng mga taong magigiting ay natutunghayan sa pamamagitan ng kasaysayan. Natutunhayan muli ang lumipas ng magigiting na tao na makukulay sa pamamagitan ng kasaysayan. One has to be either 65 or blind to claim an extra personal exemption.

Civil Service Exam Reviewer PDF ebook with Answer Key

One has either to be 65 or blind to claim an extra personal exemption. One either has to be 65 or blind to claim an extra personal exemption. Either one has to be 65 or blind to claim an extra personal exemption. To claim an extra personal exemption, one either has to be 65 or blind.

I will never, unless he apologizes first, work with him again. I will never, unless he apologized first, work with him again.

I will never work with him again, unless he asks for an apology. I will never work with him again, unless he apologizes first. Unless he asks for an apology, I will never work with him again.

For a society to develop, its attitude towards life must not be a fatalistic one; rather, it must have strong faith in its capacity to improve. Freedom and human rights without food are like freeing a prisoner and then not giving the prisoner the key to get out of the cell.

The million people who today live in the shadow of hunger and death from malnutrition can never be free men and women, however en trenched their freedom may be. These freedoms are only prospects held out and not realized. A little ignorance when launching economic development projects may be a fruitful stimulus to ingenious new approaches. If legislation is to change social attitudes and values, it must come with adequate enforcement and machinery, which should include efforts to educate people on these laws.

Otherwise, legal provision not only remain dead letters, but actually promote lack of respect for the law. Two person look out through the same bars; one sees mud and the other, the stars. An education really suited to the rural environment can become both acceptable and genuinely functional only when the environment begins to offer real opportunities and to require. As long as opportunities lie only in the urban economy, education will remain in servitude to that small section of society.

No matter how strong and dedicated leaders may be, they must find root and strength among the people. Alone, they cannot save a nation. They may guide, they may set the tone, they may dedicate themselves and risk their lives, but ultimately national survival lies in the people. Ang pagbaba ng halaga ng piso lumikha ng krisis sa maraming industriya ng bansa. Kasunod nito ang pagtitipid at problema sa kawalan ng mapasukang trabaho. Lumikha rin ito ng pagtataas ng presyo ng mga bilihin na labis nakaapekto sa kita ng mga manggagawa.

The gregariousness of people is mostly due to a fear of remaining alone. It feels safer to be with a group, talk like a group, act like a group. The ramparts of group solidarity give the members security.

Most researchers in needy countries are based on the thinking and approach of the highly developed Western world, and seldom have they been directed toward meeting the countries; own development needs. In a modern economy, the results of long-range planning frequently depend upon the future value of money. The ability then to predict the value of money is a key to economic progress.

Sixty years ago I know everything ; now I know nothing ; education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance. Nagawang mabago ng mga kasalukuyang awitin ang kamalayan ng Pilipino upang kantahin ang sarili niyang mga awit sa tanging wikang nakapagsasatinig sa kanyang kaluluwa.

Determine the relationship of the first word to the second word in capital letters. From among the suggested answers, choose the word or group of words that best expresses a similar relationship to the third word in capital letters. For each sentence, complete the analogy by choosing a pair of words from the suggested answers. On your Answer Sheet, shade completely the box that corresponds to your answers. Analyze carefully the statements in each of the following items.

Choose the correct answer from the given choices. A to H are persons compared according to their age and the speed at which they finish a certain job. A is older than B and faster than C. D is younger than E, older than H, and slower than F. G is older than H, younger than C, slower than H, and faster than F. H is older than A and Slower than C. Based on the preceding statements, which of the following is true?

A is the second oldest and the third fastest. G is older than E and Slower than A. C is younger than D and fastest than H. D is the eldest and slowest 5. H is the older than B and slower than D. If E proceeds G, in what order are they arranged? In a certain examination, competitors passed the first part and passed the second part.

Anna, Karen and Nina take turns in getting the midnight shift at Ward such that no one is assigned two nights in a row. Anna was assigned two nights ago and is assigned again tomorrow evening. Only Anna 2. Only Karen 3. Only Nina 4. Either Anna or Karen 5. Either Anna or Nina. Mina is taller than Amy and Cel. Mendez is tallest of the four.

Reyes but shorter than Ms. Also, Cel is taller than Amy and Bing. What is the full name of the second tallest person? Amy Mendez 2. Cel Perez 3. Cel Flores 4. Bing Reyes 5. Mina Perez.

Each item in this section consists of a statement or a passage followed by several assumptions. Determine the best assumption that can be logically made from the given statement or passage. Only people with big hands and long fingers can be pianists. Playing the piano helps Gigi stretch her hands and fingers. Stretching helps pianist perform better 4.

A long stretch enables pianists to reach more keys on the piano 5. Pianists can really stretch their hands and fingers. The Basketball team needs Arlene even if she can has no faith in them 2. Team mates should have faith in each other 3. Arlene is better than her team mates. To become rich is difficult 2.

Only the rich are smart 3. Only the smart are rich 4. All rich people are smart 5.

Answer Key and Tips for Civil Service Exam Reviewer PDF

All smart people are rich. In order to improve our admission process and get better students, we have decided to include an interview of the applicants as a criterion.

Current admission procedures are greatly inadequate 2. An interview of the applicants will help draw better students 4. An interview of the applicants will be too time consuming 5. An interview of the applicants will ensure the students success in school. The present administration helps poor people acquire basic necessities for living that is why it helps quarter dwellers like Aling Rosie.

The present administration hates rich people 2. Aling Rosie asked the present administration to help her 3. Squatter dwellers pretended to be poor 4.

Civil Service Exam Reviewer PDF ebook with Answer Key

Squatter dwellers are considered poor people. Each item in this section consists of statements followed by several possible conclusions. Assume that all statements are true, then determine the best conclusion that can be logically made from the given statements. Artists are never ham-handed. All artists are inquisitive. Peter is not ham-handed. Florence is not inquisitive. Peter is an artist 2. Jayson Tamayo. Install this app to aide you on your Civil Service Examination.

Quiz for Blinks BlackPink fans. BTS Quiz. Quiz for BTS fans. Lyrics of BlackPink of all songs as of Feb Anime Quiz. Find out how much is your Anime knowledge in questions. Cat Sounds.

Various cat sounds for cat lovers. Prank your fluffy feline using this app. Because of that, Facebook acquired WhatsApp, a leading instant chat platform like Kakaotalk. ACBD 2. ABCD 3. ADBC They will help you to download through zero-interest installment schemes. Thus, you must be wise and pay in full if you want to avoid never-ending debts. Credit cards are helpful if you know how and when to use them wisely.

CABD 3. Solve the following Math quizzes. IR KP 2. IR KQ 3. IS KQ 4. IS KP 5. P 2. P 3. O 4. O 6. What is — ? What is the Greatest Common Factor of 36 and 54?

Convert 3. Find the value of x in the equation: Kit is twice as old as his friend Sam. Sam is 5 years older than Cara. In 5 years, Kit will be three times as old as Cara. How old is Sam? In two years, the sum of their ages will be How old is James now? Cathy scored 85, 87, 90, 95, and in her Math exams. What will be her average grade in Math from this period?

Letty left home and drove at the rate of 50 miles per hour for 2 hours. She stopped for lunch then drove for another 4 hours at 65 mph to reach Los Angeles. How many miles did Letty drive to reach LA? Michelle went to SM for the 3-day sale.

What was the original price of the shoes? Which department of an office is responsible for hiring new personnel? Office of the President 2. Accounting Department 3. Logistic and Supply 4. Human Resource Department 2. Which computer program should you go if you want to email a company? Word 2. Excel 3. Outlook 4. Powerpoint 3. This is a telephonic transmission of scanned documents of texts and images to a telephone number connected to a printer.

Photocopying Machine 2. Fax Machine 3. Typewriter 4. Inkjet Printer 4. Auditor 2. Treasurer 3. Chief Executive Officer 4. Manager 5. Which department of a company is responsible for cash register operations and payment processing? Cashier 2. Billing 3. Accounting 4. What is the correct filing arrangement for the following names?

Angeles, Mario P. Angeles, Maricel P. Angeles, Marissa P. Angeles, Maria P. Name and address of the downloader 2. Signature of the recipient 3.

Quantity of the items paid 4. Credit Card Number of the customer 8. The method of indexing and filing where names are in alphabetized order. Numeric 2. Metric 3. Geographic 4. Alphabetic 9. Which is the best way to address a correspondence for the President of the Philippines?

His Excellency Rodrigo Duterte 2. His Excellency President Rodrigo Duterte 3. President Rodrigo Duterte 4. President Digong How do you address the Queen of England when you talk about her?

Her Highness the Queen 2. Queen Elizabeth II her Highness 4. Queen Elizabeth II her Majesty An example of a soft copy is: A print out copy usually in a paper 2.

Original copy written in a paper 3. A copy saved in a computer and sent through email 4. When a company asked you to submit your latest CV, what does CV stand for? Curriculum Vitum 2. Curriculum Virtue 3. Curriculum Vitae 4. Curriculum Vital It is the section of Accounting Department in a company that records goods and services that it receives and the payments it owes. Budget 2. Payroll 3. Accounts Payable and Receivable 4. Inventory Which of the following is not a function of Accounting Department in a big corporation?

Prepare Interim Financial Statements 2.

Inventory Management 3. Bank Reconciliation 4. Internal and External Auditing He is the highest ranking executive manager in a corporation and he is the top person in command in an organization. Chief Financial Executive 2. Chief Executive Officer 3. Executive Admin. Officer 4. Chief Executive Assistant Which of the following is not a responsibility of a clerical worker?

Marketing and promotion for customers 2. Filing and updating download orders 3. Answering business emails Arrange the proper filing of the following in alphabetical order: Lieutenant Colonel Mark David B. Elen Rodriguez C. Captain Max Aquino D. Juan Castro 1. CDAB 2. CDBA 3. BDCA 4. Dinky Soliman B. Richard Gordon C. Voltaire Gazmin D.

Armin Luistro 1. DABC 2. CBDA 4. CBAD How much is the present Value-Added-Tax in the Philippines? downloading section 2. Cashier section 3. Billing Section 4. Releasing section This is a type of document issued by a seller to a downloader relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities and prices sold to the downloader.

Check voucher 2. download order 3. Delivery receipt 4. Sales invoice Which of the following is not a usual document used in a sales company?

Form 2. Delivery receipt 3. Sales invoice 4. download order One of the responsibilities of a clerical job is answering and tending phone calls.

Which is the best way to answer a phone call in a company? Run and get a pen and notebook then pick up the phone.

Answer the phone politely and give your department or company name. Wait for fellow employees to answer the phone.

An example of a hard copy document is: PDF file letter 2. Company email message 3. A business letter saved in USB 4. Business letter in a paper What does a CC means in an email message? Copy sent 2. Copy furnished 3. Copy cat 4. Senate, Supreme Court, Congress 2. Presidential, Unicameral- Parliamentary, Bicameral-Parliamentary 3. Legislative, Executive, Judicial 4. Rodrigo Duterte 3. Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno 4. Emmanuel Bautista 4. President of the Philippines 2.

House of Representatives 3. The Supreme Court 4. The Congress 5. Congress of the Philippines 2. House of Ombudsman 3. The Senate shall be composed of how many senators elected at large by voters of the Philippines? How long shall the term of office of the senators be commenced? The term of office of the President and Vice-president of the Philippines shall be up to how many years?

The following shall be exempted from taxation except: Lands and buildings 2. Churches and convents 3. Charitable institutions 4. Non-profit cemeteries

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