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All pleasures, from the most fundamental food, sexual pleasure right through to higher-order pleasures e. In the Future It can be said, then, that pleasure activated brain networks are widespread. Despite this exciting finding — a brain network for happiness — Kringelbach and Berridge say that further research is needed to fully comprehend the functional neuroanatomy of happiness.

As well as the findings from neuroscience supporting an anatomical basis to happiness, another component of a scientific explanation of happiness is the issue of measurement. Can happiness be measured? Perhaps, though, as argued by Ed Diener, happiness is subjective. Having the measure of subjective wellbeing makes a scientific explanation of happiness possible… by asking questions such as: Are you happy?

It has been a positive development in the science of happiness. This is because Diener showed that subjective well-being is constant over time, is highly correlated with some personality traits and has the capacity to predict future outcomes.

Nevertheless, many critics have opposed the concept of subjective well-being, including psychologist Michael Argyle Participants read a series of statements and select the one that best describes how they are at the present time.

These dimensions will be explored closely very soon! Test-retest and self-peer correlations have suggested good to excellent reliability, and construct validation studies of convergent and discriminant validity have confirmed the use of this scale to measure the construct of subjective happiness.

Happiness Scale Fordyce, This scale is also referred to as the Emotion Questionnaire as it assesses emotional wellbeing as an indication of perceived happiness. It is comprised of two items. The test has shown to have adequate reliability and validity. Therefore, evidence from neuroscience, paired with evidence from the measurement of subjective well-being, or, happiness, suggest that a scientific explanation of happiness is, in fact, possible.

A Look at the Theory and Science of Happiness It is overwhelming to consider what happiness is… where to begin?! Happiness has been the topic of discussion and debate since the ancient Greek times.

However, because happiness is a term that is used widely and frequently, it has various meanings and connotations Diener, Moving forward into the modern era, there is some agreement about the aspects that make up theories of happiness. There are, according to Haybron , when looking at theories of happiness, 3 basic views: Hedonism — in other words, to be happy is to experience, on the whole, a majority of pleasure.

Pulmonary hypertension PH is a progressive disease leading to death ultimately.

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Our recently published data demonstrated that inhibiting dipeptidyl peptidase IV DPP-4 alleviated pulmonary vascular remodeli Rosmarinus officinalis L. Besides the therapeutic purpose, it is commonly used as a condiment and food preservat Dysbiosis of gut microbiota is closely related to occurrence of many important chronic inflammations-related diseases.

So far the traditionally prescribed prebiotics and probiotics do not show significant impa Human corneal endothelial cells are notorious for their restricted proliferative ability in vivo and in vitro. Hence, injury or dysfunction of these cells may easily result in blindness.

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Currently, the only tr Gut microbiota interacting with an intact mucosal surface are key to the maintenance of homeostasis and health. This review discusses the current state of knowledge of the biofilm mode of growth of these micro Extracellular vesicles EVs are lipid bilayer-enclosed nanoparticles released by cells.

The nervous system is a crucial component of the body and damages to this system, either by of injury or disease, can result in serious or potentially lethal consequences.

Restoring the damaged nervous system Obesity is one of the most invaliding and preventable diseases in the United States. Growing evidence suggests that there are sex differences in obesity in human and experimental animals. However, the specific Cytokines play an important role in controlling the homeostasis of the immune system and infection with Human Immunodeficiency virus HIV leads to deregulated production of both pro- and anti-inflammatory cyt Mitochondria autophagy, termed as mitophagy, is a mechanism of specific autophagic elimination of mitochondria.

Mitophagy controls the quality and the number of mitochondria, eliminating dysfunctional or exces The genome of Helicobacter pylori contains many putative genes, including a genetic region known as the Integrating Conjugative Elements of H.

This genetic regions we Sensing tissue acidosis is an important function of the somatosensory nervous system to response to noxious stimuli. Pancreatic ribonuclease is known to participate in host defense system against pathogens, such as parasites, bacteria, and virus, which results in innate immune response. Nevertheless, its potential impact to Osteogenesis imperfecta OI is a clinically and genetically heterogeneous disease with skeletal fragility and variable extra-skeletal manifestations.

To date several point mutations in 18 different genes causing The Correction to this article has been published in Journal of Biomedical Science Metformin is the most commonly used first-line medicine for type II diabetes mellitus.

TNS2 is a focal adhesions protein and a binding partner for many proteins, including the receptor tyrosine kinase Axl. Although TNS2 can bind with Axl, the details of their interactions have not been elucidate Inflammatory bowel disease IBD is a multifactorial disease which arises as a result of the interaction of genetic, environmental, barrier and microbial factors leading to chronic inflammation in the intestin Linda Chia-Hui Yu.

Helicobacter pylori - H. A possible involvement of outer membrane vesicles OMVs produced by H. Dengue virus, the causative agent of dengue disease which may have hemorrhagic complications, poses a global health threat.

The Psychology, Theory, and Science of Happiness (+ 16 Best Articles)

Among the numerous target cells for dengue virus in humans are monocytes, macrophages Shu-Wen Wan, Betty A. The brain predominantly expressed RING finger protein, Znf, is known to be important for embryonic neuronal differentiation during brain development.

Downregulation of Znf has been observed in motor neur Jaundice is a common symptom of inherited or acquired liver diseases or a manifestation of diseases involving red blood cell metabolism. Recent progress has elucidated the molecular mechanisms of bile metaboli APA contributes to Visceral pain is a complex and heterogeneous disorder, which can range from the mild discomfort of indigestion to the agonizing pain of renal colic.

Regulation of visceral pain involves the spinal cord as well Citation Impact 3. Housework share between partners: Experimental evidence on gender-specific preferences - Open access August Black-white differences in happiness, — January How different are the adult children of parents who have same-sex relationships?

A state-level analysis September How and why have attitudes about cannabis legalization changed so much?

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February Wealth and health revisited: Economic growth and wellbeing in developing countries, to January Life satisfaction, ethnicity and neighbourhoods: Is there an effect of neighbourhood ethnic composition on life satisfaction? The immigration—crime relationship: Evidence across US metropolitan areas December The diversity Wave: A meta-analysis of the native-born white response to ethnic diversity - Open access November State government public goods spending and citizens' quality of life February Pathways to retirement: Are they related to patterns of short- and long-term subjective well-being?

Till multiculturalism do us part: Multicultural policies and the national identification of immigrants in European countries January In the mix:

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