Books by Thomas Hooper. Book of Patterns Volume I Quick View. Book of Patterns Volume I Thomas Hooper Book $ Artist: Thomas Hooper Page Size: 8" (h) x 5" (w) / x cm Type: Book Book of Patterns volume II by Thomas Hooper. pages of patterns based on the. Find Book of Lines by Thomas hooper at Blurb Books. Over images of linear reference material composed into one 5x8" novel sized book.

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Thomas Hooper Book

Find Book of Skulls Black and Grey by Thomas Hooper at Blurb Books. This book is a revised and expanded version of the Book of Skulls. I have a selection of books available through various publishers, each image will Inward, The Art of Thomas Hooper is available through Tattoo Life in Italy. Book of Lines: An absolutely amazing book of Linear drawings from Thomas Hooper. The book features heavily the geometrical patterns and mandalas th.

Thomas hooper meditations in atrament pdf. Over images of linear reference material composed into one 5x8" novel sized book. All images created by Thomas Hooper, pages printed in black and white. The book features heavily the geometrical patterns and mandalas that feature in his tattooing. A beautiful reference and invaluable for all tattooers into that style. Softcover, Melissa and Cyrene H. Christine Kevin. Also survived by his grandchildren Thornton and Elle Christine. As one of 5 brothers, he Books that can be downloadd through Blurb. Book of Lines. Book of Skulls. Book of Patterns I.

My tattoo adolescence - when I was learning - was characterized by looking at Polynesian and Borneo tribal tattoos - those tattoos of the warriors - and I just always wanted to make my tattoos like a warrior was wearing them.

If I am using a picture of a rose or some kind of ornament or something that was drawn or painted like five hundred years ago and it still looks good, chances are that it will still going to look good in five hundred years. What about the symbolism in your tattoos? Are there perhaps meanings you whish to convey? All the symbolism I use in my tattoos, I use it very loosely.

Book of Skulls Black and Grey

The least I can say it that it is breathtaking. How long time did it take to put it together? It took about a year of me and Miki talking. It has a lot of work dated back to and onwards and I also made a lot of new work for it. I didn't see the book cover until it was printed. He asked me if he could surprise me and I said yes.

I just trusted Miki. I am very grateful. Is the book consisted mainly of your paintings? Yes, there are mostly paintings, as well as some illustrative pieces, and it is completed by a whole mixture of tattoo flash and tattoo paintings. I also made a new repeating pattern for the facing page of every painting. The right page shows a painting and the left page has a different pattern, so it is nice to see the juxtaposition of the two.

Have you been involved with photography as well? I use photography just to photograph my works. I use it in my paintings a little bit cause I photograph some of the things that I paint. I like to photograph my tattoos and I take pictures of my family. Apart from your photographic studies, did you also study painting? I am from a single parent family so I did all this by myself; I paid for everything myself from working. I left school and I did a two-year course in engineering at college.

Tell me about your time in Greece! In Greece people smoke a lot laughs. How did you end up coming over to Greece? Mike invited me. He helped with a convention one year ed.

It was me, Jondix, and I think Tas was there too.

For what Jondix and I do, Mike is the godfather. He took elements of what Alex was doing and pushed them into a whole new way. He is still an amazing artist, and everything that Mike did that incredible period of to inspired a lot of my tattooing. So we just hang out back then in Athens, and then I used to go every six weeks to Barcelona and work.

I did that for a year.

I stayed with Jondix. We were both learning so Jondix was like my brother, Mike was like the father and Tas was like the bad uncle laughs. He is amazing, he taught me so much even indirectly and he was one of the first because there was a bunch of other people who taught me that stuff, I just travelled a lot and picked up much. Then one of the men who taught me the most was a man called Ian Flower. He worked for a bit at Into You and he taught me about tattoo machines, how to be a technically good tattooer, and how to put a clean line on the skin.

How did you end up in America? My wife is from America.

Thomas Hooper - Book of lines

I had an opportunity to go work there and I thought why not change things and try something new. I learned so much from these guys. While at Saved Tattoo did your tattooing changed? I developed it and made it my own and kind of solidified it. And now you are in Texas.

Why did you decide to leave New York? So when he offered me to come down to Austin and become a business partner I agreed and we got a bigger shop.

thomas hooper tattoo | eBay

There are other places I like in America, mostly in California, but I wanted to send my kid to a good school and have a nice house, and Texas is more affordable. How do you see the commercialisation of tattoo nowadays? Some of it is good and some of it is bad. There are many interlocals stepping in and trying to make money quickly by selling shitty supplies etc.

What is your opinion on that matter? They will get it. When these trends pass, people that are tattooing in a certain trend, they will be lost. Because a lot of us we had to tattoo for eight years until we discovered what style we want to tattoo. Nowadays there are a lot of people they think that because they have all these Instagram followers that makes them good tattooers. This is definitely not the case.

Do you get copied a lot? To give attention to someone stealing your art you are just wasting your time - just go out and make some more.

Christine Kevin. Also survived by his grandchildren Thornton and Elle Christine. As one of 5 brothers, he Books that can be downloadd through Blurb. Book of Lines. Book of Skulls. Book of Patterns I. Book of Patterns II. Book of Patterns is the first part in a series that capture the making and exploring Thomas hooper book of lines patterns within Thomas Hoopers tattooing, drawing and painting, only a small percentage of these have been used in his work.

Being unsure of what drives his fascination with geometric and ornamental patterns, Thomas has experimented and explored these designs. Meditations in Atrament: A super book of geometric patterns from Thomas Hooper and a follow up to the hugely popular Book of Lines.

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