Timemaster - NOTE: This is the reprint version, with all new interior art by Mark Allen. DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files!. Timemaster - NOTE: This is the reprint version, with all new interior art by DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files!. Items 1 - 17 of 17 DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! The Largest TIMEMASTER Remove Search Term Time Master Screen.

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Timemaster Rpg Pdf

Your one-stop online shop for new and vintage RPG products from the top publishers, delivered fresh to your desktop in electronic format. It is the 72nd Century (the year , to be exact). Humanity discovered time travel about years previously, leading to a terrible inter-temporal war. After the. RPG Item Version. TIMEMASTER: Adventures in the 4th Dimension · TIMEMASTER · Pacesetter. Nickname. PDF Version. Alternate Names. Year Published.

Timemaster is a s role-playing game centered on traveling through time and alternate dimensions. The primary antagonists are the Demoreans, a fictional race of shape-shifting aliens from another dimension who are determined to mold time to suit their needs. Timemaster was published by Pacesetter in It featured cover art by Jim Holloway. Timemaster is a role-playing game RPG featuring a time-travel system in which the player characters are agents of the Time Corps, who are dedicated to preventing their enemies from changing history. The rules are basic and easy to learn. Movement and combat is position-oriented, designed for use with counters on a hex grid. Timemaster is a science fiction role-playing game. Characters may come from any point in history and from alternate dimensions. The Time Corps is based far in the future, in Adventures may take place anywhere from medieval times to the space age. In Timemaster , the Time Corps are the policing agency responsible for safeguarding the natural flow of time both within the Corps' home dimension and in other dimensions. Agents are rescued from the past and recruited into the ranks, though they are forbidden from returning to any time that coincides with their previous lives.

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Can we respond to you about this? Products found in this section Sort by: Timemaster NOTE: This is the reprint version, with all new interior art by Mark Allen.

This book combines the two books from the original boxed set.

Other books: MYTHIC RPG PDF

The introductory adventure is now provided separately as a free download. Lurching into action, your battered chronoscooter crosses the void of time and space. Another lurch, and the vertigo fades. The countryside comes into view.

Knights in Crossed Swords The buzz of musket balls still rings in your ears, a constant reminder that the Cardinal's Guard is never far behind. But it is the heat that will kill you. The trip from Paris to London is never easy, but when it must be done in threee sleepless days, with the Cardinal's Guard in pursuit, it's impossible.

When the future of Parallel M-1 is at stake, however, the Time Corps demands the impossible The Cleopatra Gambit The barbarian gladiator steps toward your prone body, muscles tensed in anticipation of the coming deathstroke. He thrusts at your throat as you roll left, his blade slashing at you. In the arena seats above, a bored aristocrat fingers a Time Corps communicator--your communicator, a technology not-of-this-time, which he must not keep.

This mission felt wrong from the start. Donning human form, Time Master Screen Featuring Missing: PT PT creeps through Pacific waters on a single engine, its murmur dissolving in the breeze.

John F.

Kennedy stands at the helm. A crewman cries out "Ship ahead at 2 o'clock! Seventeen years later, in , Richard Nixon is elected president and the Time Partisans from the Shadows In Occupied France, you trust no one.

But I'ma tempted. I'd check out Goblinoid Games' Timemaster instead. I have yet to play it but it gives you a lot of options on how and what to play. I plan to run it when my schedule calms down. Never heard of it.

What's the gist of it. As for Timemaster: My Blog: Dark Albion: The Rose War! Also available in Variant Cover form! Last edited by 3rik; at It's a really, really good time travel game. It's also kinda' borked conceptually. It runs on Gumshoe, so take it or leave it. You can build all sorts of weird characters by mechanically downloading skills available to pretty much everyone and using whatever trappings you like "my character always has the small tools he needs because nanites!

There are options and suggestions for tweaking the game throughout, and honestly they're all good and versatile enough and the setting is broad enough that you could probably find a way to work them all into a game if you wanted. Alternatively, you could focus on just one type of time travel campaign, but the book defaults to PCs being part of a temporal police force existing before the Big Bang and HQ's inevitable destruction is the -cause- of the Big Bang.

There's not really any outer space travel the focus is on -Earth's- history, which is big and crazy enough , but there's still plenty of weird nasty time monsters and invaders and such. You have dinosaurs from an alternate past trying to make sure the asteroid never hit and wiped them out, cockroaches from the future trying to make sure humanity survives long enough to nuke the planet so they can be born, alternate timeline Greeks who don't like being from an alternate timeline, and so forth.

You also have multiple time travel technologies, otherdimensional monsters hey, it's a Gumshoe game! Really, it's a great time travel game, second only to Continuum perhaps. But it fails to really answer why history isn't swarming with time travelers, changes, and paradoxes. I mean it has those things, but only to a small degree.

The kind of degree that makes a story coherent and manageable. If this were real though, pretty much every historical event would be filled with someone changing the past, someone going to fix the change, and cascading numbers of people trying to fix or break things.

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