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Fisher Amelie - Vain (The Seven Deadly #1) If you're looking Fisher Amelie 1 Can you provide all books from Fisher Amelie - (The Seven Deadly). Register Free To Download Files | File Name: Vain The Seven Deadly 1 Fisher Amelie PDF. VAIN THE SEVEN DEADLY 1 FISHER AMELIE. Download: Vain. Vain book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Can be read as a you're looking for a story about a good, h.

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I am practically flawless. And it pisses me royally when girls try to copy me. Get a clue nimrods. You'll never look like me! I am VAIN I am a girl whose maid pities her. I am a girl who craves for attention and grabs it anyhow.

You are right in thinking that I have many enemies. But what you don't know is that I am broken and alone. But I never let anyone see me cry. And this is my story! Everything changed when I arrived at Uganda to go to Masego!! All I knew was that Masego was an orphanage in Uganda. I will leave it for you to find out how or why did I end up there. I met a man who smiled the largest smile I'd ever seen and I wondered what made him so happy.

Not being able to help myself I asked him why was he so happy?? Do you know what he said?? I am alive and working. I have a roof. I can feed my brothers and sisters. I am very,very happy. It was like my body knew instantly that he was mine and that I was his.

Now I understood When I met with him. Ian or Dingane. A teacher and worker of Masego. For the first time I was struck dumb. What was wrong with me?? I was the one who struck men dumb. And then I met with the children of Masego I was overwhelmed and incredibly sad for them! I leave that for you to find out too. There for the first time I saw the sun rising. I watched as pinks and greens,yellows and oranges danced and disappeared over the incredible landscape.

For the first time I let my tears fall freely. And I knew it was the only time I'd ever cried and had a genuine right to.

For the first time I raised my face and hands,palms up and let the rays of the sun wash over me. I discovered that sun equated happiness. It's bright and lovely existence was hope incarnate. I learnt self-control. I learnt I was worth more than the sex I'd defined myself with. I learnt the joy of life. I learnt the joy of breathing.

I learnt that one can never appreciate the enormity and rareness of a fiery bliss without seeing misery. And somehow I am Sophie Price and I am That's all for now Readers!! At this exact point as I'm writing this review, Vain has over ratings on goodreads and an average rating of 4. I'm telling you this because I want you to appreciate what a tiny minority I am in when I say that I was really disappointed with Vain. I'm going to tell you why in a second, but I think it's very important for you to know that many many people love thi At this exact point as I'm writing this review, Vain has over ratings on goodreads and an average rating of 4.

I'm going to tell you why in a second, but I think it's very important for you to know that many many people love this book. As soon as I added it to my shelves, I received encouraging comments from the book's fans and I was certain I would love it.

I was especially looking forward to reading a book with an unlikable protagonist, it's great when an author can take a person you should hate, get you inside their head and make you care about them anyway. Sadly, that's not what I felt happened here. I feel Vain is too driven by a message which isn't incorporated subtly into the story but forced down your throat at every opportunity.

It is about a spoiled, rich, selfish and bratty young woman called Sophie who gets sentenced to work in a Ugandan orphanage. Seeing these young children who feel lucky to be able to eat and get a basic education, Sophie begins to reevaluate her outlook on life, see how lucky she really is and change her ways.

Personally, I don't think the change was gradual enough. This is an American girl who has been very well-educated, there is absolutely no chance whatsoever that she doesn't have an idea about how kids live in parts of Africa. Even if she'd never been to school, she would have seen those heart-breaking TV charity ads with starving children. The idea that she would arrive in Africa and be completely shocked at how these other people lived doesn't seem remotely realistic to me.

Also, I think I'm beginning to see a pattern with myself that I started to notice whilst reading Gone Girl. I like reading about unlikeable characters BUT I like reading about characters who have really suffered, who can offer some level of justification for their behaviour or at least have some redeeming qualities and I really don't enjoy reading about spoiled rich people feeling sorry for themselves.

I know the author tries to offer up the familial tensions as a reason for why Sophie behaves the way she does, but it wasn't good enough for me. If Sophie had been male, you can bet the reaction to her would have been very different Rich, ridiculously good-looking, mean, manipulative, controlling, sexist, kinda racist The problem wasn't that I didn't like her, it's that I didn't care about her. At all. This book reminds me of many other young adult romance books but with a gender role reversal.

This time, all the men except Ian or Dingane, as the orphans called him were idiotic, slobbering, sex-obsessed fools with a collective IQ of about It amazed me that Sophie considered Spencer a "true friend" because he didn't force her to have sex with him when she started crying. Well done, woooo, you're not a rapist! He still, however, kept trying to come onto her after that, even though she'd made it clear she wasn't interested.

Every chance he got, his tongue was back down her throat. But he's such a good friend, people. I generally found this book to be quite sexist towards men, they are simply mindless tools to be used by the wondrous beauty that is Sophie. Even Dingane - who is supposed to be the man above all others - acknowledges that she's a nasty, spoiled brat but continues to fall for her anyway. There were sentences that, if they'd been said by a man about women, would have caused outrage.

Please bear in mind, I'm not trying to say the author shares the same attitudes and ideas as her protagonist. I appreciate that she is writing fiction and has chosen to focus on not very nice people. I am simply explaining why I found myself unable to give a damn about Sophie or anyone else.

Another part of the problem is that I think the writing is rather weak. This is one where you can tell straight away that it's an indie novel and it pales in comparison to the other indie novels I've read recently and very much enjoyed. There's something about the sentence structure that doesn't flow and occasionally I found myself having to read sentences multiple times to make sense of them.

I guess Karina Halle didn't actually signify the start of my long and beautiful love affair with indie novels. Damn it. View all 32 comments. It had me re-examining my life, my beliefs and my values.

Let me try to explain why this book is such a gem. Is vanity a natural human trait or one that is brought on by society which pushes us to show off our physical appearance as if this increases our worth?

I mean, I like beauty and I admire it just like every other person. And I think that there is nothing wrong with takin 4 Stars This truly is an amazing and inspiring book. And I think that there is nothing wrong with taking care of your physical appearance. But what happens when you start looking at people's faces, clothes and wallets instead of their hearts and actions? Your life becomes shallow, boring and superficial.

This book teaches us that real beauty is not in our face; it lies in our soul. Their ugly behavior is just the result of feeling unworthy and inferior. This book reminds us that everyone deserves a second chance to redeem themselves.

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If we were all made to live for something greater than ourselves, then our contribution to this world has to be measured by something more meaningful than the size of our wallet or the price of our clothes.

This book does not only tell us a story about a transformation of a rich, spoiled brat to a humble and selfless girl but also shows us the beauty of helping others and raises our awareness that there are people on this Earth who are truly suffering.

Sophie and Ian are beautiful characters and I love them with all my heart. This book teaches us to have faith and trust in affection and love and that no one can truly appreciate sincere happiness without first having known sorrow. Overall rating: I'm a sucker for a story with substance; one that's not afraid to show the raw, grittiness of a situation and invites you to dive deeply into its meaning.

A story that can generously entertain while conveying a positive message Meet Sophie Price — she's beautiful, rich, self-centered, and you guessed it unbelievably vain.

Vain by fisher amelie

Her parents are wealthy, powerful, and completely neglectful and cold. Her father's mai 5 Brilliant Stars! Her father's main concern is for Sophie to 'keep up appearances'. Sophie's inner dialogue will cause you to roll your eyes and her heartless actions will make you cringe and question just how someone could be so shallow. But one thing remains true for Sophie: I will not go into intricate plot details as the surprise of the story, although not necessarily suspenseful, is truly unique and makes for an interesting read.

But I will say that Sophie is spontaneously ripped out of her element and thrown into a place where people no longer worship the ground she struts on. A place she'd normally consider as being far beneath her Ian, 'Dingane' is strong, caring, and dedicates his life to helping others. He knows all about people like Sophie and is determined to put that 'spoiled rich girl' in her place. While he succeeds in doing just that, he also finds Sophie's soul in the process.

These two had a sizzling connection and I adored their initial 'cat and mouse' antics. How can someone bug the shit out of you so much yet simultaneously cause you to want to know them intimately with your tongue?

I could not have been more surprised nor inspired by Sophie's incredible transformation. Not only is this story wonderfully written but it also stands as a reminder of what's truly important in life.

It is an eye-opening journey of a beautiful girl owning and mending the ugliness within. The endearing cast of characters will get inside your head and live in your heart. It's one of the unforgettable ones, and I absolutely loved it! Promise me you'll give it all to God and let Him decide it for you.

He'll gift you no regrets. Book Stats: Adorable and heartwarming. Slow-building connection. Hero was charming, while heroine slowly builds her way there. Unique, inspiring, and emotional story. Huge turn-around in initial tone. Fresh and engaging. Completely captivating. First person: Separate story in the Deadly Sins' themed series. View all 91 comments.

Like me? Love me? Want me? Hate me? Well, then darling, get in line There's a crowd waiting for me outside See their faces?? They're dripping with hunger For me Me And only me Love the way they want me Love the way they chant my name Love the way they can't get enough of me Haven't you guessed it, darling?? Sometimes in life it's so easy to judge someone, so easy to pass a verdict without knowing the truth Don't judge a book by it's cover So, meet someone I've come to know recently She is Flawless.

She is Cruel. She is Spoilt. She is Sophie Price Everything I owned was skin tight because I had the body for it, and because it always got me what I wanted.

I loved the way the boys stared. I loved the way they wanted me. It felt powerful. My goal in life was to rule my tiny, elite world, so I did. I manipulated, used, disrespected and took advantage of every person I called friend. I pulled and played with their puppet strings. I was the ultimate puppeteer. I was cruel and unrelenting.

She steals boyfriends My light gold eyes were the color of amber and were perfect I was practically flawless. I think we can safely say She is VAIN I guess you really did it this time Left yourself in your warpath Lost your balance on a tightrope Lost your mind tryin' to get it back Wasn't it easier in your lunchbox days?

Always a bigger bed to crawl into Wasn't it beautiful when you believed in everything And everybody believed in you? Sometimes vanity is only a cover for pain She has everything except the one thing her heart yearns for Freedom is just that. So, she adopts a lifestyle, an attitude to get it And she succeeds I did this for fun, for the hell of it, for attention.

I wanted to be wanted, and my word, did they want me. Did they ever. And so she does exactly that Life will continue on. Everyone will continue their worship of you. Just keep up appearances. Just keep up. She keeps up her barriers and doesn't let anyone in But life always gives you second chances Time turns flames to embers, you'll have new Septembers Everyone of us has messed up too Minds change like the weather, I hope you remember Today is never too late to be brand new And she gets a second chance at life when a series of circumstances lead her to In this time of fear When prayer so often proves in vain Hope seems like the summer birds Too swiftly flown away Yet now I'm standing here My heart so full I can't explain Seeking faith and speaking words I never thought I'll say There can be miracles when you believe Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill Who knows what miracles you can achieve When you believe, somehow you will You will when you believe It is horrifying.

There she sees nature There she meets a man I am very, very happy. And it's there where she meets him A deep, punching sensation washed over my entire body and I almost fell to my knees at the powerful impression. My breaths became labored and I fought for a clear head. A balmy, scorching but unbelievably ecstasy-ridden awareness swam through my body. An exhilarating, pleasant haze settled over me and it He is Ian Aberdeen Straight black hair met his chin but was tucked behind his ears, cerulean blue eyes stared at me strangely, his full bottom lip separated from his upper lip in question.

He was looking down a straight Roman nose at me and his square jaw was clenched. She feels this way whenever he's near But one of the first things that come out of her mouth P How is she going to control herself now?? She wants him D Whereas all he wants is to stay away from her He was driving me crazy. DD Moving on There she meets them They've faced the most horrifying situations in their lives and yet their hope is alive They screamed with joy, jumped and dived, splashed and played with one another.

They had this moment and they were ecstatic. They had this simple joy and it was free. Another burst of silent tears streamed down. They are resilient. I'd discovered that the sun equated happiness. Its bright and lovely existence was hope incarnate.

It exposed the dark, brought forth the light and showed you that no matter how strong or oppressive the night was, that it was infinitely stronger, exponentially more substantial and just because you couldn't see it with your eyes, didn't mean it wasn't still with you, that you couldn't feel it or that it wouldn't come back for you. It was stalwart and constant. It was infinite. It's alright, just wait and see Your string of lights is still bright to me Oh, who you are is not where you've been You're still an innocent, you're still an innocent And it's there where she discovers herself She learns from those little representatives of happiness and simplicity and embraces life No one is more aware of themselves as these children are.

They have nothing, have no one but us, have seemingly no reason to be hopeful They choose to be happy even though the obviously easier choice would be to be frightened or sad and they have real reason to be those things as well. But they have life and faith and hope and love and they choose those things.

My eyes closed when he pulled the bands holding both braids and they slipped off into his hands. His fingers deftly freed both plaits painfully slowly all the way to the top of my head. Finally, I felt his fingers sift through the length to the ends.

Vain fisher amelie pdf download

Thank you for saving my life. I smiled at him and we stood quietly, our hands on one another as if we were both awakening to whatever it was that was surrounding us both then. It was written all over us. There was something practically tangible there, like a ray of sun, warming us through to our souls. Oh, it was there and it weighed a thousand delicious pounds. I let that pressure inundate me, let it tether me to him.

And he promises her This is a story about a girl who's lost This is a story of her discovering, finding herself This is a story about finding beauty in love, life, faith amongst death, terror and despair This is a story about finding hope in the most hopeless situations This is a story about finding happiness, sunshine when all you see is darkness surrounding you Here you'll find Vanity and vulnerability Apathy and angels Inhumanity and innocence Nastiness and nobleness There'll be tears And there'll be smiles There'll be love And there'll be life But through it all don't forget what I'm And if you do And that is a constant, dear.

One can never appreciate the enormity and rareness of such a fiery bliss without seeing misery, however unfair that may be Try this story View all 71 comments. When you see the book's title, the cover and read the blurb briefly.. What do you think?? That Sophie Price is a bitch? Spoilt brat? Thinks the world is in her palm or that she can download it with her credit card? Shallow, vindictive? Sophie Price is a bitch.. Then you think that oh, she's a bitch but a hottie will walk in, sway her off her feet, they will fall in love and a bit of drama here and there then a HEA?

Well, you've got that bit wrong When you see the book's title, the cover and read the blurb briefly.. Well, you've got that bit wrong.. The story takes a totally unexpected turn, Her life changes, totally upside down!! Now we meet the new Sophie Price, Caring, loving, strong willed, earned self-esteem in her own eyes..

She's got people who love her, not my her money or appearence, but for her heart.. Yes, a boy does walk in, totally HOT and does sway her off her feet but the story is not what you think it is.. I loved Ian, OMG! Loveddddddddd him I liked Spencers character, I'd like to read his story one day! I mean she was their only child, so why love for each other but not for her, that seemed off.. And which parent in their right mind would send a child to such a place?

A place which has life threatening situations, I mean.. Yes its a nice cause and stuff.. It always works out in the end. Somehow we turn thirty beds into sixty. Somehow we stretch our food to impossible measures. Somehow we survive on our impossibly meager income.

Somehow we love them all equally. View all 26 comments. Jun 12, Ana O rated it it was amazing Shelves: Vain was a truly wonderful book.

Give it a try, it will surprise you. View all 6 comments. Masego means Blessings Very Clever Ms. Fisher Amelie what a way to weave a young adult romance into something real, raw and so awful that many people have never heard of or care to. Fisher, in my opinion was able to combine the best ingredients of a typical love story and tie in some heavy life issues as well as true worldwide events into something that made me feel and fall deep Masego means Blessings Very Clever Ms.

Fisher, in my opinion was able to combine the best ingredients of a typical love story and tie in some heavy life issues as well as true worldwide events into something that made me feel and fall deeply for the characters and their life struggles and incite me to want to take action.

The real event I am referring to is what is happening and continues to happen to the people in Uganda. Since the LRA, a violent religious and military group has abducted and forced over 66, children in the country to fight with them.

Nearly 90 percent of the region's population has been forced to leave their homes. I will not get on a soapbox and preach about what everyone should be doing about this or why you should care; we all know atrocities against humanity exist world wide, but do we care enough and if so, what, if anything do we do about it? Just know that this beautifully written love story has a real message about second chances and even if we are not all broken self-centered physically stunning filthy rich trust-fund babies; we can still make a positive difference in our lives as well as others.

One can never appreciate the enormity and rareness of such a fiery bliss without seeing misery, however unfair that may be. View all 20 comments. A Must Read!! This story displays character development at its finest!

Sophie Price Vain, beautiful, spoiled, unhappy, 5 Brilliant Stars Vain, beautiful, spoiled, unhappy, bitchy, manipulating and smart is the queen of the trust fund babies.

Masego offers Sophie a world outside of appearances and money. It's a world of orphaned children and the inspiring people who take care of them. Sophie builds relationships, works hard and finds love. I try to imagine what his accent sounds like I swooned at the clearing of the bugs, the shower scene and their first kiss.

The love that they found in one another was just beautiful. Vain will have you thinking about who you are and how you can make a difference! View all 18 comments. This book was a beautiful and awe-inspiring romance - such a breath of fresh air If he was willing to cheat on you so easily, he wasn't worth it. Consider it a favor This book was a beautiful and awe-inspiring romance - such a breath of fresh air Consider it a favor.

This girl is just pure evil. We also see a vulnerable side to her - she feels truly alone in the world. She has no friends that really care about her and her family's only contribution to her life is of the monetary type. They only expect her to present the image of a perfect family to the outside world and she gets paid to do this. Apart from these social displays, they don't pay any attention to her. After she was charged with possession of cocaine twice, she gets sentenced to work at a Ugandan orphanage, Masego, for 6 months.

Best sentence ever, mr Judge: When she arrives in Africa, she looks around for Dingane, whom she was told would take her to Masego.

She expects some native African with a name like that who can blame her , but she is totally shocked when Dingane real name, Ian is actually a smoking hot year old white dude. Her typical charms doesn't have any affect on him and he treats her with disdain, because he sees her for the vain, spoiled brat that she is. It was a massive shock for Sophie when they arrived at the orphanage. My heart also broke. Children, all ages, missing arms, eyes, parts of their faces, even legs.

They were warm and full of understanding but for the children only. He looked at me sternly and his eyes conveyed what he wanted me to do. I looked down on them, half-smiling, trying so very hard to look sincere when all I wanted to do was run and lock myself away from their terribly shocking faces. I had never in my life thought humans could endure such physical damage and survive. They are surviving on only the minimal necessities. But the kids are all happy and smiling - they are alive and they are grateful for that.

Sophie didn't fight it, she acted selfless and underwent an amazing transformation. She even developed a special bond with a little girl. And then the part that all of us has been waiting for She realizes that Ian doesn't hate her and that they are actually kindred spirits.

So few can do it. I've felt things for you these past few months that don't seem healthy. I've wanted you so desperately I'm afraid it may not be natural. You consume my thoughts, Sophie You've arrested my senses and I can't seem to get enough of you. That's what scares me. I'm so deep there's no getting out for me. Another burning issue between them is what will happen when Sophie's 6 month sentence is over? Will she remain in Masego or return to her old life? I don't want to give away the ending, so I think I'll stop while I am ahead here.

The most important question Oh hell yes! View all 28 comments. There is also a sublimely heart-melting love story embedded in the midst of one of the most moving, relevant and attention-worthy plotlines I've had the pleasure of reading of late. This is an emotional roller-coaster that will take you out of your usual literary comfort zone, grip you and keep you at the edge of your seat, begging for more. Sophie Price is perfect.

Her face is perfect. Her body is perfect. Everything in her life appears to be perfect. Her wealthy but neglectful parents have given her the type of lifestyle where everything has always been served to her on a silver platter, with no responsibilities or consequences for her actions.

She is the 'Queen Bee' of her little click of entitled kids, wanting for nothing and taking it all unapologetically. She is selfish, self-centred, an awful friend who uses and discards people only to feed her starving ego.

But when Sophie is alone, a scared and insecure little girl emerges at times, one that believes that her beautiful features hide only ugliness inside her. She detests that weakness in her, always striving not to show any real emotions in front of people, hoping no one would ever notice how meaningless her life really is.

I was as bare as I could make myself, no makeup with wet, stringy hair. Beautiful yet repulsive She is forced to dig deep inside her shallow soul for infinite amounts of courage, compassion and love for the sake of the innocents that fulfill her days with unconditional trust and affection.

Through those children, Sophie learns to appreciate the gift of life, first and foremost, and to never again take what is given to her for granted. It is a curious facet of the innocent young. He teaches her to draw strength from even the most painful of emotions, to see beauty in the small things in life and to love herself for her heart, not her appearance.

They are overpowering, defining emotions. They make you human, Sophie. Their love story develops gently and tastefully. Against a horrific backdrop of some of the worst sins that human nature is known to be responsible for, Sophie finally learns to love - love herself, love those who show her kindness, love those who deserve kindness from her.

She also learns to love a man, deeply, openly and above all, selflessly. They all did, however briefly, but none of them wanted to keep me. I needed to be owned, loved. But not by a man. I knew then that I never needed to be kept by a man. What I needed was to love myself, to want to keep myself around. And in that revelation, I knew that if I wanted to keep myself, that a man wanting to keep me would just be a by-product.

Happiness has a hefty price tag in this beautiful tale of love, loss, courage and redemption. Our heroine travels a painful journey of self-discovery, learning to love and embrace the person she really is, and finally finding her true purpose in life. A genuine work of art of new adult fiction, this story will stay with you, possess your every thought and make you feel.

Follow me on Facebook! View all 15 comments. It was just an amazing story! It had me hooked from the every beginning. You fell in love with the characters, and the writing was just beautiful! You will never Wow! You will never know real love an your life will pass you by. Sophie Price fits the title of this book perfectly. She is vain. She is a rich and spoiled girl, and is the queen of the other rich, spoiled and entitled.

No, I ruled because I was the hottest. As long as she keeps up appearances, her parents could care less about what she does or how she acts. I loved myself too much to say goodbye. So, I would go on living just as I had been because it was the only life I knew. When she gets busted for drugs, the second time, and ruins a business contact for her father, she gets a wake-up call. Pemmy knows Sophie is better than who she has been and thinks this will be good for her.

Loved Pemmy! She meets Ian dear god, I loved him loved loved loved! They were such wonderful and selfless people, who embraced Sophie right away.

She grew to love the two of them and finally had adults to aspire to be like. I decided right then and there that I would be gobbling them up as long as I had the opportunity. I would learn from them. I would study them. I would endeavor to be like them. At first, Sophie was a little taken aback by the children at the orphanage. She worked closley with Ian who she felt iinstantly attracted to. I loved that about him!

Now, that, Sophie Price, is a real weakness. She learns what it means to have true friends, people who love her and count on her, not for how she looks or how much money she has, but who she is as a person. This story is one of self discovery for Sophie. Ian was so great, really loved him.

Vain fisher amelie pdf download

He melted my heart! He fell hard for Sophie. When they get back from visiting his family, something terrible happens at the orphanage Sophie ends up having to go home for court. And you will have to read the book to find out how it ends, don't want to spoil to much! Not only did it have a beautiful message of self discovery, you really got to see the conditions others live in and reading the story of these African children will make you not take things for granted.

Sure it had some love and romance, but it was so much bigger than just that. This is a book I would recommend to everyone! This is exactly what this story is about and how heroine is. She's angry, bitter, whoring around coldhearted bitch, who doesn't have any regards for other people's feelings, because she didn't get the attention she wanted from her parents. And I fell for it!

The way this book is described in the blurb made me think that this story will be different. I've read tons of reviews, where words 'unique', 'different' and 'not your typical' were used. Now, I sit here and wonder what book are all those people describing? Obviously not this one, because there is absolutely nothing unique or different about this book.

This book is just another YA sob-fest. When I read the first chapter I got really exited, because I thought I'm going to like her bitchy personality. At that time, it did feel different. She felt cold and detached. I couldn't relate to her as a person, but I was enjoying reading about her. Author didn't dwell on heroine's emotions, the writing felt a little robotic, and at first, I thought it was done on purpose, to make our heroine feel more distant. Later it turned out that it wasn't the case, and that it was simply bad writing.

As a punishment, for constantly getting herself into trouble, this girl gets send to Africa, Uganda, to work in the orphanage. All horros considered, author chose a beautiful place to send her heroine to. But I never got a decent picture of the place, because the descriptions of it were sooo vague. There was a huge baobab tree, bugs in the shower, couple of buildings and kids running around.

That's it. I've read better descriptions of Uganda on Wikipedia. Not only that, based on the directions to the orphanage, that author gave me, would place the orphanage in the middle of freaking Lake Victoria.

Yes, I googled the map of Uganda, that's how I know. I did it because I needed to get a better picture of the place. I know that it's a fictional story and that the orphanage doesn't exist in real life, but author did use real names of small towns and cities in Uganda, why not place the imaginary orphanage on a dry land??? Google maps showed that there are plenty of it!!! Another problem I had was the emotional side of two main characters. This is the note I had in the book about halfway through: Author doesn't portray emotions very well, and her descriptions of important situations are lacking.

I like when authors leave some things to my imagination, but there were too many blanks to fill in. Seing all those suffering children was a turning point for our heroine. It made her realize how precious life is and how good she had back home. But she came to that realization way too quickly.

One day she just simply understood everything. Author didn't bother telling me how she came to that conclusion. It felt like "Duh, those kids are parentless, I don't need to explain to you how much their lives suck, do I? That pissed me off.

This story is not about helping kids, I get it, it's a story about a girl falling in love with a guy. But still, I would have loved to see our heroine doing something else other than drooling over a hot guy. At that moment I realized that this story is no different from many other YA stories I've read.

You could say that she fell in love with him because he was working with kids, but that's not true at all. Because if you bothered to pay attention to how many times she described what he was doing, rather then the glances he gave her, or his physical attributes, you would have known that the latter outweighed the former.

So, the bottom line is: As for the guy in question; I don't have much good to say about him either. The fact that he dedicated his life to helping children in need is admirable, I guess that's why I'm giving this book 1. At first, when I read that he cleaned the shower for her, I thought it was romantic, but later I realized that he was just as superficial as she was.

Why not let her shower in a shower full of bugs? That would teach her a lesson. Wasn't that the whole point, her learning something on this trip?

He says "I know your type" meaning she's just another spoiled rich girl, then he goes cleaning the shower before she uses it???? Oh, and another note I made when he said "I know your type. How did he know her type? Is that orphanage used as an exile for spoiled rich bitches? Later, I realized that author's knowledge of Uganda was based on I don't know on what exactly.

On thin air I guess. There was zero research done before writing this book. Our heroine was shocked that Ian was white. It's like author based her knowledge about Africa and Uganda on commercials we see on TV right before Christmas. It's sad, because even with a decent research using google, this story would have been much better. Unfortunately, author didn't bother even with that.

This story reminded me of a book I've read a while back, where author invented a country Bezakistan. I didn't like the book, but at least I wasn't upset with author for making shit up. It's her made-up country, she can write what ever she wants and create what ever characters she likes. However, with this story, it's a whole another matter. When you choose subjects such as poverty in Africa, LRA, child hunger, life changing experience and love, you better make sure you have your facts straight!

I dove into it having a very high expectations, because of the blurb and tons of glowing reviews, and was left hugely disappointed. I would never recommend this book to anyone who has at least a little bit of knowledge about Uganda and the issues that country is facing. View all 12 comments. As I read the first chapter, all I could think of was great, Sophie Price Queen bee of the rich and snobby, trust fund baby, who could care less what anyone think, actions be damned, she was the ultimate puppeteer.

I was actually debating at one point if I should continue if all she is going to talk about is how much everyone loves her, follows her, wants her, is intimidated by her … Sophie Price is V.

A major plus in the story was Ian; any guy willing to slay bugs for me is a keeper in my book ; View all 4 comments. This book has so many good reviews and I was eager to read it, but it wasn't what I expected.

Don't get me wrong, I liked it, but not as much. Sophie is a good main character and Ian is a prince, but I didn't fall in love with them. All in all, is a good read, but oh, it took me more than a week to finish, which is strange in me because I usually don't take that long, I was so desperate to finish it!

And I insist, is a good book, but I don't know, it lacked something. I just want to add that Spencer was my favorite character: This was NOT what I was expecting at all. Then BAM!! I was taken on an amazing journey. Sophie Price is Vain. In every sense of the word. Vanity's a debilitating affliction. You're so absorbed in yourself it's impossible to love anyone other than oneself, leaving you weak without realisation of it. It's quite sad. You've no idea what you're missing either. You will never know real love and yo WOW!

Sophie is beautiful, rich, queen bee, wanted by all the guys, and all the girls want to be her friend because of it. Her parents are so absorbed in themselves, Sophie has absolutely no restrictions, every want fulfilled and every desire quenched. Sophie is so broken and has no self respect I felt for her so much. Her looks meant everything to her because it brought her adoration from everyone, which was the closest thing she had ever come to love. I was as bare as I could make myself, no make up with wet, stringy hair.

I hated to look at myself in this state. I felt too exposed and that made me exceedingly nervous, but I made myself look that morning. I memorized that girl. That girl was the real me. A terrible friend. Terrible daughter. Well educated but so limited in ideas worth having. Beautiful yet repulsive… And finally honest. I was right there with her every page of the book. I smiled, laughed, cried a little, fell in love, and felt her growth every step of the way.

I did love the book from the start, but the story is told in such a way that the more I read, the more strongly I connected to the story.

My feelings just grew and grew till it just felt like my heart was going to burst. Oh, and the guy?

Yes, the guy. I literally loved him from his first line. Their first meeting was just SO powerful. And saw right through her. And the more we learned about his back story too, the more I loved him….

I am mostly aware what is happening in the world. I read the news. I see the headlines and the pictures. But this was different.

My heart broke into a million pieces for those kids. They still live. They breathe, they love each other, they find joy in the world around them for no other reason than because they are children. They are resiliant. They will always rise above. Ohhh their chemistry was palatable. I squeed out loud!!!!! I kept alternating between smiling and being near tears. Every part of the story wormed its way into my heart. But truly, it made no difference.

This is a completely YA story — by that I mean the characters are younger than 20 and there is no sex in the book.

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