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For these tutorials you will need to install a material catalogue: Due to the ✍ The next pages are very important to use CATIA correctly. . Learning Sketcher. ✍This tutorial is an introduction to Part Design. In order to use the appropriate settings for this tutorial, you have two ✍You will learn how to rename a Part. Hello, Yes, there are lots of pdf available for the Catia V5 if you will search on web but i now-a-days video learning is becoming popular because of ease of.

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Catia Tutorials For Beginners Pdf

PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy . Visit the following websites to learn more about this book: Page 3. An Introduction to CATIA V5 Tutorial Operations on 3D Geometries & Sketch planes. in these steps will give you the tools to navigate through the basics of the Sketcher Work Bench. Following the step-by-step instructions there are twenty.

NOTE: The radius will have a green dimension with a value attached to it. The value is the radius of the corner you just created. Step 19 modifying constraints will supply us with the tools to make this radius exact. This is a two dimensional corner. Lesson 2 will explain another method of creating a corner using a Part Design Work Bench. This procedure assumes you know what a chamfer is. The steps required to create a chamfer are almost identical to creating a corner. Figure 1. The length of the chamfer will shrink as you move it back towards the intersection. If you move the mouse to the top left quadrant you will notice the chamfer also moves to that quadrant. For this lesson use the bottom left quadrant. NOTE: The chamfer has two green colored dimensions attached to it.

The green dimension lines that were created with Point. It is the constraint values that tie Point.

(eBook) Catia Tutorial-PDF

Constraints are restrictions on one entity to another entity. The Anchor tool restricts the entities movement in relationship to the coordinate location only. Line 1 and 2 are not truly anchored because the constraint is tied to their relationship to Point. The effect is the same, line 1 and 2 can not be moved. If you want to constrain the location of an entity without constraining any other entity the Anchor tool is a good option.

You can restrict line 6 by Anchoring it. Elements can be anchored by completing the following steps. For this lesson select line 6. This will bring up the Constraint Definition pop up window. For this lesson select the Fix constraint. Notice that line 6 will turn green meaning that it is constrained and the Anchor icon also shows up on the line, this signifies what kind of constraint is applied Figure 1.

Allowing the quick and sometimes uncontrolled modification to a sketch can be a Figure 1. As the design nears completion the ideas are being locked down, there are fewer variables.

As variables become known constants you can constrain them. The purpose of this step was to give you a brief introduction to how CATIA V5 allows you to move and modify the sketched entities.


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Thank you for the tips , it is very important and will help me a lot at home and at work. What i'm watching for is, if you turn, turn a little bit further right, yeah, good.

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This procedure assumes you know what a chamfer is. The steps required to create a chamfer are almost identical to creating a corner. Figure 1.

CATIA v6 Essentials tutorial guide : CATIA Tutorial, study materials, Pdf documentation

The length of the chamfer will shrink as you move it back towards the intersection. If you move the mouse to the top left quadrant you will notice the chamfer also moves to that quadrant. For this lesson use the bottom left quadrant. NOTE: The chamfer has two green colored dimensions attached to it. Both dimensions have values attached to them. One dimension is the chamfer length and the other is the chamfer angle.

Reference Step 19 modifying constraints on how to modify the values to exactly what you require for your chamfer. This chamfer is a two dimensional entity. Lesson 2 also explains a method of creating chamfers on three-dimensional entities, using a Part Design Work Bench. As you select the line hold the mouse button down, now drag the mouse up. Notice that the entire profile expands and contracts as you drag the mouse button around.

All the other lines can be modified in position, length and angle. You cannot modify the location of lines 1 and 2 because they are linked to Point. The green dimension lines that were created with Point.

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