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The first number of Charlie Hebdo after the massacre (n - 14 janvier ) #jesuischarlie. Charlie Hebdo Issue No Wikipedia - [Free] Charlie Hebdo Issue No Wikipedia [PDF]. [EPUB] -. CHARLIE HEBDO ISSUE NO WIKIPEDIA. Charlie Hebdo # 14 January By Charlie Hebdo. eBook (PDF), 16 Pages. This item has not been rated yet. Charlie Hebdo #

Background[ edit ] The Charlie Hebdo offices had suffered a terrorist attack on 7 January in which twelve died, including the editor and several core contributors. The remaining staff initially did not think they could publish the next issue on schedule, but other media organizations encouraged them to do so and offered practical and economic help. Charlie Hebdo has a typical print run of 60, copies. At first, the survivors' issue was to have a million-copy print run; it was increased to three million prior to publication due to expectations of high demand. Within an hour, , copies had been sold and every newsstand in the country was sold out. There were plans for it to be sold in 25 countries and translated into 16 languages. The issue was subtitled C'est reparti "Here we go again" , which new publishing director Riss stated was to show the publication had "returned to life" "La vie reprend".

A man wearing a turban and white garments of mourning sheds a tear while looking straight at us. Context tells us that this must be a depiction of the prophet Muhammad. The drawing is signed Luz, for Renald Luzier, arguably the most prominent cartoonist still alive at Charlie. He overslept to draw another day. The cover combines reflection with provocation.

Charlie Hebdo - Journal Irresponsable (#1178)

Charlie maintains the right to draw the prophet, and considering what has happened, it had to be that way. Anything else would be a capitulation.

But this image is also an attempt to reclaim Muhammad from the murders. And not only that, they also belong to those of us who do not follow them.

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Because who is really being forgiven here? The message is ambiguous, but it seems first and foremost to be the viewer, looking at the picture of the prophet, interpreting it.

Perhaps we share responsibility, perhaps not. But we are all forgiven.

Even the terrorists. Are the arch-atheists of Charlie cheekily turning the other cheek?

CHARLIE HEBDO N.1178 du 14 janvier 2015.pdf (PDFy mirror)

Are they committing to a religious notion of forgiveness and salvation? It was in a sense bigger, more generous, than anything they could put into words. The cover makes you both laugh and cry. Such is the power of the cartoon with its synthesis of image and text.

Charlie Hebdo #1178.pdf

In his editorial, Biard denies any sudden spiritual conversion on the part of the staff, however. Which principle applies here? I hope some experts on ethical philosophy are preparing an answer. The suggestion I make here was inspired by the many public readings of The Satanic Verses held after the fatwa was issued against Salman Rushdie.

The purpose of those readings was to show solidarity with Rushdie and demonstrate belief in the freedom of speech. Without them, the publisher might well have decided that Rushdie's book was too hot to handle, establishing an extremely dangerous precedent. It was generally held afterwards that the public readings had been a good thing.

In this case, people have also been quick to agree on the importance of solidarity. But it seems to me that this is quite different from the response to the Rushdie case. Like this one. For people who don't read French, it really is quite funny. The speech bubble says "A hundred lashes if you don't die laughing".

After a couple of minutes of searching, I found the following splendidly tasteless cover: It took me a little while to figure it out, but apparently the reference is to a Mgr. Vingt-Trois, who had made some outspoken comments against gay marriage.

The arrow pointing left says "Costume for Israeli child". The arrow pointing right says "Costume for Palestinian child". I was fooled, as were many newspapers.

These guys were really funny and disrespectful, about everything: the Muslims, yes, but at least as much the Israelis, the US, the Russians, the French, the Germans, the extreme right, the Catholic church, and pretty much anything else you can think of. I'm very sorry that they had to be killed in this horrible way before I ever got around to looking at their work.

It should have been easier to get my attention. The local papers can talk about nothing else.

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