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keep coming terney.info you need a eighth grave after dark charley davidson book 8, you can download them in pdf format from our terney.info file format that can. Get Free Read & Download Files Eighth Grave After Dark Charley Davidson 8 PDF. EIGHTH GRAVE AFTER DARK CHARLEY DAVIDSON 8. Download: Eighth. The eight novel in Darynda Jones' bestselling Charley Davidson series! Following up from Seventh Grave and No Body, Charley's back and she's ready to reap.

Sometimes I wonder if the purpose of my life is to serve as a cautionary tale to others. She is, after all, incredibly pregnant and feeling like she could pop at any moment. But, just her luck, twelve deadly beasts from hell have chosen this time to escape onto our plane, and they've made Charley their target. And so she takes refuge at the only place she thinks they can't get to her: the grounds of an abandoned convent. Of course, if hellhounds aren't enough, Charley also has a new case to hold her attention: the decades-old murder of a newly-vowed nun she keeps seeing in the shadows of the convent. Add to that the still unsolved murder of her father, the strange behavior of her husband, and Charley's tendency to attract the, shall we say, undead, and she has her hands full…but also tied. While the angry hellhounds can't traverse the consecrated soil, they can lurk just beyond its borders like evil sentries, so Charley has been forbidden from leaving the sacred grounds. Luckily, she has her loyal team with her, and they're a scrappy bunch who won't let a few thirsty hellhounds deter them.

Still, one foot across that invisible line, the one that marked the sacred, blessed ground from the rest of the area, and that foot would be gone.

Along with part of a leg. They came back angrier than ever.

Their snarls every time I stepped too close to the border were proof of that. They wanted a piece of me, but it was hard to blame them.

I did have a killer ass. Or, well, I used to. I walked back to the mirror and held up the dress, the one that had to be let out due to the fact that my ass had grown in sync with my belly. Reyes stayed close behind, his hand warm at the small of my back, his heat seeping in and easing the ache there.

He was very therapeutic, especially now that the nights were getting cooler. It did match my eyes quite nicely, which were the color of the amber in which the mosquito was preserved in Jurassic Park, but it also made me look a little deader than I liked. I keep thinking they need help to cross, but they just stare straight ahead, their expressions completely blank. He was clearly the Magic Man Heart had sung about. On bad days—the days there was just no settling Beep—it rivaled an orgasm.

Nothing rivaled an orgasm. But it came damned close. Your light is so bright, it fills every corner of the house. There were others who could see it.

And Pari, one of my best friends. And Angel, my departed thirteen-year-old sidekick and lead investigator. I blinked, realizing all the people who would have known that my brightness levels needed adjusting.

Eighth Grave After Dark

My cheeks. My chest. His gaze dropped to Danger and Will Robinson, aka my breasts. His gaze did that often, unruly thing that it was. Danger and Will loved the attention. A tingle of desire sparked to life, causing a warmth to pool in my abdomen. The dark need in his eyes. The severity of his drawn brows. The sensuality of his parted mouth. My girl parts tightened when he dipped his hand into my shirt.

His thumb grazed over a hardened nipple, and a jolt of pleasure shot straight to my core. I almost groaned aloud at the interruption. He covered my mouth with his, his tongue hot as it dived inside me, as he melted my knees and stole my breath. Then, a microsecond before Cookie walked in, he pushed off me with a wink and strolled to look out the window. Still weak from his kiss, I almost stumbled forward. It took me a sec, but I finally tore my gaze off my husband.

Eighth Grave After Dark

Her mismatched clothes were rumpled and a purple scarf dangled off one shoulder, perilously close to falling to the floor. She had the beauty and confidence of an eccentric, wardrobe-challenged countess.

Today she looked more like a frazzled scullery maid. I fought a grin and chastised her for her tardiness. She gasped audibly, then looked at her Automatyczne logowanie Zarejestruj. Zaloguj Anuluj. Darynda Jones - Charley Davidson Eighth Grave After Dark.

All in all, I liked the book, but I didn't love it. I'm sure the majority of the Charley fandom will love it though. Considering all the amazing books I've read so far, this is a 3 stars read for me. View all 10 comments.

May 19, Robin Bridge Four rated it it was ok Shelves: Have you ever read a book in the series and wondered if you remembered everything from the previous book incorrectly? As we were wrapping up this book that is t 2. As we were wrapping up this book that is totally how I felt. It is one of those things that I either loved everything else in the book so much that you just let it go…. She has an A.

There is still some fun dialogue and antics between her and the other characters. Cut her hair. Get a job. I need a flat belly. Gwen from Torchwood. Deanna Troi. Or even Cordelia when that demon impregnated her. Twenty-four hours later, bam! Demon child. My death will probably be caused by being sarcastic at the wrong time. I adore Cookie, Amber and Quinton. There are a plethora of others and Osh is becoming more interesting all the time.

Wong is. There are a few more answered about the Army and the Twelve but honestly some of that was just confusing, I had a hard time picking out who was supposed to be who. I both liked and hated it for practically the same reason. But…I hope that it leaves a really good set up for book 9 which I will definitely read but no commitments past that. Charley used to run around town solving crime and getting into all sorts of trouble.

Charley still gets into plenty of trouble even when on the ground but some of it just seemed stupid to me. I mean she just view spoiler [had a baby in a well and decides to go to hell to find a spirit. Where is that mothering instinct and need to protect herself so she can protect her child hide spoiler ]. There was a ton of time spent being all lovey dovey. Reyes is totally to most understanding a puppy love husband ever.

I miss Reyes of books 3,4,5 and 7. He seems like he went from a Wild Tiger to a housecat. There was a little situation that was supposed to introduce some contrived tension between Reyes and Charley but that ended up being nothing at all in the end.

It was almost like D. The ending is a little jumbled some big revelations are made. There was also the Denise of it. There is also the fact they had to give up their daughter to keep her safe. I understand it is really hard to go running around saving the world when you have a kid in tow but I still have iffy feelings on that currently. The story might have a more clear direction for the future.

Reyes might get to be a PoV because of what happened there at the end and all in all things might shake out for the better. View all 9 comments. May 19, Ferdy rated it it was ok Shelves: And underneath all of Charley's idiocy and hornyness for Reyes there was actually a solid story. What I Liked: I really didn't want to read more than one book of Charley acting all cute and precoci 2. I really didn't want to read more than one book of Charley acting all cute and precocious with her pregnancy.

It was just a nice back drop to the comfortable dynamics and interactions that were going on between Charley's people. It was great how they'd all become close through Charley and were kind of like a family. Although, why did it take Mr Wong so long to actually do something to help and protect Charley? How would standing in a corner help in any way? Also, liked the reasons behind Beep having to stop Lucifer instead of Charley.

Also, it was quiet fitting and sweet how they got to have a second chance at being parents with Beep. I would have felt sorry for Reyes and Charley losing Beep, but both were too selfish to be good enough parents. In the last book they just began dating and in this one they were married. At the very least I wanted to read about Ubie's proposal, and whether he'd gotten advice from Charley or Reyes or if he asked Amber's permission before proposing.

I would have also liked to know about their home life - was Ubie even living with Cookie? How was his relationship with Amber like? Was he doing dad stuff with her?

What I didn't like: Thankfully, it didn't take up too much page time and I did appreciate how it actually ended up serving a purpose and led to Charley visiting hell and finding out Lucifer was no longer there.

Eighth Grave After Dark: Number 8 in series by Darynda Jones - Books - Hachette Australia

What the hell did that actually achieve story wise? His supernatural sexiness and the fact that every woman was horny for him had already been established a million books ago. It wasn't needed! Was that meant to be endearing or funny or cute? It wasn't. It was embarrassing and ridiculous. Denise had been nothing but vile to Charley for her whole life, she made her feel unwanted and unloved. That would have been bad enough but she also made sure that Charley felt like a freak and outcast all whilst showering all her motherly love on Gemma.

But Gemma acted like Charley was the one in the wrong and made her feel petty despite being the one who had grown up hated. Denise punishing Charley and being vile towards her and pushing her out of her own family for years and years was unforgivable. I hated how Denise was made out to be some poor, lonely, misunderstood victim and Charley the bad guy. Never mind that Charley was a child when she suffered all of Denise's vitriol, apparently it was still Charley's fault and she had to just get over it and be nice to Denise and let her be a part of her baby's life.

Ugh, the whole thing was beyond fucked up and Gemma was seriously the worst sister ever. She didn't need to hate them or stay angry at them forever, but I at least expected her to always be at least a little bitter and resentful at them when there were legitimate reasons for it.

Forgiveness and closure doesn't equal forgetting everything and being all nicey nice and never having a bad thought or feeling about the person being forgiven. Charley would have been so much more interesting if she hadn't excused all the crap her parents had done over the years. What was wrong with her having a relationship with them without forgiving and forgetting all they'd done? A couple of heart to hearts and her mum and dad doing some basic parenting after years of crap parenting didn't erase all the hurt feelings and all their years of awfulness.

It was only Denise who was targeted by them, everyone else carried on with their lives like normal despite being leverage to get at Charley. The bad guys had so many opportunists to kill off or hurt Charley's friends but somehow nothing happened to them. Was it meant to be sexy or something? Because it was more abusive and threatening than anything. He manhandled her and was violent around her, he was one step away from being a wife beater.

The scene where they returned from hell was especially uncomfortable, he was so close to beating her bloody, if there hadn't been an audience he would have beaten the crap out of her. What really took the piss though was Charley acting all apologetic and feeling guilty for going to hell even though she did it to save a young girl's life , she had every right to risk her own life and Reyes had no right getting all angry and righteous, especially when he was happily risking his own life throughout the book.

And why was Charley more concerned for Reyes's man-pain than his threatening behaviour towards her? She should have been more worried about her safety. Reyes being mad at her didn't give him the right to grab her throat or hair or punch a wall beside her head. It was classic abusive behaviour, but oh no it was just brushed off as Reyes being scared and worried.

Ugh, just fucking ugh. It was one rule of him and another for Charley, he was allowed to lie, keep secrets, and risk his life and Charley just had to be cool with it. But she wasn't allowed to do any of that without Reyes getting violent or sulky about it. He knew she was stupid and impulsive, especially when she was curious.

Didn't he think it would be safer to simply tell Charley what he was up to than hide it from her and have her end up in danger? It almost read like he was purposefully not telling her stuff just so she could do something stupid and endanger herself. He was a bigger, fatter liar than she was, they both hid things but he had WAY more secrets than Charley.

Him acting like Charley was the dishonest liar in the relationship was fucking ridiculous.

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Her clumsiness was downright stupid and incongruous, it didn't fit with her being a super, awesome, shiny, light bulb god. I just can't picture super powerful beings who are able to destroy all kinds of evil being defeated by a rusty old well. He's one of many slave demons whereas Reyes is the son of Satan and one of a kind.

It makes no sense that Osh would suddenly be made more powerful than Reyes, no matter how old he is. Didn't they keep attacking Charley in the last book? I think I need to skim the last one because I'm sure I remember them biting her and fighting her. Beep's barely a few days old and she already has a creepy old guy as a love interest!

Charley had some sort of premonition in which she said Osh would love Beep when she was older and that he would be the one who would tip the balance as to whether Beep could destroy Lucifer and save the world. He's even older than her centuries old dad and has seen and experienced countless things and done so much evil. Someone like that being romantically connected to an innocent baby is beyond fucked up! He was even there at her birth and he held her and must have fed and changed her, he also flirted with her mum and purposefully tried to turn her mother on.

It's just so disturbing. I can just imagine when Beep grows up that he'll watch her from a distance to 'protect' her and no doubt cockblock her too like the grade A pervert he is or he'll drop in and out of her life and more or less try to groom her.

Sick, sick, sick. All of it was sick. I'm hoping Osh's love for Beep will be platonic, but that doesn't seem to be the case what with Charley repeatedly stressing how much Osh looks like a teen, not just a teen, a very sexy teen. A baby shouldn't have a love interest like she's in some sort of supernatural arranged marriage, and if she does need to have a love interest at least make them the same bloody age, instead of someone who's even older than their centuries old dad!

No doubt, he'd conveniently leave out being good friends with her parents and that he loved acting sexual towards her mother. No thanks. There also better not be some supernatural thing that speeds up her age Renesmee style. Ugh, Beep was ruined for me as soon as she was given a nasty, old love interest before she was even born. That means the ninth book will have a clueless Charley running around trying to figure who she is and what's going on, and Reyes will no doubt be there withholding information and making cryptic remarks.

It's like a huge step back in the series, Charley just got to know about herself and her powers and now that's all been taken away - the story and characters should be moving forwards, not backwards. I really hope Charley regains ALL her memories back quickly, I don't want her amnesia to last the entire book. What would be the point in that? It's just filler and dragging things out. She doesn't need to play grim reaper on Earth or stay with Reyes because she just loves him oh so much, her own realm and people should come first to her.

But I doubt that'll happen, she'll probably give her powers to Mr Wong or something and send him back to look after her universe whilst she pisses around with Reyes and spends eternity as a grim reaper just so she can be with him. All in all, it was good in some ways but bad in more.

I'm still invested in the story and characters, but I need less fangirling and filler and more character growth and movement in the story. Oh, I also need Reyes to stop his wife beater, overbearing, hypocritical ways. View all 54 comments. Oct 21, Heather rated it it was amazing.

Why did I finish the 7th book so quickly? I just couldn't stop myself! I had to keep reading. THATS how you're going to end it? I need to know what's going on now.

That Dealer is looking better and better. Oh and have you seen the cover? Love it: Darynda, how do you do it?! Just wow! This book answered so many questions I've had for Why did I finish the 7th book so quickly?

This book answered so many questions I've had for so long and it was so great to have some things come to light. I was so wrong about a lot of things. That makes me happy though.

Means the book was not in any way predictable. I guess I still have a lesson to learn since I read this in pretty much one day work and kids tried to distract me. Not gonna happen!

I know the next one will be worth the wait doesn't mean I like waiting though! Well, time to go find my next read and get lost in those worlds until I can return to the incredible world that is Charley Davidson View all 13 comments. Of course, that doesn't stop her from looking into cases or from cases looking for her!

Another action packed fast paced story from Darynda Jones. As always it had me sucked in from the beginning even if it started a bit slow. It was worth catching up on things and finding out what Charley and Reyes have been up to!

I couldn't imagine 4 - 4. I couldn't imagine how Charley would be able to do any cases but DJ was able to work things out so that she could I loved that Cookie is just as addicted as Charley is And I especially loved how involved Amber has become.

Reyes is still up to his old tricks The best part hands down was when she was reading Lover Awakened for the twenty-eighth time!! Gotta say that I'm pretty sure Reyes put Z to shame!

There's always so much going on in these books but I really love when everyone comes together. I guess a wedding will do that! It was great how no one wanted to leave! There's some interesting twist and turns and we find out a lot And unfortunately, there's some huge heartbreak but the good thing is that leads to the best plot twist ever! I cannot wait for the next book! The plot twist isn't original but I don't really care. I can't wait for them to go through it all again!

The Good Stuff: Dual Pov's? Steam Factor? Scale 1 - 5 Never enough but OMG that one scene Scale 1 - 5 Ahhhh Next book? The Dirt on Ninth Grave comes out January 5, Favorite quotes: I can walk you through it step-by-step.

View all 34 comments. Oct 01, Kira rated it it was ok Shelves: I loved the first 5 books in the series, but they have gone progressively downhill since. The thing this book needed most was a plot. Almost nothing happened. The only reason I finished it was because I heard the en I loved the first 5 books in the series, but they have gone progressively downhill since. The only reason I finished it was because I heard the end was surprising, which it was. But was it good? Where is the series headed?

I desperately miss the old Reyes. He was a bad ass, edgy and unpredictable. Do something that is mildly interesting. Wow me with your awesomeness. Charley and every other woman in the book noticed constantly. Some long awaited questions were finally answered and were a big letdown. How many times can she put her life in danger without any serious consequences?

And if she really cares so much about people, then why doesn't she actively seek out people to help instead of only helping when she's asked? I expected to be blown away when Mr. I was sorely disappointed there. The prophecy is focusing more on the daughter than Charley and Reyes now. Is a big time jump coming where she is grown up? It appears the story may shift in that direction although I could be completely wrong about that. As creepy as it is, there are hints the baby may have a love interest already, which is really gross.

It is not appealing for a grown man to watch a child grow up and fall in love with her as an adult. The end definitely changed things.

Based on the problems Charley was facing, it seems like the simple solution would be to tell her her real name in the next book. This series took a wrong turn with Charley being a mother. View all 11 comments. May 02, Carmel Rabid Reads rated it it was amazing. Reviewed by: Rabid Reads. AND, the prophesy is not even close to being done with her yet. I typed up a list of must-remember events, and I have sixteen bullet points. Still, the Mr. Jones definitely hit all of the right notes where my favourite characters were concerned.

Just a thought. View 2 comments. Eighth Grave finally offers some answers, but with them come even more questions and uncertainties. Darynda Jones knows how to give us just enough, intrigue us even more, and leave us begging for the next installment. Eighth Grave is more static than the previous book due to Charley and Reyes being geographically limited.

Instead of running all over the place and jumping from one case to the next, Charley is closed up in a convent, unable to leave the premises. Mystery follows our girl everywhere, why should an abandoned convent be any different? Most of us who read Seventh Grave already suspected that things would never be the same, but none of us could have predicted where Jones would choose to take it all in the end. However, the set up, the brand new situation our heroes find themselves in, will likely be a source of hilarity too.

View 1 comment. May 19, Choko rated it really liked it Shelves: This series has become one of my favorite Urban Fantasies, almost at the level of Kate D. I used to have a rule that I do not read a series before its last book is published, but I have not been good at keeping with it lately I still do not like Reyes. He is still a domineering jerk and I wish he would learn to listen to others This first-react-later-think is what is wrong with people to begin with, it should not be a valued feature in the hot love interest He is secretive and dishonest with all, including the love of his life, and tends to justify that, but blame all others for the same things - not cool!

The only attractive thing about him as I see it is still his physical hotness, and that is just not enough! I like her imperfections and insecurities, but I do wish she would stop excusing her husband's abuse and stand up for herself a bit more, when it comes to him She constantly feels he was this poor abused victimized child and when he behaves badly or threatens her it is all good, because he has had it rough That should have thought him how not to behave, not make the abuse his model for behavior.

Hopefully the "New" Charley will see through the haze of Hotness This was not the strongest installment of the series, but when I compare it with other books that are out there, 4 stars is the least I can give it. Looking foreword to the next! Mar 10, Yodamom rated it it was amazing Shelves: Charley still caffeine free and ready to pop. Her and super sexy hubby Reyes are hiding out on sacred ground while the gang looks for way to kill the hounds and the 12 that hunt them and the future.

That is all I'm going to tell you. I had to suffer and wait and you should too. Enjoy the ride not knowing where the turns will be because this is an E ticket. I laughed, cried, laughed and cried, and then I cried ugly, real ugly.

I loved it, the only flaw was that it ended too soon. I only wanted a co Charley still caffeine free and ready to pop. I only wanted a couple hundred pages more. View all 6 comments. Feb 15, Jilly rated it it was ok Shelves: We know that. You'd think she'd get past this by book 8 wouldn't you?

Hahaha you're so funny! I think I just got trapped in a freaking PNR novel!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone please get me out of here!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, in case you didn't know, the Son of Satan is hot. The Son of Satan is sexy. The Son of Satan is beautiful. The Son of Satan is handsome. Major swooning and sighing and fainting happen whenever he's around.

Poor pathetic Charley gets weak in the knees just looking at him. Even when she's walking down the aisle at her best friend's wedding. She just stops and stares. And sexy as fuck. And beautiful. And handsome. Consider yourselves lucky, this is the decaffeinated version of the ode. A complete joke compared to what you have to go through when you read the actual book.

Lovey Dovey Inc?!! Out of character much? Did you get a personality transplant or something? Oh wait, it must be the pregnancy hormones kicking in. Because women are like that you know, they get all silly-romantic when they are pregnant. I can see a great future for you in that genre. I mean, there's more cheese here than in the last two romance novels I read. Quite an achievement.

And what does I'm-supposed-to-be-an-adult-but-I-behave-like-ayear-old-Charley do? She hires a P. Have you no inspiration left? Did you suddenly develop early signs of Alzheimer's and completely forgot that there once was an interesting plot in this series?

I'm sorry, I'm probably getting it all wrong here. Because it's obviously much more interesting to come up with pathetically manufactured sub-plots about the Son of Satan's freaking adoptive parents than to talk about what once was the series arc.

But my dear friend Robin-the-Star read her review here!

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