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The Fright At Tristor Ebook

The Fright at Tristor is an adventure module for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Title, The Fright at Tristor players are ask to investigate and stop the horror that is threating the town of Tristor. PDF Store: Buy This Item from DriveThruRPG. 1e castle terney.info, 22, kB, PDF File, 12/19/ PM. ○, 1e terney.info 3e the fright at terney.info, 9, kB, PDF File, 8/8/ AM.

Sutherland III. The original edition was written by Gary Gygax and edited by Mike Carr , who also wrote the foreword. The original cover art was by David C. LaForce , and Erol Otus. The first edition Dungeon Masters Guide covered all the essential rules for the Dungeon Master : creating and maintaining player characters and managing non-player characters , handling combat, and running adventures and multi-session campaigns. The Dungeon Masters Guide contains scores of tables and charts for figuring damage and resolving encounters in a typical adventure, tables and rules for creating characters, and lists of the various abilities of the different classes of characters.

Some farmers report having seen a strange creatureon the periphery of their lands.

According to their tales,the monster was as big as a horse, though much wider,with powerful claws and fierce teeth. Sometimes, itcrawled on all fours. Other times, it stood as a man. Nearly all of the animal victims suffered severe damageto the throat. The wounds of some victims, however,show signs of precision, as if the throats had been slitwith a dagger or knife. Knights Templar: A detachment of Knights Templarwas dispatched from the capital about a month ago toput an end to the orcish threat.

They enjoyed someminor victories in the foothills of the Rakers, but withina week of their arrival, contact between the knights andtheir controllers ceased. No one knows what happenedto them, but travelers from the east speak of a scene ofgruesome butchery.

Presumably attacked by arcs, all thatremained of the knights were bits of broken armor andthe bones of their horses.

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How each individualremembers the event differs in the details-sometimes,there were twelve Rhennee, other times, half as many Inthe recollections of many Tristorans, three natives dieddrinking the miracle cure, though a handful of residentsremember that one local man, Kedrick, did not die, butinstead suffered blindness and lost the use of his legs.

Kedrick remained in town for several years until his parentsdied, after which he left Tristor and did not return. Very few residents remember that one boy was sparedfrom the lynchings.

Tristorans will not volunteer information about thegypsies-most who have lived in the town since theincident would rather forget about the entire affair. Itcertainly is not the type of tale most enjoy sharing withstrangers. To each side of the gate, the Tristorans havepainted large blue full moons partially eclipsed by asmaller, waxing moon. The paint is fresh, its scentcarried in the crisp spring air. The GarrisonA large thatch-roofed building peeks above a foot-tall wooden stockade.

The massive wrought-irongate stands open, revealing an open yard in whichabout a dozen warriors in padded armor spar withlongswords. A large man in chainmail directs theirmaneuvers, loudly shouting orders. Keep yourhead up, man! Do not look at the ground! Look youropponent in the eyes! The gate stands open during the day and remains closedfrom dusk until dawn.

When closed, two guards stand atwatch in the yard. They signal the remaining guards bywhistle at the first sign of trouble. NPCs: If the PCs linger near the open gate the man leadingthe instruction, Sergeant Rontir Athone, takes noticeCivilized PCs recognize the moons as the symbol ofPholtus of the Blinding Light, deity of light, resolution,order, inflexibility, and the sun and moons, patron of theTheocracy of the Pale. Unless the PCs caused a great deal of commotion withMaccabin the Hunter see above , the town gates remainclosed.

A detachment of town guards stand watch on theroof of the gatehouse and call down to the party, askingthem their business in Tristor.

If Gaeren Aramis is withthe group, or if the adventurers come up with a nonthreateningreason for their visit, the guards open thegates. IfGaeren Aramis is not present, the guards demand tosearch the party. The guards confiscate the orcish maprecovered at the Aramis farmstead, and any religiousparaphernalia holy symbols, religious tracts, etc. The guards will, of course, have questions about theorcish map.

The guards are on edge, and are not afraid to fight. Theguards explain that all contraband can be collected fromthe sergeant on the following morning, assumingAthone decides it does not threaten Tristor. If arrested forsuspicious behavior, such asskulking around at night firstoffense only , having a lousyexplanation for owning an arcmap, or roughing up Maccabinthe Hunter, an honest apologyis usually good enough to getreleased-after the offendingPCs have had a few hours to siton a stone bench and thinkabout their crime, of course.

If an adventurer is arrestedand jailed for a serious offense,such as theft or murder, everythinggets more complicated. The standard sentence for theftfrom a commoner is one weekper 10 gp or fraction thereof of stolen goods. Theft from thechurch is punishable by theTest of Endurance. If the prisoner survives the Testof Endurance, he is set free andbanished from Tristor forever.

Breaking PCs out of jail is anunlawful act and meets withresistance on behalf of theguards on duty, and possiblythe guards in the garrison. He gives his soldiers a brief break and approaches. Athone is a severe, muscular human man in his late thirties. He wears his dark blond hair long andsports a bushy handlebar moustache. Athone takes great pride in his position inTristor, and makes it clear to the group thathe has been stationed here by the DivineGuidance of Ogon Tillit, Protector of thePeople and State.

As it is his job to protect thetown, he is interested in the strange adventurers. Unless they impress him with theurgency of their needs, however, he remindsthem that his troops need training, and thathe does not have much time to spare if he isto prepare them for a possible arc invasion.

When dealing with something that canhelp his station in the eyes of his superiors,Athone can be a diligent man. If the heroesmention the arc map recovered at theAramis farm, he becomes excited and directsthem to his quarters within the garrison barracks.

Once inside, he asks to see the map.

RPGA the Fright at Tristor

Ifthe gatehouse guards confiscated the map,he sends a subordinate to retrieve it. Thanks to the adventurers, patrols in thoseareas will be increased immediately. He suggests that theadventurers stay at the Sogenford Inn if theyplan to remain in town, and warns them thathe and his men do not shirk from enforcingthe martial law currently in place in Tristor.

The sergeant does not know much aboutthe animal killings, though he believes thatthey are probably the work of orcish spiestrying to scare the populace. He does not haveany proof to back up this theory, but Athone isnot the type of soldier who always requiresproof The sergeant is obsessed with the arcsand hopes to bring an end to these terribleraids, as soon as his soldiers have been properlytrained in the art of warfare. He is awarethat Constable Parsons has offered a rewardfor the capture of the person or personsresponsible for the animal mutilations, but hedoes not know the details of the offer.

PTristor Guards human 8 : hp8, 6, 6, 5, 4, 4,4, 3;2 gp. JailA squat, drab stone building stands in the shadowycorner of the garrison courtyard. Two sets of criminal stocksstand empty before the building. It contains four lo-foot xlo-foot uncomfortable cells and is manned by twoguards. Unless the PCs have broken the law, the jail iscurrently emptyCell doors are fitted with decent locks DC Thebars are strong iron.

The main door remains locked DC20 throughout the day, requiring a key to open fromboth sides. Sounds ofconversation beyond two large double doors can beheard. A small lad, perhaps IO years old, stands infront of a hitching post, where several horses havebeen tethered. Thick wooden posts, adorned withgenuine war-damaged round shields bearing the heraldryof the northern barbarian clans, support a tall ceiling. Twowell-stoked fireplaces heat the room, where during businesshours patrons dine at one of a dozen tables.

A slightblonde human girl of fifteen busses tables, while an olderboy takes orders from the kitchen to customers. A hulkingman of friendly demeanor mans the bar. He greets newcomers with a wide smile and ahearty pat on the back, kindly ushering them to a table.

Anders hails from the lands of the Snow Barbarians, inthe distant north. Once a warrior in service to his king,he has long since left the fighting life behind. His skin isruddy from too much sun. He speaks with a slightnorthern accent and is fluent in Common and Fruz, thelanguage of the northlands.

His wifeBirgit commands the kitchen with a stern eye and goodsense, while his eldest daughter Angrid 19 is in chargeof reservations and cleaning up after the guests. Hisyounger children, Gretchin and Riilff, help in thekitchen and common room. As Anders is something of a central hub of local gossipand history, it is likely the PCs will count on him to provideinformation on the animal mutilations or thereward. If they do so, the proprietor launches into aspeech that nearly seems prepared.

Some unsavory types livehere who might be responsible for some of thestrangeness. You see, mutilated animal carcasses aregetting some folks more than a bit upset.

The reward is prettytempting. A number of patrons currently eniov the hospitality ofgoodman Sogenford. The PatronsFarmersTwo middle-aged human men wearing straw hatsand dressed in dirty, well-used clothing hunch over atable filled with empty mugs. They speak in hushedwhispers, casting furtive glances around the inn. These farmers will not speak to the PCs, fearing theyare spies for Sergeant Athone, whom they do not trust. These suspicious, superstitiousfarmers think that the constable should hire reputablemercenaries to investigate the matter.

Both menrespect the decree of martial law and will not lingerlong after dusk. Men In LeatherTwo young human men dressed in leather armor sitaround a large table, feasting on beef stew. Theirloud, boasting voices dominate the common room. These toughs, Rennit and Stiv, are more trouble thanthey are worth. Bullies from a neighboring village, theyheard about the reward offered by Constable Parsonsand decided to try their hands at the hero business. Farfrom heroes, the men are petty, provincial, and rude.

Their attempts to solve the mystery, however, havenot gone completely to waste. The larger of the two,Rennit, picked up a trail near the site of one of the mostrecent mutilations. He thought for sure the tracks werethose of a bear, but something happened that causedhim to doubt his conclusion.

If the PCs buy the men around of drinks, Rennit explains that, after about a halfmile,the tracks simply vanished, as if the bear simplyflew away. In fact, the bear did not fly away. Rennitsimply lost the trail. If the PCs seem particularly friendly or particularlyinexperienced , Rennit and Stiv offer to join the party foran equal share of the reward. They will not risk their livesfor any of the PCs, and will in fact turn on the group if itappears as though it will do them financial good to do so.

SRennit: hp Drunken HalflingNestled in a corner near a warm fireplace is the bodyof a small halfling male dressed in a fine suit ofsupple leather. The man rests against the wall, hishead tilted to the side in sleep. An empty bottle lieson its side in a puddle near his left leg. Though the locals give this strange man a wide berth,the halfling, Finney Goodbarrel, is one of the friendlierinhabitants of the town. The PCs have encountered himat the end of a rather embarrassing drinking spree.

Ifawakened from his stupor, Finney is cordial and surprisinglysharp. He asks the strangers to share a table andseems interested in what they have to say. Finney is blunt, in a friendly sort of way. Finney does not know anything about the animal mutilations,but he smells an adventure, and wants in. If givenI the opportunity, he offers to join the party for an equalstake in the reward money and, later, any treasure gained.

SFinney Goodbarrel: hp 9. SoldiersThree uniformed figures sit at a long table near therear of the bar. Two men chat with one another whilecutting into large chops of mutton while the thirdfigure, a female half-elf, surveys the common room. All three are armed with longswords, and threeshields rest against the nearby wall. If the PCs have previously visited the Tristor garrison orgatehouse, they recognize the uniforms as those of thetown guard.

The three guards are leery of sharing informationwith the party and refer them to Rontir Athone. They are off duty, however, and are more than happy toshare a few drinks with the PCs. Onceshe mentions the tree, however, the other two guardsmenbecome quiet and the conversation abruptly anduncomfortably ends.

The Fright at Tristor (Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Ed.)

No additional clues remain atthat location. Jagadis DeadknifeAn imposing figure in a dull brown hooded cloaksits at a small table in a secluded corner of thecommon room. He sips sparingly from a goblet,silently observing everyone in the room. The hooded figure is Jagadis Deadknife, a dementedhunter who came to Tristor five years ago, attracted bythe strange game native to the Troll Fens.

Hewears a large curved knife on his belt, and his mouthseems set in a perpetual sneer. A half dozenhorses and three mules stand within the fence. Adark-skinned, shirtless man walks from animal toanimal, feeding them from his hand. Muyah knows a lot about horses andhas an inherent quality that makes even temperamentalbeasts trust him. A simple man, Muyah knows little ofthe problems outside the village walls. Business hasincreased, and some farmers have decided to stable theirfavorite horses in Tristor.

Tim works hard at the most menial stable tasksand hopes to one day run the Tristor stable, a position heconsiders very honorable. Beyond the open gate,two stout dwarves roll a barrel from the front door ofa one-story structure to a wagon parked nearby, Thedwarves shoulder the barrel into the wagon and headback into the building.

He and his assistant, Vergun, spendmost of the day at work in the brewery, loading up thewagon for deliveries as needed. Baug sells his stuffwholesale for 3 sp per gallon. Customers interested in asingle serving are referred to the Sogenford Inn. NPCs: Baug is a very paranoid, believing that everyoneis out to steal his recipe for homemade ale.

He is notcompletely mistaken. A dwarf in the neighboring villageis indeed after the recipe bu is biding his time, hopingBaug will slip up and reveal tI,e ingredients.

Baug is in relatively good spirits, as he has receivedale orders from nearby towns and hopes this means hisbusiness will increase further. If the PCs do not placean order for his ale immediately, he becomes suspiciousof them, thinking they are after his recipe. If the heroes start questioning the dwarf about anything, he getsmore suspicious. He harbors suspicionsthat the arcs are after his ale recipe.

Baug remembers the Rhennee incident with pride,believing that the gypsies got what they deserved. Hedoes not remember that Reuven was set free but admitsthat he could have forgotten if asked about it directly. STrebor Baug: hp If the heroes pause to investigate the lone oak tree outside Tristor, they discover a bundle of dried flowers at the base of the trunk. The flowers are at least two weeks old and bound Character Hook: A together with a small piece of string. A Relative in Need Search check DC 10 reveals a patch of If used the Relative in Need dead bark about the width of a rope on one hook to get the characters of the sturdy branches, about fifteen feet involved in the adventure, one above the ground.

Anyone directly examinPC will be on the lookout for ing the tree will discover the words Death the town herbalist, Shelba for death, etched in the trunk immediately Renks. Shelba keeps shop near above the flowers. Though most PCs probably will not be the northern wall of Tristor. She has not had any interaction with able to determine this, the flowers mark the location of the Rhennee bands the animal murders, though unmarked grave. Reuven placed the business has picked up, as flowers at this location nearly a month superstitious wives ago, when he set his plan into motion.

If have come to her for the ingredithe PCs dig here they attract the attenents to ineffective traditional tion of the watchmen at the gatehouse, warding hexes.

She is, of course, doing, and offer with tones sounding glad to see her relative, though much more like a command to escort she suggests that the party the party to the gatehouse. Anyone examining the corpses may make a Heal check DC 15 to determine that all twelve of the bodies are Rhennee. An additional successful check DC 15 reveals that the neck of each corpse has been broken. When the heroes decide to make for the town, continue.

A man on horseback emerges from the gate, moving swiftly in your direction. He wears crude hide armor and swings a loaded crossbow above his head.

His horse drags two large objects, perhaps the bodies of animals, behind him. The man throws back his head and shouts wildly. Pond scum! Get out of my way! Make room for the town hunter! If the heroes seriously injure or kill Maccabin, the guards attempt to arrest them. Run-m-s Overheard in Tristar Since the heroes can see the rider coming, they are not surprised by his approach. Roll initiative to determine the order of actions the heroes might make to extricate themselves from the path of the rider.

If mounted PCs make no immediate attempt to stop the rider or get out of his way or if they are simply too slow to do so , they must make a successful Ride check DC 15 or be thrown from their horses. The welfare of the party is of no concern to the rider, who continues past the group, dragging a dead boar and bear cub behind him. NPC: The heroes have encountered Maccabin the Hunter, one of Tristors more deranged residents, parading his latest catches through the streets of the hamlet.

If stopped and forced to talk with the PCs, he speaks boastfully of his great hunting prowess, proudly proclaiming his record of killing any creatures that stand in the way Maccabin is not all there.

A few years ago, a large moose trampled him, and he has not thought right since. He believes that, as Tristors Hunter in Extremis a position that does not exist outside Maccabiris mind , he provides a great and important service to the community by killing all dangerous animals he encounters.

After all, he confides, the recent mutilations must be the efforts of either the orcish horde or dangerous animals. Maccabin is convinced that the orcish marauders are in fact dangerous animals, so he is certain he is justified in his actions. If the heroes ask Maccabin too many questions, he becomes suspicious, thinking that they might be members of the orcish horde. He threatens to report them to the town constabulary if they do not leave him alone.

If the PCs bring Maccabin with them to the town While visiting the hamlet, most heroes will attempt to learn more about the recent happenings, either by roleplaying with the residents of the town or by using the Gather Information skill DC 20, as the Tristorans are suspicious of outsiders.

Remember that use of this skill takes an entire day of socializing. The general public knows the rumors below. Significant Tristorans, covered in detail at their places of residence, below, tend to have more specific information. Demon Spirit: Many residents of Tristor believe the animal mutilations to be the work of an ancient Flan spirit, upset on the anniversary of some genocidal evil on behalf of the Aerdi who first settled the lands of the Pale. Some farmers report having seen a strange creature on the periphery of their lands.

According to their tales, the monster was as big as a horse, though much wider, with powerful claws and fierce teeth. Sometimes, it crawled on all fours.

Oh no, there's been an error

Other times, it stood as a man. Descriptions of this possibly mythic beast vary from witness to witness, in part because it appeared out of focus, as if, to coin the most recent local theory, it was half in our world and half in another. Precise Mutilations: One piece of information sheds some doubt on the popular demon spirit hypothesis. Nearly all of the animal victims suffered severe damage to the throat.

The wounds of some victims, however, show signs of precision, as if the throats had been slit with a dagger or knife. Knights Templar: A detachment of Knights Templar was dispatched from the capital about a month ago to put an end to the orcish threat.

They enjoyed some minor victories in the foothills of the Rakers, but within a week of their arrival, contact between the knights and their controllers ceased. No one knows what happened to them, but travelers from the east speak of a scene of gruesome butchery. Presumably attacked by arcs, all that remained of the knights were bits of broken armor and the bones of their horses.

How each individual remembers the event differs in the details-sometimes, there were twelve Rhennee, other times, half as many In the recollections of many Tristorans, three natives died drinking the miracle cure, though a handful of residents remember that one local man, Kedrick, did not die, but instead suffered blindness and lost the use of his legs. Kedrick remained in town for several years until his parents died, after which he left Tristor and did not return.

Very few residents remember that one boy was spared from the lynchings. Tristorans will not volunteer information about the gypsies-most who have lived in the town since the incident would rather forget about the entire affair. It certainly is not the type of tale most enjoy sharing with strangers. Of those who will discuss the matter, about half are proud of what they did to the murdering Rhennee scum.

The others are filled with shame and remember the event only with regret. The Gatehouse EL 2 A tall gatehouse constructed from the same lumber as the hamlets stockade walls marks Tristors main gate. To each side of the gate, the Tristorans have painted large blue full moons partially eclipsed by a smaller, waxing moon.

A clever, cautious villain requires an investigative approach, and it's up to the heroes to talk to townsfolk and slowly piece together what is happening in Tristor. The adventure does a fine job of detailing all of Tristor, its environs, and the surrounding area.

As the heroes accumulate clues, the site-based encounters provide a mounting sense of dread and threat. This is an adventure that has aged extremely well. It'd be simple to convert to other game systems, since the focus is as much on investigation as it is on combat, and the central story remains gripping without having been turned into a parody of itself over time.

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